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Polish Angel High Gloss

Polish Angel High GlossProduces one of the highest gloss finishes possible!

Polish Angel High Gloss is a maintenance spray, drying aid, and standalone sealant that is sure to provide the highest shine you have ever seen on your car. Polish Angel High Gloss contains special polymers, silica, and titania to achieve an excellent mixture of shine and protection. Polish Angel High Gloss is graded to last an unprecedented 7 months, which is much longer than other maintenance sprays can hope to achieve.

Even if you are the type of person that takes wonderful care of their car, washes it every week, always makes sure the paint is properly protected, and it is never exposed to harsh environments, your paint will still require a maintenance spray that you can use to perfect the gloss of your paint in between washes. Your car is constantly exposed to hazardous elements that work tirelessly to destroy its perfectly glossy surface. The only way to combat this without having to perform an all-inclusive car wash several times a day is to use a maintenance spray, and there is no better choice than Polish Angel High Gloss. Polish Angel High Gloss is guaranteed to provide the highest level of shine you have seen from a maintenance spray so far. This extraordinarily high shine is thanks to extremely high concentration of Titania in Polish Angel High Gloss. Titania is ranked as one of the highest materials known to man on the refractive index. This means that the Titania in Polish Angel High Gloss will amplify all light and color that passes through it, increasing the intensity and clarity of your paint color and gloss to unbelievable levels.

Not only will Polish Angel High Gloss provide your paint with an incredible shine, but it will also improve the protection quality of any existing product you have on your paint already. Polish Angel High Gloss contains Silica, which is an element that is most commonly found in a spray sealant. Silica creates a highly durable protective shell that will act as a barrier to a wide range of hazards and contaminants that your paint is subject to on a daily basis. Polish Angel High Gloss provides such a high level of protection that is can even be used as a standalone sealant provided that the surface is prepped properly prior to application.

While maintenance sprays are in general designed to be a product that you will have to use frequently and generously to achieve the results you’d like, Polish Angel High Gloss pushes this fact to the limits by boasting an outstanding lifetime of up to 7 months. This is the kind of lifetime you would expect out of a dedicated paint sealant, not a maintenance spray.

Shake Polish Angel High Gloss well prior to application. Spray a sparingly small amount onto the paint surface or a microfiber towel. Wipe the product onto the surface until it is applied thinly and evenly. Remove any remaining residue with a separate microfiber towel.

200 mL.