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Polish Angel Famous Wax

A mesmerizing mixture of a paint sealant and a carnauba wax!

Polish Angel Famous Wax combines the protection power of a synthetic sealant and the warm gloss of a carnauba wax. Its creamy and consistent texture make it one of the easiest applied waxes on the market today. Polish Angel Famous Wax has a lifetime of 12 months allowing you to keep a lasting shine and protection on your vehicle without a need to invest a lot of time into doing so. Polish Angel Famous Wax is formulated with a premium blend of high-quality carnauba, reduced titanium oxide crystals, and silica crystal that work together incredibly to provide durable protection and a flawless shine!

When it comes to choosing a car wax, many professionals and enthusiasts look for 3 defining qualities, protection, duration, and appearance. There are many waxes on the market that are capable of providing two of those three qualities, but waxes that provide all three are few and far between. The chemists at Polish Angel have formulated a car wax that meets each of those expectations with absolute satisfaction.

Polish Angel Famous Wax is certain to provide exceptional protection that will hold up against even the most strenuous dangers your car’s paint will face. Polish Angel Famous Wax is able to provide this level of protection due to the titanium oxide crystals, silica crystals, and fine white and yellow carnauba flakes contained in its formula. These three ingredients work together to form an impenetrable shield of protection to your paint, ensuring contaminants never have to opportunity to harm your paint.

The application process of Polish Angel Famous Wax is nothing short of miraculous when compared to your standard paste wax and even other liquid waxes on the market. The texture of Polish Angel Famous Wax is very consistent and creamy, allowing even and level applications of the product without much effort involved. After applying Polish Angel Famous Wax to your car’s paint, you will wonder why you ever struggled with paste waxes in the past!

Not only will Polish Angel Famous Wax impress you with its protection and ease of application, but the appearance of your paint after you’ve applied it will leave you breathless. Because Polish Angel Famous Wax contains natural white and yellow carnauba of the highest quality, it brings with it the incredible depth and warm look that you are accustomed to expecting from carnauba. Due to the purity and quality of the carnauba in Polish Angel Famous Wax, the shine you receive from applying it to your car’s paint is difficult to compare to what you’re used to receiving from a carnauba wax.

50 mL.

Polish Angel Famous Wax

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Polish Angel Famous Wax