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Polish Angel Engine

Polish Angel Engine Clean your engine without harm!

Polish Angel Engine will allow you to clean every surface of your engine bay without having to worry about possibly damaging the water sensitive surfaces typically found under your hood. Polish Angel Engine has a waterless and rinseless formula, ensuring that your engine is never endangered while you are cleaning it. Polish Angel Engine contains incredible cleaner agents and oils that will work to eliminate the residue build-up that every engine bay is subject to. Polish Angel Engine also boasts an incredibly easy application process that will leave you satisfied without eating up your entire day!

One of the most forgotten surfaces on a vehicle is the engine bay. Typically, this area is out of your sight, so it is easily ignored, However, the next time you pop your hood, you will be greeted by the mess that lies there. Not to mention that if you ever take your car to a car show, you will most likely be displaying your car with the hood popped. At the moment, it won’t matter how well polished and waxed your car’s paint is, all people will be focused on is the oil build-up caked onto the plastic surfaces of your engine bay. Making sure your engine properly cleaned is important and, with Polish Angel Engine, it is easier than it has ever been before. The cleaner agents contained in Polish Angel Engine will ensure that even the most caked on messes will be eliminated effectively.

Even though it is important to properly clean your engine bay, there are many sensitive surfaces in your engine bay that will be very seriously damaged if you were to get any water on them. It is for this reason that Polish Angel Engine was created with a waterless and rinseless formula. By not required any water at any step in the process, you can be sure that your engine is completely safe when using Polish Angel Engine.

The plastic and rubber in your engine bay will tend to degrade and fade due to being exposed to all the fumes, chemicals, and heat that can be apparent under your car’s hood. Polish Angel Engine contains fine oils that will nourish the plastic and rubber surfaces of your engine bay, restoring them to like new condition. With properly nourish and renew surfaces in your engine bay, your engine bay will look better than it did when you drive your car off the lot.

Make sure the engine is cool to the touch prior to application of Polish Angel Engine. Spray Polish Angel Engine directly onto the surface you are cleaning. Allow Polish Angel Engine to dwell on the surface for 3-5 minutes. If the surface you are cleaning is particularly soiled, agitate the surface with an appropriate brush. Wipe Polish Angel Engine off with a clean microfiber towel.

200 ml.