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Pinnacle Polishin’ Pal Combo

Hand detailing has finally reached its Pinnacle!

Detailing by hand has its benefits and its drawbacks. Ask anyone that has just spent the afternoon polishing and waxing their SUV without the help of a polisher. The vehicle looks great, but their fingers feel like they might fall off! If you’re a hand detailer that needs a hand with big detailing jobs, get the Pinnacle Polishin’ Pal Combo.

The Polishin' Pal is an ergonomically shaped urethane handle that holds specially designed foam pads using tough hook & loop backing. By gripping the handle instead of the pad, your hands don’t get so dirty and the shape of the Polishin’ Pal relieves hand strain. You can comfortably polish and wax your vehicle by hand without the fatigue you usually feel in your fingers.

The Polishin’ Pal is 3 ½” in diameter and 2 ¼” tall. It features a finger groove all the way around for a comfortable grip. The urethane is very sturdy, yet flexible enough to bend against the curves and contours of your vehicle. This material is virtually indestructible! Use it time and time again and it will not lose its shape or deteriorate. The hook & loop material is secured permanently to the urethane so you don’t have to worry about the pad falling off as you work.

When you purchase the Pinnacle Polishin’ Pal Combo, you will receive four 3.5 inch Polishin’ Pal Pads! Each pad serves a different purpose and corresponds to our larger Lake Country foam pads. You really can duplicate the machine polishing experience by hand with the Polishin’ Pal and these 3.5 quality foam pads!

2 White 3.5 Inch Polishin’ Pal Pads
The white polishing foam is excellent for applying pre-wax cleaners and finishing polishes. The foam has light cleaning ability to help polishes clean and brighten the paint more effectively.

2 Red 3.5 Inch Wax/Sealant Pads
These soft, imported foam pads are ideal for applying the final coat of wax or sealant. The foam works especially well when applying liquid waxes or sealants because it is firm enough to keep the majority of the product on the paint, rather than soaking it up. The red foam has no cut or cleaning ability.

Each of these pads can be washed and reused. Wash them in McKee's 37 Polishing Pad Rejuvenator in 3-4 gallons of water. Agitate with your hands or with a brush and rinse. Let the pads air dry. Here’s a tip: store the dry pads in plastic bags to keep them clean for your next detail.

When buying replacement pads for your Polishin’ Pal, buy Spot Buffs 3.5” pads.

You can give your vehicle a tender hand-polishing without getting your hands dirty! The Pinnacle Polishin’ Pal and introductory 3.5” pads make detailing your vehicle a clean and comfortable experience.

Polishin’ Pal includes:
2 White Polishing Pads, 3.5 inches
2 Red Wax/Sealant Pads, 3.5 inches

Pinnacle Polishin’ Pal Combo

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60% Recommend this product (3 of 5 responses)
Quality Product.
Pricey,but high quality.From now on I'll use only it.
ProsHigh quality.
Parlin, New Jersey
Does a great job!
I have used these several times since I got them and they are now my favorite applicators. I bought this system to use expressly with the two part Klasse system but since I started using this system, I have found other uses which will be explained a little further down. I am sure that everyone has used foam applicators at one time or another but the big difference with this system is the handle. The handle makes the use of the pads very comfortable without any hand fatigue. I also purchased some 4" velcro foam pads of varying softness and use those pads for applying different car care products such as waxes, polishes, glazes, vinyl and black plastic care, tire car, headlight polish and glaze etc. The 4" pads do hang over the edges of the handle a little but I have not had any problems with the overhang. In fact, the slight overhang actually helps in getting into some difficult spots. In short, I am very happy with my purchase and so are my hands.
Roseville, MI
Great for applying liquid Souverän.
Spray a little Souver Detailing Mist on it before using it with Souver liquid wax and you're ready to go.
ProsPerfect for apply polish, paint cleansing lotion, or wax evenly.
ConsNone...worth the price.
Great Product!
If you wax your car by hand or have areas that would be easier to do by hand than with a machine you need this product. Its a nice size and fits very comfortably in your hand. I found the pads to be very effective as well.
a great little helper
This is the hand polisher that could! I recently used this on a car with some swirls to see what this little polisher could do. I used it with Poorboy's 2.5 and I was amazed at what it was able to accomplish. It cannot match the defect removal capabilities of the Porter Cable on truly defected surfaces, but this product can remove light swirls with the right polish. I like that it has variety of pads that you get with the Porter Cable and it was very comfortable to use. It is sturdy and very comfortable ergonomically speaking. The different pads make it very versatile and I think it earns a place in every detailer's supply closet. It uses the same velcro backing technology as it's big brother pads for the Porter Cable and it was very easy to change the pads for the different products. Clean up was a snap and it was a real pleasure using this little powerhouse of a hand polisher.