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Pinnacle Wash Bucket Gift Pack

The perfect gift for the car care enthusiast!

The Pinnacle Wash Bucket Gift Pack is overflowing with premium Pinnacle car care products and detailing tools that will make your vehicle shine. This 15-piece kit includes the essential Pinnacle products to clean and protect your vehicle the right way.

Items in this kit:

Pinnacle Professional Wash Bucket with Grit Guard
This 5-gallon bucket has an added benefit. Inside is the Grit Guard Insert, a raised radial grid that keeps dirt at the bottom of the bucket where it’s less likely to end up back on your vehicle. The Grit Guard Insert works by stabilizing the water to keep dirt from rising once it has settled to the bottom. The wash water and your mitt stay cleaner!

Pinnacle Liquid Souverän Wax
The ease of a liquid wax with the protection and durability of a paste finish! Never before has a liquid wax come so close the intense shine of a carnauba paste. Easy on, easy off! Liquid Souveran contains the most carnauba available in a liquid wax, giving your vehicle excellent protection and shine.

Pinnacle Crystal Mist Carnauba Detail Spray
Pinnacle Crystal Mist Detail Spray will bring the shine back any time, any place! Spray it on and buff to reveal a just-waxed shine in minutes. Real carnauba wax and gloss enhancers instantly deepen the gloss of your existing wax. Remove fingerprints, smudges, and light dust from your vehicle without scratching. Use a Cobra Mango Breeze Microfiber Towel to buff your vehicle. Pinnacle Crystal Mist can be used on glass and chrome, too.

Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo
Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo has the smooth, silky feel and aroma of a luxury body gel. As you wash, natural coconut oils attach to surface dirt. These oils act as a lubricant. Sand and abrasive grit slide off in the rinse water without scratching the surface. New Improved Formula! Bodywork Shampoo now contains Tuff Suds. New technology uses cleaners suspended in the bubble's walls to scour away tough dirt and grime. Most importantly, the suds last until the job is done.

Super Plush Micro-Chenille Wash Mitt
Feel the softness of microfiber chenille! The Super Plush Micro-Chenille Wash Mitt is made of thin microfibers woven into plump, caterpillar-like strands that are both absorbent and nonabrasive. This mitt is more durable than the finest sheepskin mitt and it has the incredible softness of microfiber. You can depend on the Super Plush Micro-Chenille Wash Mitt to wash your vehicle gently time after time.

Green Medium Flex Foam Finger Pocket
Green Medium Flex Foam Finger Pockets are the easiest way to clean or polish tight places. These foam pockets fit over three or four fingers so you can maneuver in small spots. The foam has light cutting power so it’s perfect for polishing metal components. Green Medium Flex Foam Finger Pockets allow you to reach between the slats in your vehicle’s grill or between spokes.

Guzzler Waffle Weave Microfiber Towel
The Ultimate Guzzler has over 220,000 microfine fibers per square inch woven into a soft, 80/20 fabric. Each fiber is 100 times smaller than a human hair! These tiny details make the towel extremely soft and gentle on any surface. The fabric will not contribute to swirls or scratches, even after numerous washings. Our waffle weave towels are capable of holding more than 7 times its own weight in moisture!

Cobra Gold Plush Jr. Microfiber Towel
If you like the Deluxe Jr. 600 Microfiber Towel, you'll love having a second one in the Gold Plush Jr.! The Gold Plush Jr. Microfiber Towel is made of incredibly soft and plush microfiber in a handy 16 x 16-inch size. It's perfect for quick detailing and pampers every surface it touches.

Cobra Blue All Purpose Microfiber Towel
Pick-up All-Purpose Microfiber Towels in all the available colors to color-code your detailing towels for different detailing jobs! This will prevent cross-contamination and give you a huge supply of quality microfiber!

Kit includes
1 5-Gallon Red Wash Bucket
1 16x24” Cobra Guzzler Waffle Weave
1 Grit Guard Insert
1 Green Finger Pockets
1 Super Plush Micro-Chenille Wash Mitt
1 16x16” Blue All Purpose Microfiber Towel
1 16 oz. Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo
1 16 oz. Pinnacle Liquid Souvern Wax
1 16 oz. Pinnacle Crystal Mist Detail Spray
3 x 16x16 Inch Gold Plush Jr. Microfiber Towels

A total retail value of $184.88. Save $49.89!

Pinnacle Wash Bucket Gift Pack

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Retail Value: $184.88
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Pinnacle Wash Bucket Gift Pack