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Pinnacle Swirl Remover Combo

Swirls be gone!

The Pinnacle Swirl Remover Combo is the perfect recipe for a flawless, swirl-free finish on any paint system! Formulated using an advanced blend of diminishing abrasives and nourishing oils, Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover and Advanced Finishing Polish effortlessly remove swirl marks, light scratches, oxidation, and water spots, leaving your vehicle looking better than ever. Use with a dual action polisher for best results.

Use Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover with a light cutting pad on a dual action or rotary polisher. This step will remove the majority of the imperfections. Follow up with Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish and a finishing pad to refine the surface, maximizing gloss and smoothness. Lock in the shine and protect the finish with Pinnacle Souveran Paste Wax.

The Pinnacle Swirl Remover Combo includes:

Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover
Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover has been updated and adapted to deliver the finest results when applied with a dual action polisher. Diminishing abrasives and water-based lubricants blend away imperfections gradually, leaving a smooth paint surface. Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover brings “user-friendly” to a whole new level! This tempered approach to polishing eliminates imperfections while being extremely gentle on the paint.

Some swirl removers work by scoring the paint with larger abrasives, which creates haze. Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover contains millions of diminishing abrasives that gradually blend the blemish into the surrounding paint. Ultimately, Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover preserves more of the clear coat than a traditional compound or heavy cut swirl remover.

Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish
Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish has been reformulated with the latest surface enhancement technology! Paint care technology is always improving; therefore Pinnacle just keeps getting better. With micro fine diminishing abrasives, Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish burnishes paint to a crystal clear gloss that looks and feels mirror-smooth. This is our most user-friendly, clearest-finishing final polish ever!

Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish is a combination of diminishing abrasives and lubricants that buffer the abrasive action. The lubricants nourish and enrich the paint, while allowing the abrasives to move over the paint fluidly. Minor imperfections and cloudiness will disappear, revealing a crisp, clear gloss. Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish contains no fillers or wax, so you can see the real results of your work.

Combo includes:
8 oz. Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover
8 oz. Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish

A total retail value of $59.98. You save $14.99!

Pinnacle Swirl Remover Combo

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94% Recommend this product (15 of 16 responses)
Dallas, TX
Paint just glows
I've been using these two as my go to combo to get rid of swirls. The swirl remover will also remove relatively heavy oxidation. The hood on my black xjr was oxidized pretty bad. Rest of the car just had swirls. Made the cheap paint job on my cobalt ss look good. Both cars, I used my DA polisher, these 2 products and topped them off with p21s 100.
ProsMakes your paint look new. Finishing polish makes the paint look clear and spotless.
ConsNone. Time consuming, but worth it.
Highland , Illinois
No more scratches
This is what I grab when I want to remove swirls/scratches then polish to a mirror finish.
ProsWorks great, easy to use, and little to no mess.
ConsExpensive, but worth it.
Tucson, AZ
Great combo
The swirl remover works great on swirls, finishing polish adds a pop to the paint. Recommend both highly.
Woodbury, MN
Great product
First time I've ever tried to remove swirls and the results were spectacular, Car I did is a dark blue 2016 Honda Accord that was washed frequently but never waxed. I did my first complete detail, inside - outside - , wheels - glass and the results were better than I expected
Proseasy to use, great results
Consa little pricey
Car wash swirls- GONE
I had bought the Pinnacle swirl remover, but at the end of winters, weekly car washing, my kodiak brown ford edge looked pretty bad so, I tried what I thought was a stronger polishing compound on a fender, and it hardly touched any of the swirls. I began to think the job would have to be done professionally One last feeble try.with the Pinnacle swirl remover and a more aggressive pad, and I was amazed, It removed about 80-90% of the swirls and that was good enough for me. Anticipating many more after winter swirls removal, I didn't want to eventually wear the clear coat off.
Proseasy left a glossy shine
ConsNothing I can't handle