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Pinnacle GlassWork Water Spot Remover

Removes water spots and road film without scratching glass!

Over time, water spots and road film build up on the surface of glass reducing visibility and diminishing the efficiency of your car’s windshield wipers.  This can reduce visibility and create a dangerous vision issue when driving in heavy rain, sleet or snow.  Pinnacle GlassWork Water Spot Remover removes water spots and road film quickly and easily by hand or machine.

Normal glass cleaners are great for removing fingerprints, streaks and smears.  However, a layer of oily road film or mineral deposits requires something more aggressive.    Pinnacle GlassWork Water Spot Remover uses glass-safe abrasive technology plus a blend of citrus-based mineral dissolving agents to safely clean and remove road film and water spots off of glass.  Pinnacle GlassWork Water Spot Remover restores a clean and crystal clear glass surface.

After using Pinnacle GlassWork Water Spot Remover, your glass will be perfectly clear.  You will notice your wipers gliding over the slippery surface, quickly clearing rain, sleet, snow or road spray away from your windshield for safer driving.


  • Always work on a cool surface in the shade.
  • Glass should be washed and dried before use.

Hand Application:

  1. Apply a quarter-sized amount of product directly onto a foam or microfiber applicator pad.
  2. Work on a 12” x 12” section of glass.
  3. Using firm pressure, apply Pinnacle GlassWork Water Spot Remover to glass using an overlapping, circular motion.
  4. Thoroughly work the polish in until it starts to turn clear.  When it turns clear, it is ready to be wiped off.
  5. After working one section, immediately wipe off any excess residue using a clean, microfiber towel.
  6. Repeat with each section until the entire area is completed.

Machine Application:

  1. Pinnacle GlassWork Water Spot Remover can be applied with any type of machine polisher.  Begin by taping-off and covering up any adjacent painted panels to avoid splatter.
  2. Apply about a quarter sized amount of product and work over a section of glass at a medium to high speed setting.  We recommend using a Lake Country light-cutting or polishing foam pad.
  3. Use overlapping passes.  Work product in until it starts to turn clear.  If there are any remaining water spots, add more product and continue to polish.
  4. Wipe residue off immediately with microfiber towel and move to a new section of glass.

Pinnacle GlassWork Water Spot Remover can be applied by hand or machine
Can be applied by hand...
Pinnacle GlassWork Water Spot Remover can be applied by machine
Or machine...

16 oz. Learn more about Made in USA Certification.

Pinnacle GlassWork Water Spot Remover

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By Nick
Tickfaw, La
December 17, 2016
Great Product
This stuff is amazing. Never thought anything would remove the water spots from my windows. My car is a 2005 so you can imagine how bad the water spots were. Took most of my spots out with one application. The more stubborn stains will need 2nd application. Best results are with machine. Used my drill, 3" backing plate and 3" foam pads.
ConsWish the product were just a bit thicker. Have to apply to pad first. Too thin to apply directly to window surface especially side windows.
By KBH Auto detailing
Poland, ME
September 7, 2016
Works amazingly well
This combined with a 5 and 3 inch Lake Country glass polishing pads on a Flex PE14-2 rotary makes for very quick work of severe water spotting. Used on a local Fire departments apparatus with fantastic results in very little time. I was able to polish a severely spotted and etched Ford F550 windshield in less than 10 minutes While I'm sure this product would be very effective with a DA polisher and foam pads, the rotary polisher and glass specific pads are the most efficient way to get a satisfying result. Do not use above speed setting 3 -4 on a DA or over 1300 RPM on a rotary. I had best results on a Flex at speed setting three. GlassWork wipes off easily unless it dries or is worked too much or at too high a speed. Glasswork has a VERY thin consistency that may cause you to apply way too much initially which will lead to sling. I found that priming the pad and then using 2 peas size drops on a 5 inch pad gave me best results with minimal sling and good working time.
ProsExtremely effective and economical when used with ideal equipment. Works better than Griots glass polishes and the old DP stuff.
ConsWish the bottle was different or that the cap had a valve in it to help control the lack of viscosity.
By Florida
May 13, 2016
Good product
By Matt
North Carolina
April 13, 2016
Pinnacle water spot glass remover
Product works great, actually have glass shower and could now believe how perfect or restored glass. Does everything it claims too
Greensboro, NC
April 11, 2016
I mean, it works...
Let me start out by saying that my car until now has never had water sports removed in any kind of fashion I'm presuming, hence the spots being severely stubborn. The glass was never properly cleaned before multiple layers of rain-x ect have been placed over it - thus aiding in the ridiculousness of how bad these water spots were/are. So in my case this product could hardly be used by hand. I have had this product for a few months and was too lazy to break out the polisher. I had *some* success by hand while doing everything the bottle said not to do. I could only remove spots by hand on my side mirrors (not like the polisher would fit there anyways) with about 10 attempts/layers all aggressively rubbed down until it hazed and then more layers put on top WITHOUT wiping it down with a clean towel first. Eventual I accept the fact I would not get 100% of them off my mirrors unless I purchase a mini attachment for the polisher. Using this product with the polisher works pretty well, it does what it's supposed to removes the water spots. Again though water spots only seemed to budge with decent pressure, HIGH speed, brought to a dry buff (I guess it needed the extra abrasion?), product reapplied about once and a million passed. I also was using an orange high cutting pad to do all this and still not exactly with ease. So all in all about 3.5 bloody hours later the glass has 90% less spots. There are just some real awkward places you cant get to with a polisher unless you plan on cannibalizing the vehicle to get to it. So we just left those. I'm pretty happy with the results IN THE END. I wish the product was a spot absorbing magical monster that took zero effort but that's asking too much evidently (sarcasm).
ProsIt works.
ConsYou should probably use a polisher.
By Rusty
Normal, Illinois
June 19, 2015
Great Product
I recently purchased the water spot remover to take the windshields of both of our vehicles to the next level. The glass already looked clean but after watching a video of Mike Phillips working on a classic vehicle, I decided to try this product. I used my Porter Cable with an orange LC 4" pad and was amazed how much better the glass felt and looked. I followed up with the Pinnacle Glass Sealant and I am extremely happy with the results. I am a big fan of all the Pinnacle products I have bought from Autogeek.
ProsEase of use and final results.
By Darell
Onalaska, Texas
April 24, 2015
water spot removal on windshield
This is the first product that I have tried that really worked !!
By Eric
San Jose
March 7, 2015
This product is awesome
I've tried many other products, this one is the first one that really worked. Got rid of some hard water stains that have been on my side mirrors and windows for years.
By Cody
January 11, 2015
Awesome product
This makes glass brand new. I recently had my truck undercoated. There was over spray everywhere. I tried cleaning with glass cleaner. It just didn't cut it. So I tried this product using the porter cable 7424. This took everything out! Water spots, oil over spray. I also have cap on my truck which the glass between cab and bed hasn't been cleaned in years. It took years of grime off and its brand new.
ProsMakes glass brand new
By Pablo
November 25, 2014
Excellent product!
It works very efficiently on removing hard glass water spots. My windshield had stains hard to remove. I needed to apply the product twice with a sponge, which helped remove the marks by 80%. I still need to apply once more so the job is completely done, but the product really works!
ProsEasy to apply
ConsNo cons
By Kyle
Hilton Head, SC
September 11, 2014
Works Very Well
I bought this product because on my windshield everywhere where my wipers do not reach there were very visible water spots. It did a great job of removing these spots and I was very impressed considering no matter how much I scrubbed with other products they would not come off. Thanks Pinnacle!
ProsStrong enough to remove tough water spots, and does not scratch glass
ConsThe consistency of it is very thin so it will run right off your applicator or down your glass if you are not careful and don't want it to get on trim, also if you expect great results you have to really bare down and put lots of pressure on your applicator pad.
By Mike
Fallon, NV
September 6, 2014
Great Product
Used this product as soon as it arrived, and it worked! My truck had sun baked water spots on all the glass. Nothing I tried would remove them, ammonia, baking soda, vinegar, nothing. With a little elbow grease I was able to not only remove the spots, but restored the glass to a noticeable clarity that rivaled a new windshield. If you need to remove water spots from any glass, this is your product.
By brian griffin
lebanon, Indiana
June 12, 2014
I just got this 06 dodge ram , all the windows were covered in bad waterspots. I tried EVERYRHING, toilet bowl cleaner, baking soda white vinegar, tons of different sprays, wax cleaner, compound nothing touched it. When I got the product today I tried just a pad and wiped it, nothing wasn't happy. Got my pc buffer and OMG brand new!!! This is the BOMB a must have for any detailer. Thank you very much PInnacle, I will surely look at your other products.
ProsIt friggin works
ConsNONE but you will need a buffer for sure, but hay you can pick up a pc for 120bux
By Russel
February 22, 2013
Not Heavy Duty enough
Not as heavy duty as the Chem Guys stuff, but doesn't smell as bad. Removed only light/medium spots. First I tried it with green pocket finger, then moved on to DA with white pad and finally to orange pad, still wasn't able to chew the spots away. Car was a daily driver 2007 Pathfinder, semi neglected but not as bad.