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Pinnacle GlassCoat Window Sealant with Rain Repellent

Pinnacle GlassCoat Window Sealant with Rain Repellent

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Seals glass to create an invisible shield that repels water, snow, sleet, hail, dirt, bugs, tree sap, dust and all air-borne contaminants!

Glass is an amazing material. It’s an optically clear solid material that creates a solid barrier between you and the outside world but, unlike other solid materials, we can see through it! Glass allows us the comfort of driving around totally enclosed in climate controlled environment to keep us cool during hot summers and toasty warm in the winter. Without glass we would all be driving windowless convertibles! Pinnacle GlassCoat Window Sealant with Rain Repellent allows you to get even more benefits and greater performance out of the glass windows on your car.

Pinnacle GlassCoat Window Sealant with Rain Repellent is an easy to use advanced glass coating. It fills in all the microscopic pits, pores and other surface imperfections invisible to the un-aided eye. This creates a more perfectly smooth and hydrophobic surface, increasing your visibility and safety on the road.

Once applied, Pinnacle GlassCoat Window Sealant with Rain Repellent repels water like no other. The surface tension created by this coating beads and repels water more effectively than you thought possible. Even in the most torrential rainstorms, the water beads up and flies off so effortlessly you many not need use the wipers!

Pinnacle GlassCoat Window Sealant with Rain Repellent should be applied to all exterior windows including the windshield and side mirrors
Apply to all exterior glass including side mirrors!

Optimizing the smoothness of the glass surface with Pinnacle GlassCoat Window Sealant with Rain Repellent advanced coating technology increases water repellency and inhibits contaminants from sticking to glass. This keeps your glass clean and optically clear for extended amounts of time.

Maximum Performance = Regular Application to Windshield
Every time you use your windshield wipers, any dirt accumulated on the wiper blades and windshield is subsequently dragged across the windshield. This causes abrasive friction that will, over time, decrease the effectiveness of any glass coating. The simple solution to this problem is to re-apply Pinnacle GlassCoat Window Sealant with Rain Repellent on a regular basis. Those who frequently travel or live in areas where it rains regularly should apply Pinnacle GlassCoat Window Sealant with Rain Repellent monthly. Those who drive less frequently or live in drier climates should apply Pinnacle GlassCoat Window Sealant with Rain Repellent every 3-6 months.

Application Directions

  1. Work on a cool surface in the shade
  2. Glass must be clean, dry and free from any road film or other oily substances. Use Pinnacle Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner with Water Repellent to ensure glass is squeaky clean and ready to coat.
  3. Use a clean, soft foam or microfiber applicator pad. Apply some Pinnacle GlassCoat Window Sealant with Rain Repellent directly onto your applicator pad and then spread and thoroughly work over a section of glass using a circular overlapping motion.
  4. Allow the coating to dry 10 to 15 minutes. Softly wipe any excess product off using a clean, microfiber towel.

For best results, apply two coats to ensure uniform coverage.

Pinnacle GlassCoat Window Sealant with Rain Repellent works best on clean glass in new condition. If the glass to be treated does not feel slick and glassy, then for best performance we recommend polishing glass first using Pinnacle GlassWork Water Spot Remover.

16 oz. Learn more about Made in USA Certification.

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87% Recommend this product (13 of 15 responses)
Grand Forks, ND
This stuff is legit
I got Pinnacle Glasscoat with part of a glass polishing kit. This is a wonderful product. It doesn't smear with windshield wipers like RainX (can't stand the stuff). It works great in the rain to keep side windows clear to view side traffic, and the windshield clears right off in the rain. Furthermore, it makes scraping ice and snow off the windows almost effortless. I just picked up my son's car from the repair shop, where it had stood outside and gotten snow which melted and froze. His ice scraper was not in the vehicle, which reduced me to using a credit card to do the dirty work. The ice pealed away effortlessly and didn't stick to the windows much at all. I'm sold.
ProsWorks as described Does not streak or smear with windshield wipers Makes removing ice and snow from windows almost effortless.
Oak Island, NC
Easy to use
Easy to put on. A little goes a long way.
Bloomington, IL
Good performance, uncomfortable wipe off
Got this as part of a "VIP" deal. I like the water shedding performance and how much you get in a bottle. Longevity seems par for the course for this type of glass sealant. My gripe, and this is something I've never experienced with other products of this type, is when wiping off with a microfiber towel it generates an uncomfortable amount of static electricity! I can hear the popping and feel the prickling in my fingers. I don't want to throw away a bottle with so much product left that works well when applied, but I don't like getting zapped like it's mid-winter after shuffling across the carpet!
Merchant Response:Sounds like the product may have been applied a bit too thick so the additional rubbing caused the static electricity Our recommendations: People like to apply this product with a coating block and suede cloths as it typically helps spread it out much thinner. Use crisscross patterns & spread the product out as much as possible. . You only need to apply a few drops of this product at a time. Anything more is too much. This means a bottle will last a lifetime Directions say 15 mins, but many people once they have applied a nice "thin coat" will actually leave it on for 1 hour before wiping off! Ensure to do your final buff with a clean tight napped towel & some deionized water helps with the wipe off as well.
ProsExcellent water shedding Easy application Longevity is good
ConsGenerates uncomfortable static electricity when removing with a microfiber towel
Columbia, MD
Good product
I used this for the first time on all windows and headlights, hosed the car down after a week due to no rain to see how good it was at repelling the water and it looks great and did a good job, a quick wipe over with a Microfiber towel and they were nice and clean,
ProsEasy to use wipes of easy I did the recommended two coats and works great.
Affordable Diamond
Pinnacle GlassCoat Window Sealant is great .Good price for the excellent product. It takes hours to dry and cure in a high humidity country, but provides months long window protection .Very good rain repellent for the money. I've tried many local brands and Japanese Brands, this Glass coating is an affordable diamond.
ProsLarge Quantity ,Long lasting, easy to use.
ConsNot very good design bottle cap.