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Pinnacle Crystal Mist Detail Spray

You'll agree, this is the Ultimate High Gloss Detail Spray!

Pinnacle Crystal Mist Carnauba Detail Spray is formulated with restructured gloss-enhancing crystalline polymers, nourishing oils, and real Brazilian carnauba wax to provide your vehicle with an instant burst of shine and slickness. Pinnacle Crystal Mist Carnauba Detail Spray is the next generation of quick detailers.

Pinnacle Crystal Mist meets all VOC standards in all 50 states. But, absolutely nothing was sacrificed in the remaking of Crystal Mist. The real carnauba wax, the crystalline polymers and the natural oils have been reconfigured and maximized to create the ultimate high gloss detail spray.

The crisp reflections and deep, wet shine of a fresh coat of wax are soon covered by a light layer of dust, dirt, and pollen. Crystal Mist lubricates the paint surface to remove light contamination such as this, without scratching or marring the finish. Paint will appear clean, vibrant and brilliantly glossy.

The oils in Crystal Mist do more than lubricate dirt; they also enrich automotive paint. The paint, including clear coat, is actually a porous surface that can dry out or be hydrated with oils. Crystal Mist is packed with compatible oils that improve paint’s texture and appearance for an overall healthier, more youthful-looking paint finish.

Natural carnauba wax gives Crystal Mist its distinctive, wet-looking shine. Carnauba, combined with crystalline polymers, creates sharp reflections and silky paint. This state-of-the-art carnauba-polymer matrix also enables Crystal Mist to bond to the existing wax for an instant but long-lasting gloss. Particularly on top of Souverän™ Paste Wax, Crystal Mist reactivates the existing wax so you’re not just seeing a surface gloss – you’re seeing the depth and dimension of multiple layers of carnauba.

Key Features:
  • Meets VOC guidelines
  • Can be layered over carnauba waxes & paint sealants
  • Dries crystal clear with deep gloss
  • Extends the shine of existing wax

Pinnacle Crystal Mist Spray Wax maintains the fresh-looking shine of Souverän™ Carnauba Wax.
Crystal Mist looks amazing on black.

Pinnacle’s research into crystalline polymers has yielded polymers that refract light similarly to cut crystal. Because of these multi-faceted polymers, Crystal Mist makes light dance over the curves of a vehicle. Black and red vehicles will have a particularly dramatic effect with the paint bathed in brilliant light and glossy reflections.

The proprietary blend of ingredients in Pinnacle Crystal Mist has been reformulated to meet all VOC requirements for a quick detail spray. This reformulation created an exceedingly surface-safe product that dazzles on any type of paint.

Crystal Mist has oxygen-activated polymers that bond to the paint as they are exposed to air. Ten minutes after applying Crystal Mist, the paint feels even slicker and looks wetter because the polymers have reacted with oxygen. If you are applying Crystal Mist on top of Souverän™, you’ll see exceptional results after the polymers react and bond to the existing carnauba wax.

Pinnacle Crystal Mist is compatible with all waxes and synthetic sealants. The natural oils and carnauba allow Crystal Mist to perform well in hot, humid climates. For the best results, always use a plush microfiber towel.

Renew the just-waxed shimmer with Pinnacle Crystal Mist. This advanced formulation cleans and shines with an ultra-safe, ultra-shiny combination of ingredients that you won’t find in any other quick detail spray.

16 oz.


Crystal Mist takes just minutes to apply to your entire vehicle!
Use a soft, plush towel to buff Pinnacle Crystal Mist Detail Spray.

1. If your vehicle is particularly dirty, wash and dry it before applying Crystal Mist.

2. Spray a thin, even mist onto one panel at a time.

3. Buff to a bright, reflective shine.

4. Using Crystal Mist as you towel-dry your vehicle will prevent water spots by wiping away mineral deposits.
Detailing Tips:
Mist dry foam pads with Crystal Mist before applying polish or paste wax by machine. The lubricating oils will allow products to spread more easily.

Crystal Mist also helps remove stubborn wax residues.

If you are applying a wax or sealant and you find white chalk residue on trim or emblems, use Crystal Mist and a soft cloth to clean up.


Use Pinnacle Crystal Mist as a pad lubricant prior to polishing your vehicle with a Porter Cable 7424.
Learn more about Made in USA Certification.

16 oz.

Pinnacle Crystal Mist Detail Spray

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52 Reviews
92% (48)
2% (1)
4% (2)
0% (0)
2% (1)
56% Recommend this product (29 of 52 responses)
By Doug
Hampshire, Illinois
August 15, 2017
All I can say is "WOW"!
I've used other spray detailers from Speed Shine, Meg's, and a few others. I have never seen results like this. I was a little hesitant to spend the money on the Pinnacle, but the positive reviews convinced me to try it. I compounded and coated my BMW a month ago, but the gloss seemed to be going away a little, so I thought I'd try to give it a little more "pop". The Pinnacle went on easy, and required very little buffing. As I was using it, I was amazed at how slick the paint got under my microfiber towel. When I stepped back to evaluate the shine I was blown away. It looked like I had just spent hours waxing it. My car is bright Crimson Red, and the color looked deeper than I'd ever seen it. Suffice it to say that the other detailers I have will be used for clay lubricant from now on! I'll be ordering a gallon as soon as I run low in the sprayer.
ProsEase of use Brilliant shine Extreme lubricity No Residue
ConsPrice, although worth it for the results, in my opinion
By Dave
Preble County, Ohio
July 22, 2017
Have to try it
I have tried several detail sprays but none brought the depth of color as well as Crystal Mist. You have to try it to understand.
ProsExcellent shine and depth of color. No easier to apply and/or remove than other other detail sprays I have used but no harder either.
ConsA little pricey but after my first application I immediately ordered another bottle. Well worth the price.
Kittanning PA
June 23, 2017
Wanted to try this as its made in the USA. It's a bit pricey but I had hopes for outstanding results and I got them but not noticeably better than those I get from the Optimum products I usually use. Again, very nice results but I'll be sticking with my previous favorite.
Rhode Island
May 11, 2017
Worked very well but too expensive.
Applied over Pinnacle Carnauba wax and the results are excellent but at $30 for a 16oz bottle can't justify buying again, Aquawax at one third the price works very well also.
ProsNice shine, pleasant odor.
ConsWay too expensive for a detail spray.
By Sam
September 6, 2016
Crystal Mist
Works great, tried it on both cars.
By Kristine
Thousand Oaks, CA
August 21, 2016
Shiny and easy to use after washing carFirst
Excellent product. Have been using since 2013 and helps my car keep its shine so well between waxes, which I only do about 3 times a year. So easy to apply, spray on after drive-thru car wash, and wipe off. Mirror shine.
By B Jenkins
Linden NJ
August 20, 2016
Excellent Product! I ordered 4 more
ProsAll good .
By Thomas
Warrenton va.
July 10, 2016
Great product
Very easy to use,easy on very easy off. My car is white and has a unbelievable shine, I use this product every couple of days between waxs
ProsEasy to use
ConsPrice (but after you use this product you will understand the price)
By Tom
Fairfield CT
July 4, 2016
Shines like just detailed
This product goes on and comes off quickly, bringing back the carnauba luster of a just detailed job.
ProsQuick and easy- all these pinnacle products work as advertised
By Chuck Gard
Discovery Bay, Ca.
July 2, 2016
Never again
Never again will I ever purchase products from the auto store. This product is so superior in quality that it is more affordable than you think. The shine far exceeds expectations and a little goes a long way!
By GaryB.
Fairfax, Virginia
June 5, 2016
The BEST Detailer
Amazing!! Another outstanding product from Pinnacle. On a scale from 1-10 this one goes to 11.
ProsIn my, ever so humble opinion, this is THE BEST detailer I've ever used.
By Sare Lanzafame
St. Louis - Des Peres in West County
June 1, 2016
Brilliant shine
I have a 2003 Harley and a 2012 5.0 Mustang. My friends are all gear heads and they can't believe that my Harley and Stang aren't clear coated. I won't tell them that I use Pinnacle Crystal Mist or their toys would be shinny as mine. I love it. Easy to put on and the results are blinding. Buy it - you'll love it. Sare
Proseasy to apply. out shines every thing I've tried, Last for weeks.
ConsIt's a little pricy after the shipping cost are added. Good price by it's self.
By Bob
June 1, 2016
Best in class
Tried several products over the years.. Had over 30 cars. Competed in car shows with some of them.. Never used a spray wax until a short time ago.. This product has exceeded all my expectations. I have always used wax and on a regular basis... Like about every couple of weeks.. Car nut and fanatical about how they look. Was always told hat if a fly landed on my cars it would slide off and break its neck. This product is so terrific I have cut way back in waxing. It instantly brings out the shine and leaves a smooth feel to the surface.. Have nothing bad to say about this item. If you have a car you really take great care of this product is worth every cent..
ProsGreat for vehicle owners that have new cars or older cars that have had the paint really well taken care of or is fresh.. Just as a side note... Auto geek is not only a great/informative web site. But a great company to deal with..
By Mark
May 15, 2016
Top shelf
This detail spray I only use occasionally on my ' carport queen'.I have other lesser quality spray for my DD vehicle.
ProsIt has a ' richness' to it that too me indicates that it is high quality .
By Brian
Manchester NH
April 30, 2016
The Best Detailer
I have used other detailers with OK results. However, the Pinnacle detailer exceeds my expectations by far.
Ashdown, Arkansas
February 20, 2016
Crystal Mist
This is the best detailing spray I have ever used
By Fred
Omaha, NE
June 15, 2015
Ask for detail spray that could be used in direct sun on black. Did exactly that.
By jeff k
Carlisle, Pa
April 29, 2015
Now a Pinnacle user
I tried many products over the years and decided to give the Pinnacle line a try, I used there polish, carnuba wax, and this detail spray, nothing like it.
ProsUnbelievable deep gloss and reflection
By Aleks
Orlando, Fl
February 25, 2015
One of the best quick detailers
I have used this product off and on for about 8 years. I've loved it since the first time that I have used it, but often enjoy trying some of the other fantastic choices available on Autogeek. I always come back to the Pinnacle Crystal Mist Detailer. It always leaves a nice silky smooth finish, just like the car has been waxed. I think that I've tried most of the other brands available here, and prefer this one the best. My 2nd favorite is the Wolfgang quick detailer, another good product, but Pinnacle is my favorite. I use it on my 2006 Mercedes E55 AMG, which is Iridium Silver. I would highly recommend for anyone wanting that silky smooth, deep looking, just waxed look. I just spray it on, and wipe off. Buffing is not needed, but find that I get extra special results if I go over the car with quick buffing towel.
By Arthur Wright
Washington District of Columbia
February 10, 2015
I have not use the product because of the weather
The weather here has not given me the chance to use this product. But as weather permitting i will use it will give my prospective on this product. Thank You
By Jim
Traverse City, MI
November 12, 2014
Best ever
Easy to use with outstanding results!
By John Williams
Philadelphia, PA
November 3, 2014
This is an excellent product. I am going to order the 128 oz bottle.
By Richard
McKinney, Texas
October 8, 2014
Crystal Mist is Brilliant!
Love it. It puts a shine on my 2013 Tacoma (Red) truck that is amazing. After putting it on, the mirrored finish is brilliant and the surface is amazingly smooth. I even tried it on my chrome wheels, and they look like mirrors! I know it is expensive, but if you want the ultimate shine on your prized possession, Crystal Mist is the ticket. Saw it first on Wayne Carini's "Chasing Classic Cars", and so I thought I would try it. Really glad I did. Thanks, Wayne!
ProsAmazing Product!
By Peter Tuczynski
Knoxville T N
October 8, 2014
Wonderful product mirror like finish
ProsEasy to apply just spray and wipe and look at the mirror finish .
By Bob
Chaffee, NY
October 4, 2014
Used on a 2007 Nissan Altima SL I was selling, it made the black stand out big time. They dude was impressed, but I kept the Pinnacle wax. By brother swears by this stuff.
By Joe B.
Jacksonville, FL
September 26, 2014
Great stuff....expensive but worth it.
I use this spray to dampen the microfiber applicator pad when I use Klasse All-in-One on my black motorcycle. Then I apply Collinite 845 after using the spray to dampen the foam pad. The results are great and easy on/off. After a couple of weeks of riding, I use the spray to touch it up and the shine returns just like it was after waxing it. It works great for me and I won't be looking any further.
ProsThe "look" of my black paint after using it.
By Joe
new jersey
September 24, 2014
crystal mist detailer
This is the best and easiest detailer I ever used. My car is black and the shine is unbeleivable. If you use this you will not be dissapointed.
ProsQuick and easy to use. The results are great.
ConsThe price is a bit high but its worth it.
By mike
August 3, 2014
soft and slick
This quick detailer is special. It leaves the paint feeling silky smooth with a very soft feel to it. I know that sounds weird but thats the best way for me to explain it. Yes its VERY expensive, but its a top notch product. I typically buy the 64 oz bottle. I would like to get the gallon to save a few dollars but I cant justify that much product as I only use stuff like this on rare occasions, like the day after sealing the paint to remove any trace residues. It works wonderfully with Liquid Souveran. I prefer Crystal Mist over the Souveran spray wax. I like the fact that it has a bit of cleaning power to it, for removing any residue. Anyway, if your in doubt over the price, give the free sample a try on your next order. Its like no other quick detailer out there.
Proslight cleaning action to help remove smudges, Wipes on and off with absolute ease (as you can tell the product kind of flash's on its own as well), Super soft and slick finish, Brightens the paint (compliments light colors very well), smells very good (coconut/suntan lotion mix ?), trigger sprayer (while nothing special it works well with the product).
ConsExpensive ( basically 2 dollars per ounce ! OUCH!), Bottle label has some real problems,,,If it gets wet it basically begins to fall apart off the bottle staining your hands with ink. I think the cause is that the label is not clear coated like the other AG brand bottles. just why has this not changed over the years ???!!! This isn't a problem for me personally as I buy the 64oz and use my own bottles.
By Bill
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca
May 25, 2014
Pinnacle Crystal Mist Detail Spray
Works as described. No streaking. Easy to use. No sticky residue, Arrived on time.
By Eddie Lowe
May 12, 2014
It's a Pinnacle Product...Need I Say More?
The Best Detailer I've ever used.
ProsHelps keep that Sizzilin Shine going between waxing.
ConsWasn't Free Lol.