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PennGrade 1 High Performance Motor Oil

PennGrade 1 High Performance Motor OilThe original green oil!

PennGrade 1 High Performance Motor Oil is high-quality, high-performing motor oil made from 100% pure Pennsylvania grade crude oil. Pennsylvania grade crude oil, PennGrade’s namesake, is long recognized as one of the best worldwide sources of high quality lubricant base stocks. Specifically known for its green color and exception ability to cling to metal, the PennGrade 1 High Performance Motor Oil’s stock is tenacious, to say the least. Delivering excellent shock load and temperature protecting to engine parts, all while still performing exceptionally under demanding torque, PennGrade 1 Motor Oil has been endorsed for decades by the people that use it most; race car drivers, engine builders, and manufacturers. PennGrade 1 Motor Oil is the oil the pros use!
Originally known as Kendall and then Brad Penn in the early days, PennGrade 1 Motor Oil was renamed when acquired by D-A Lubricant Company in 2015. No matter what name it carries, PennGrade 1 Motor Oil has (and always will) be about the perfect balance. Whether your vehicle only sees the everyday demands on the road, is used as a race car (officially, or not!), or just good old- fashioned hard driving, PennGrade 1 Motor Oil provides the right protection.

PennGrade 1 Motor Oils contain high levels of zinc that provide enhanced anti-wear and anti-scuffing protection, especially in flat tappet or roller type cams. However, because of the high zinc and phosphorus additive concentration levels, PennGrade 1 Motor Oils can be detrimental to cars and trucks with catalytic converters. PennGrade 1 Motor Oils are recommended for vehicles manufactured prior to 1975 WITHOUT catalytic converters. Be sure to check your vehicle’s owner manual for proper oil selection.