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Poorboy's World Spray & Wipe Waterless Wash 16 oz.

Just spray and wipe away dirt and grime!

Another innovative product from Poorboy’s… a Spray and Wipe Waterless Wash?!?! Yes, I too was skeptical at first, but the results speak for themselves. Without the hassle of a wash bucket or the need for a hose, you can easily wipe your car clean. Away with dirt and grime! This unique car care product was chemically engineered using the latest breakthroughs in surface cleaning technology to arrive at a one-of-a-kind product that restores underlying shine by safely removing dirt without scratching! And, unlike other detailing products, you do not have to hunt down a shady spot to use Poorboy’s; direct sunlight will not affect the outcome.

Spray and Wipe Waterless Wash bridges the gap between a traditional car shampoo and a quick detail spray. It will not replace the need for your sheepskin wash mitt, bucket and hose, but it will afford you the luxury of not dragging them out quite as often. Waterless Wash is a cleaner above anything, a step above what a quick detail spray can do, without the extra shine. As with any products it has its capabilities and limitations, but it is intended to be used within its parameters. It’s meant for new and well-maintained vehicles. You would not want to use this instead of a traditional bath for a very dirty car. It does not add protection, nor strip any away. Spray and Wipe Waterless Wash followed by an instant detail spray will quickly and completely revive a lightly dirty or dusty vehicle without any wet mess. Amazing!

Formulated of water, emulsifiers and surfactants, cleaning and restoring shine is a snap. Spray and Wipe Waterless Wash, like all the friendly Poorboy’s products is alcohol-free. No wax; no silicone in this one! All Poorboy’s are inexpensive, easy to use, but still produce professional results to rival anything that a veteran detailer can accomplish with the most expensive products on the market. That’s why Poorboy’s is gaining popularity among amateur as well as professional detailers—the stunning outcome!

16 oz. trigger spray bottle

Refill Sprayer
The 32 oz. size is a refill and does not include a sprayer. Purchase refill sprayers for $1.00 each at the bottom of this page.

Poorboy's World Spray & Wipe Waterless Wash 16 oz.

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Central, CT
December 3, 2015
Always a part of my detailing arsenal!
I've been using it for years with great results. I always keep a small bottle and microfiber towel in the car to take care of any bird bombs or tree sap. Leaves nothing behind to change the look of your sealant or wax.
By CDot
Charlotte, NC
July 16, 2015
Spary & Wipe - Top Tier
Every now and then, I discover a top-tier product for use and this is one of them. I haven't tried everything, but this stuff is amazing. I've applied in the sun and in 50 degree weather--both times it worked like a charm. This is my 1st "waterless wash" product and it beats other rinseless products-in waterless-dilutions that became grabby in colder weather. The smell is one of the best, it's easy to apply/spread, and it leaves a smooth/slick finish. I highly recommend this and will grab a gallon the next time I pick up.
ProsSmells amazing, east to apply, leaves a smooth finish
By Tres
Austin, TX
August 28, 2014
Great Stuff
This is the best quick detail type of product I have used. It is not only good for use on the painted parts of the car but it is also the best glass cleaner I have found - no streaks or haze.
By Myles
July 3, 2012
Really nice... but the smell?
This is a really great waterless wash. In fact, I'm buying another bottle this week. My only complaint is the overwhelming scent. I can't bare to use this in a garage... it just collects and gets stronger with every spray. A lot of poorboys products seem to be heavily scented. It's hard to describe... it's somewhat like cheap candy. That said, I can't knock a star for the smell, because this product is extremely effective. Poorboys... you're lucky your products work so well, if they didn't, the scent would drive me away. I would still recommend this, it's an outstanding wash.
By Lori Fino
May 7, 2012
Best Way to wash your car
I am a firm believer in waterless car washes. My very pampered car has never been in the rain or washed with water. That's because I don't need to with this product. Of course I have tried others, but this beats them all. Go Poorboys! Your the best and I look forward to switching ALL my current products to yours.
By John K
May 22, 2011
Great Stuff
Great stuff to use if you don't need a full body wash with soap and water
September 25, 2009
Got To Get It
I had a lot of products before I bought this. I always notice after washing/waxing there where always waterspots, dust, wax residue, ect. this product takes care of it all. you can use it on the car, the trim, molding and even windows. after adding this product from poorboys I feel like this stuff alone makes a big difference when washing/waxing and detailing. got to try this. you can go over all the little stuff that just is not right. it is also go to use in the door jams after you wash the rest of the car.
By Streetlife
October 21, 2008
This product is a must have. I use it during a full detail and also if i get caught in a few showers. I love it, i love all of my Poorboys world products.
By Jose
May 14, 2008
I just recieved my package from Autogeek with the Poorboy's Waterless Wash. I live in Miami with the strong sun and heat. I intentionally left my car dirty to see how this works. I was super excited to use this product based on the great reviews. All I can say that in less than 15 minutes and in direct sunlight, my car looks fantastic! No scratches, no smearing, my car looks better than coming from one of those automated car washs. Add to that car washes raising prices too, using this product actually saves you money. I give it an A+++ rating!
By Joe G.
October 30, 2007
Spray and Wipe is great for maitenence
Spray and wipe works great for maintaining your cars cleanliness in between washes. It works well to remove dust, light dirt, water spots, finger prints, and even polish residue. Joe G.
By Steve
September 28, 2007
Great Stuff!
I use this stuff to clean boats indoors before buffing. It does a great job, leaving a clean surface to start polishing.
By Jeff
June 3, 2007
Best glass cleaner EVARRR!
I absolutely love this stuff. I started tracking my S2000 this spring. The dirt and grime from my events is unbelieveable. What is more unbelievable is how easily this stuff takes off that grime. I buy it by the gallon now! It is also the best glass cleaner ever! Bugs explode at 115 mph. I have tried every popular glass cleaner out there. Spray and Wipe is faster and better on the glass then all of them. Period.
By rscpa
April 27, 2007
Very good product
Very good product. Removes bird droppings, bugs, and other road debris off of car. Easy to use. Used in direct sunlight on a black car with no streaking. Works great and would definitely recommend!!
By Justin - part time detailer full time enthusiast
April 25, 2007
Good after the rain
When it does rain here in socal (not often) my car gets sprayed down with this stuff and wiped clean...does a great job on light dust as well...
By budman3
April 23, 2007
I think everyone should have a bottle of this stuff. It can be used on a very dirty vehicle and clean is safely. I have 5 gallons of this stuff, simple amazing!
By Mike T
April 23, 2007
Buy it buy the gallon
It's cheaper that way. I use this stuff for everything from "waterless wash" to clean up things in the house. Tons of lubrication with strong cleaning abilities. I'm serious , BUY IT!
By Gary Smith
December 3, 2006
Poorboy's Spray and Wash is awesome
I tried this recenty and I'm astounded by the results. It's very easy to use; even in direct sunlight there was no streaking.Keep up the good work Poorboy's!!!
By FloridaNative
June 23, 2006
A great product
I really love this product. It's a quick detailer with muscle! It cleans very well and leaves some gloss and shine as well. As with all Poorboy's products you get alot of quality for a little price. I wouldn't use this to clean windows though since I tried it on mine and got some streaking, but on the paint it really shines and leaves no streaks at all. I give it an excellent rating because of it's value, it's quality and cleaning ability.
By James Watkins
March 22, 2006
Get the Gallon
Althugh it is not intended for heavily solied paint, S&W is the most amazing cleaning QD I have ever used. It adds good slickness while cleaning the surface and it make spit shining oh so easy. By far one of my favorite QDS!
By Joe.P
March 22, 2006
PB's S & W
S & W is nice for a quick clean up to a lightly soiled car. I use it as a multi task cleaner on glass,plastic,chrome etc to keep from having multiple cleaners when their not needed.
By Richard Dean
March 18, 2006
Easy to Use
Poorboys Spray and Wash is a great way to clean the car if you do not have any heavy dirt on the car. Simply spray it on and then use a MF to wipe away. It lifts off dirt and leaves a great shine behind. I have some stains on my truck from when it rains that i normally have to clay in order to get off and the Poorboys removes them with little effort . Great Product A++
By Charles L.
March 18, 2006
Never though I use it on black paint...
I must give it to Poorboys because Spray & Wipe is incredible stuff! I'd never thought I'd use anything like this, especially on black, in fear of scratching the heck out of the truck, but when combined with good quality microfiber towels, it does removes dirt without leaving any scratches or marring. Grant it, you can't use it on heavily soiled paint or with caked on dirt or mud, but it does work especially well at removing dust and light dirt to help prolong washing.
By Dan S.
March 18, 2006
This is a great cleaning QD, use it with some super plush MF's and you can actually clean up quite a bit of dust. Don't use it on really dirty cars though, even this magic stuff has its limits. I haven't noticed any increased shine because of it, but the cleaning ability is amazing.
By Mike T
March 17, 2006
Who needs a bucket?
When used with quality MF's your car can be cleaned in no time. leaves a nice shine and pretty much removes everything without harm to your finish. Not to mention you can use this stuff on pretty much anything anywhere.