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Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaner 32 oz.

Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaner 32 oz.

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Clings longer, so the clean’s stronger!

Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaner is a revolutionary tire cleaner that maximizes the amount of time the product lasts on your tire’s surface, extending the cleaning potential dramatically! Thanks to the thick, viscous consistency of Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaner, it won’t simply run off like most other tire cleaners. Instead, Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaner clings to the surface to ensure that the cleaner agents are given as much time as possible to eliminate the dirt, dust, grime, and mud from your tire’s surface! Because Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaner was formulated without the use of petroleum distillates, you can rest assured that it won’t tarnish the look of your tires. In fact, Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaner will rejuvenate and refresh the look of your tires, restoring them back to their natural beauty!

While your entire car is constantly subjected to a constant barrage of contamination, no surface sees more of it than your tires. They are always picking road grime off the tar and oil covered pavement you drive over. Couple that with the dirt, mud, and dust that gets kicked up on to them, left to rest and gradually dull the look of your tires. And of course, the bane of every innocent and clean tire, road salt. With all of this contamination being strewn across a tire’s surface, it is a wonder they don’t fall off after a week! To ensure that doesn’t happen, it is crucial that you clean your tires regularly, and with a quality tire cleaner like Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaner!

Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaner is formulated using advance cleaner agents that work quickly to breakdown common tire aliments at molecular level, making them much easier to scrub or brush off the surface.

The main feature of Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaner that allows it to provide a level of clean that most other tire cleaners fall vastly short of is its ability to cling to the surface of your tires. If you are using a cleaner that is entirely liquid, gravity is going to work quickly to pull that cleaner down and off the surface of your tire before you are even able to grab your tire-scrubbing brush! Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaner, however, has a thick and viscous formula that does not simply run off the surface. Because of the viscosity of Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaner, gravity takes a much longer time to drag it down. This means that Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaner spends more time on your tire’s surface, and less time cleaning your driveway!

Petroleum distillates tend accelerate the deterioration of your tires and cause them to crack much sooner than you would typically expect. It is for this reason that Pinnacle Black Label Gel Tire Cleaner was designed without the use of petroleum distillates to ensure that you get the best look AND life out of your tires!

Directions for Use:
Spray Gel Tire Cleaner directly onto the tire's surface and allow to dwell for approximately 30-40 seconds, depending on contamination of tire. Using a medium-bristled tire brush, gently agitate the tire's surface. Rinse away using strong jet of water. Multiple applications may be needed.

32 oz.

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Cumming, Georgia
Is it Worthy
I purchased this having good success and confidence on its hopeful results after good success with other Pinnacle Black Label products. I do like its strength but I don't see much of a gel thick formula as described. Also would be nice for this price to include a sprayer and bottle. On to the products performance its balanced in its PH and ability to clean without impacting wheels surface. I know its dual purpose but feel its a better wheel cleaner than tire cleaner. I have tried the Wolfgang Tire and Wheel and feel it performed better for less coin IMO.
ProsCleaning of wheels without worries of stripping removing wheel shine luster.
ConsLack of strength to clean tires thoroughly and small size and lack of sprayer/bottle.
Grand Forks, ND
Works perfectly
I had been using Pinnacle Tire Cleaner for some time. I was sent a product review sample from Autogeek last year, and it forever changed the product I use. The gel cleaner sticks to the sidewall and does not run or sag at all. I use a Drill Brush to clean the tires and then spray down with water. Clean. Period.
ProsProduct works as promoted Sticks to sidewalls and does not run Delivers a clean surface