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Poorboy's World Strip Down Wax Stripper

Start with a clean slate!

Strip Down Wax Stripper will allow you to quickly and effectively rid your paint of a plethora of different substances that prevent your paint from reaching its fullest potential. Strip Down Wax Stripper will cut through old wax and sealants, polishing oils and residue, road film, mold and mildew, dirt, grime, and tree sap. Strip Down Wax Stripper will boost the cleaning potential of your weekly wash immensely, making sure that your car is stripped of every stubborn contaminant on it!

Weekly maintenance washes are great for routinely removing loose surface contaminants from your paint’s surface, but they are not the catch all paint cleansing process that your paint requires. Your paint is subject to a wide variety of contaminants and substances that your favorite car shampoo just isn’t strong enough to effectively remove. Nor should it. Car shampoos are designed to provide a light clean that keeps your existing protectant intact. However, because of this design, car shampoo alone won’t be able to clean something as stubborn and as harmful as tree sap from your paint. When your car is exposed to some truly serious contaminants, you need something that will be able to step-up your weekly wash and really strip your paint clean. Strip Down Wax Stripper is the perfect product to removing hard to tackle substances and contaminants. Polishing oils, road film, mold, dirt, grime, and tree sap will all be effectively eliminated by Strip Down Wax Stripper!

Even if your paint is never exposed to any of the annoying substances listed above, it still a good idea to strip everything off your paint from time to time. Waxes and sealants are necessary to ensure that your paint is properly protected. However, if you keep applying layer upon layer of wax on your paint, you will start to notice a haze build up. Every so often, you want to strip all the old layers of wax off of your paint and start with a clean slate again to ensure that your car always looks its best. The easiest way to rid your paint of that old wax is to use Strip Down Wax Stripper!

1. Prepare your car wash supplies such as water supply, car wash soap, buckets, etc before using.
2. Rinse vehicle thoroughly with clean water to remove loose dirt and debris.
3. Without drying the vehicle, spray Strip Down directly onto the paint surface that you want to strip.
4. Make sure to obtain even coverage and proceed to spray Strip Down onto the all of the vehicle's painted surfaces.
5. Now wash and agitate the surface with a wash mitt and car wash soap as usual.
6. Rinse thoroughly, dry and proceed with detailing as usual.

16 oz.

Poorboy's World Strip Down Wax Stripper

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Left a film that won't come off
I am a huge fan of poorboys products. They just plain work. So i thought i would give this wax stripper a try. I used it just as the directions stated and it left a horrible film on the paint that only comes off if i use a polish or compound. In addition, it didn't even touch the wax that was on the paint. I only used polish angel rapid waxx and there was still traces of the wax. It did diminish it a bit but it took a whole bottle to go around my truck and i sprayed it generously.

Out of all the poor boys products i have used, this one was a dissappointment.
Prosmay work for lower dollar waxes that do not have a long life span or if the wax has been on for a couple months and the remaining remnants need removed. Not good for fresh wax or wax that is a higher quality.
ConsDoesn't remove wax well. Left an bad film on paint that needs polished off. Nothing would take it off other than a polish or compound.
Chicago, IL
High Powered Detergent - A Little Goes A Long Way
Per their instructions, wet car, spray stripper directly on panels. Give it a few minutes and then scrub into a foam and rinse off. I used a short nap microfiber towel to scrub the stripper and then after rinsing that, used my regular chenille mitt with plain car soap and a little ONR to wash off any possible residue. Rinse again and dry.

The bottle says to spray the whole car before agitating and rinsing off but that might allow it to dry in some areas so I did about 1/4 of the car at a time through the final rinse before drying.

The stuff seemed to work just fine as the paint was squeaky clean after drying. This stuff is slippery as the devil when you are scrubbing the panels though so hang onto your towel or mitt. It's so slippery it also makes the spray nozzle on the hose rather difficult to control so you might want to rinse your hands first before the car panel.
ProsWorks well Lots of suds A little goes a long way
ConsUse care when handling objects near the car as soap is very slippery