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P21S Gloss Enhancing Paintwork Cleanser

An Autogeek Favorite! This pre-wax cleaner and polish is a German blend of quality ingredients that will make wax application as smooth as silk!

P21S Gloss Enhancing Paintwork Cleanser is a pre-wax cleaner and polish, made from a special blend of cleansing agents. P21S, the leading auto detailing manufacturer behind this product, is renowned for using the best ingredients for total car care. Precision craftmanship goes into every facet of this effective cleansing formula. Here are features of P21S Gloss Enhancing Paintwork Cleanser:

Effective for Removing Spotting. This thick, rich cream is a brilliant choice for removing water and acid rain spotting, swirl marks, and minor surface imperfections. The formula is gentle enough to warrant a scratch-free surface after use, but powerful enough to remove old wax and prepare your vehicle for fresh wax.

P21S Gloss Enhancing Paintwork CleanserRemoves Embedded Debris. Road film, rainwater deposits, and embedded pollution will make your finish bumpy, when it should be sleek and smooth. Determining the presence of these elements is quite easy. Wash and dry your vehicle, then gently run your fingertips over the paintwork. If the surface isn’t smooth, it is necessary to cleanse and remove the toxins. This cleanser will lift and remove embedded debris, cleaning deeply within each microscopic crevice. Water spots, swirl marks and other contaminants disappear. The vehicle is ready to display the perfect concours-look wax finish. After this deep clean, we recommend following with P21S Carnauba Wax.

We are always happy to hear from our satisfied customers, they really keep us pumped up about what we do. Here is a letter from John Parkinson, a fanatic when it comes to car care. He has been writing in to Autogeek letting us know when he tries a new product and what he thinks of it. Like all of our customers, we take his feedback seriously, and here is an excerpt from a letter he wrote concerning P21S Gloss Enhancing Paintwork Cleanser:

"Hey there Max and the gang! I have some good new to report on another great P21S product. This past weekend, I spent at least eight hours detailing my car, and when it came to using a pre-wax cleaner, I remembered that I had ordered P21S Paintwork Cleansing Lotion so I thought I’d give it a shot. You know how I am; products get one chance with me! Thank heavens I gave this cleanser a chance. It has to be the best I’ve ever tried. Instantly, Acid rain spots disappeared, and honestly Max, I could feel the quality of the product through my Cobra Microfiber Towel. It is gentle and works great, that was enough to sell me! Thanks again for another great product, and I’ll write again soon!" -John

That’s what we like to hear!

350 ml. bottle (11.8 oz.)

P21S Gloss Enhancing Paintwork Cleanser

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48% Recommend this product (13 of 27 responses)
By Kevin
June 6, 2017
A great first step before sealant or wax...
I've been using this for a couple of years after trying it on my Audi A5. First time I used it on a finish that had a lot of contaminants in/on the paint. Washed, applied P21S and worked it over with my little dual action drill attachment. Results were superb; a truly glass-like finish free of swirls or any other marks. Waxed it and viola! A deep, wet looking shine that was just beautiful. If continued using it for a couple of years...why switch or try other products when I' m perfectly satisfied with the results?! I use it twice a year on our cars prior to sealant or wax (I use sealant before winter to avoid waxing during the winter).
Pros- Easy application and removal (don't let it dry too long) - Superb results
Cons- its not free - It doesn't apply itself - It doesn't remove itself
By Mike
Central Florida
November 30, 2016
Better than the best!
I bought this to compare it to Zymol cleanser. Works much faster with a lot less effort.
ProsCleans old wax and dirt very well and four times faster. Impurities seem to melt off finish in one or two swipes.
ConsDoesn't smell as nice as Zymol but I'll live with that!
By tommy
memphis tn
October 2, 2016
Simply put.... it works
This is a great product, it works as described and easy to use
By Jeff
Allentown, Pa.
September 8, 2016
Go To Cleaner
I have been a car detailer for 10+ years. I have tried a variety of cleaners and polishers and without a doubt, P21S Paintwork Cleanser is my go to paint cleaner time and time again.
ProsVery effective paint cleaner.
By Nick
Baytown, Tx
May 2, 2016
Very Impressive
I am very impressed with P21S Paintwork Cleanser. When I agreed to detail a friend's goldwing, she gave me a bottle of P21S cleanser and P21S carnuba wax claiming that they worked well. I was concerned when I saw the amount of road tar on the paint around the front wheel. Could hardly believe how easily the P21S removed the tar and left a very slick feel and glossy look on the paint. As soon as I finished cleaning the front fender, I went to my computer and ordered the cleaner and wax from Autogeek.
ProsTar and road grime are not even a bump-in-the-road for this cleanser. P21S will remove swirl marks and with a little more effort, will also remove minor scuff marks leaving the paint slick, glossy and ready for wax. This step is essential in order to get the best results from your wax.
ConsCannot think of any.
By mark hall
Knoxville, Tn
April 6, 2016
Love this stuff. It's so easy to put on and take off. The shine is phenomenal.
ProsEasy to put on and take off.
By David Stojak
March 31, 2016
Pretty amazing
First time I used it made a big difference. I wiped the care down with Wolfgang perfekt paint, the used P21s gloss enhancing paintwork cleaner. Did make a big difference on the look. After wiping it off the paint was so smooth and glaring. I then topped it off with P21s 100% carnauba wax which I love. Very glossy wet look.
By will
Baltimore maryland
April 28, 2015
I love it period
By chad
fayetteville NC
September 19, 2014
amazing product!
i have used this product for 14 years. I have people all the time ask me what i use on my cars. I even use this on my motorcycle and it works great. I will not use another polish.
Prosgoes on and comes off very easily.
By Scott
Buffalo, NY
August 23, 2014
Outstanding product
Applied this before I put the paint sealer on and it made my truck POP with color. I have a Black Ram and I hate swirl marks and streaks, this product made the paint a smooth as silk!
ProsEasy on and easy Off..
By Frank
Chicago, Illinois
July 24, 2014
Must Have for Scratch Removal
P21S is outstanding for removing light scratches and swirl marks. I've used a number of other products and always go back to P21S.
By Rob
Las Vegas, NV
July 17, 2014
Works as advertised
I have a silver 2014 BMW 435i. As soon as I brought the car home I washed it with the P21s shampoo and waxed it with the P21s pure carnauba wax. I skipped the GEPC to save time. I'm not a fanatic with a million products and tools but I definitely have more cleaners and cloths than 95% of the folks out there. Anyhow, the car still looked beautiful. On a daily/weekly basis I use speed shine and other quick detailers to keep her clean. Here 3 months later I came back from a road trip and decided it was time for another detail session. This time I used the GEPC before the wax and I can see the difference. It was easy to apply and remove and you could see it removing minor imperfections such as one area I had been too aggressive with the clay. The wax job definitely appears wetter and just more uniformly glossy. I'll be keeping it in the regimen here on out.
ProsEasy to use. Enhances gloss. Removes imperfections.
ConsWithout a power buffer it takes some effort to remove. Maybe twice as easy as wax to come off.
By Ned
March 13, 2014
Over The Top
I have a black 2010 Lexus I bought new that is just now coming off a really hard northeast winter. I washed my car and clayed it. Then I used an orbital with Griot's polish in a few spots that needed attention. Then I used the P21S. I used an orbital on the slowest speed. I did one panel at a time. On & off with a microfiber towel - VERY EASY. It saved time because it also removed the water wax lubricator residue used during the claying process. I can't begin to tell you how easy this product is to work with. No dust left behind. I re-clayed a few spots and re-cleaned with PS21 before waxing. The paint has never looked this good before waxing. Polish alone would take much more time and I don't believe it would have yielded the finished product the PS21 did especially on black. I have been detailing cars since I worked @ the local Ford dealer in 1966 and I can tell you this is good stuff.
Proseasy on-off ; no dust; removes and or hides small imperfections; gives the paint a very even finish with a great shine.
Consno cons!
By Chris
October 1, 2012
Crucial Step
Hands-down the easiest and most worthy product when it comes to achieving an impeccable surface. I have a 1year old black pilot, takes forever to wax by hand, but this stuff actually made a big difference in the shine and was so easy to use and made waxing go a lot quicker. Even tried it on a rusted junker and brought it back to life! Incredible stuff!
By tfab
November 6, 2011
perfect for swirl marks
Just got a brand new car...of course i bought black, pure glossy black...and the dealership of course threw in a complimentary wash. The problem is, the yahoos cleaning the cars use a brush. Luckily the paint finish was thick enough to withstand the brushing, EXCEPT for 2 little spots in between the front and rear doors. I had this stuff on hand because I use it on one of my show cars and figured i'd give it a go at swirl removal before trying anything that was damaging to the paint. I slowly but surely worked out ALL of the swirl marks with this. By far and away the best car detailing product i own.
By Vicki
October 1, 2010
P21S paintwork cleanser
I love this cleanser. The surface of my car is slick after cleaning. I have used Zymol paint cleaner and the P21S cleans better with less work.
By Vaquero
November 2, 2009
Great Cleanser
Produces an impressive gloss and super smooth feel.Top it off with P21S 100% carnauba wax and your car well look like it just came off the lot.
By Richard
October 31, 2009
super easy
Just used on 6 year old SUV. Has been waxed 3 time per year but never used a cleaner. Well, after using the cleaner the paint looked new and was as smooth as glass. Then used Klass sealant and the truck looks better than new.
By Kemp
October 13, 2008
P21S paintwork Cleansing
This is a great probduct. I used it for the first time and it did exactly as stated. The swirl makrs and fine scratches dissapeared. My only compliant is that if this product is put on by hand, it goes onn easy, but takes some work to take off.
By noah
June 16, 2008
best of its kind
I love it
By noah
May 22, 2008
I used this for the first time on my jet black bmw and it really makes a big difference. The paint felt like sandpaper before I used this stuff and it smoothed it right out.
By Klumzypinoy
August 22, 2007
Great stuff!
Leaves a great slick wax feel, I believe it has some oils in it. Very good product before you wax! Also very easy to use.
By Jason
July 10, 2007
Love it!
Easy on and off with great results.
By budman3
April 23, 2007
A very nice paint cleaner leaving the paint ready for P21S wax. Easy to use and very effective.
By Mike T
April 5, 2006
Its like Butter
Title says it all. Goes on and removes with ease. Leaves one of the best shines I have ever seen.
By James Watkins
March 22, 2006
A step to success!
P21s Paintwork Cleansing Lotion is one of the best Pre Wax Cleaners on the market today. It is a simple pure polish with mild cleaners. It fills in imperfections and leaves a great surface for your lsp. Simply a great product!
By Matt
March 19, 2006
nice paint cleaner
use this product to remove light water spots, sap, mild oxidation and remove old wax and to clean the paint prior to sealing it. easy on, easy off with a reflective glow is what you will see. product will also fill in some minor imperfections. a little goes a long way, so this is a great value as well.