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P21S Polishing Soap

State-of-the-art German metal-polishing technology is now available from P21S!

If you can’t tolerate the harsh smell and irritating chemicals found in most metal polishes, you may have tried all sorts of alternatives. Lemon juice is a popular home remedy, or maybe toothpaste. The fact is these household items don’t do the trick on tough tarnish and rust. But there is an alternative to overpowering polishes. P21S, has just introduced P21S Polishing Soap, the first and best metal polish in the form of a pleasant-smelling, non-toxic soap.

Custom metal rims and trim are the latest craze for enthusiastic drivers. P21S is the perfect polish to maintain that high-impact gleam. Just wet the applicator sponge included with each jar of P21S and drag it across the surface of the white cake. Squeeze the sponge to create a rich lather and rub onto the metal surface. P21S Polishing Soap doesn’t require a lot of pressure; it does most of the work for you. When you’ve finished polishing, rinse with water. Tarnish, rust, and filth will literally vanish. Your wheels and metal trim will look even better than new without scrubbing and without a pile of dirty towels. Just rinse out your sponge and let it dry before putting it back in the container.

P21S Polishing Soap is recommended for exhaust pipes, handlebars, headers, spokes, forks, polished wheels, polished casings, and exhaust tips. All the metal on your vehicle will sparkle.

Don’t overlook the tip booklet included under the sponge. It has helpful hints to ensure you use the product correctly and to help you troubleshoot any problems you may encounter. For example, if your cake of polishing soap dries out because the lid wasn’t secure, just wet the top of the cake and use as directed.

P21S is not only easy to use, it is non-toxic and environmentally safe. Unless you have an allergy to soap or fragrance, this product will not irritate you.

In addition to automotive uses, P21S is incredibly effective on your metal utensils and cookware. Use it on stainless steel and aluminum pots and pans, faucets, boat hulls and railings, glass, stove tops, ceramic tile- even tennis shoes. After all, it is soap.

This metal-polishing technology is a favorite in Germany and has just been made available in America by P21S. Once you try P21S Polishing Soap, you’ll never buy another metal polish.

Do not use on painted, anodized, or clear coated wheels.

Manufactured in Germany. 10.6 oz.

P21S Polishing Soap

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By Brad
July 9, 2014
Best stuff I have used.
I have used a few different products on my exhaust to try and keep the soot off. Nothing really worked till now. This stuff is fantastic. I used a couple squirts of water on the included sponge, wiped it over the soap twice and went to work. I am not sure the exhaust tip inside and out looked so good even new.
ProsOne can should last a lifetime on just exhaust tips.
By Ross
ft worth
June 15, 2014
No more black tailpipes
This stuff is great. Work up a good lather, put it On your headers or exhaust tips, then scrub it off.
By OCDetailing
United States
June 11, 2014
Underwhelming, going back to metal polish + 0000 steel wool
This product was interesting, and luckily I chose the most cost effective version of all the copy-cats out there (some of which double the price of P21S). In the end, it just didn't work well. It was able to get the top layer of really bad corrosion and exhaust debris cleansed from tailpipes, but for the real "polishing" and refining, it came down to the basics of a good traditional metal polish and and ultra-fine 0000 steel wool or foam buffing ball.
ProsDoesn't scratch
ConsIneffective at any appreciable amount of build up Very mild cleaning power Have to continually keep wet/damp to active the soap feature
San Antonio, Texas
April 24, 2014
Does a great job for stainless!
I used P21S on my nasty 7 year old stainless steel exhaust tip. It brought it back to brand new status. Don't be fooled, you do still have to use a lot of elbow grease along with this product. I finished off the tip with Chemical Guys Extreme Metal Polish, and the tip is now to a mirror state.
By dcjredline
November 19, 2013
Love it!
I have used this multiple times and love it, decided to try the paste from the tube but this is still a go to for me.
By jhm
July 4, 2013
metal cleaner
i use this product on most metal parts and always get the same results. Awesome! Well worth the money .
By Kyle S
June 14, 2013
Wroks like a charm
Used this on my BMW stainless steel exhaust tips that were dirty and had been through a couple of midwest winters. A couple of applications with this product and they look like new. Awesome stuff!
By Wayne J
February 4, 2013
Easy to use, great results
The quad exhaust tips on a 13 GT500 are in a tight spot, cant get your hand around it. Putting PS21S on a small towel and wiping the pipe with back and forth motion works perfectly. You dont need to wash it off, just wipe with a dry towel and its sparkling again.
By Joe
September 30, 2010
PS21 Polishing Soap
This is one of the most incredible polishing products on the market today. I HIGHLY, and I do mean HIGHLY recommend this product! It works FANTASTICLY. You won't find an easier to use polishing product, I assure you. There may be better products out there, but there is NOT an easier one. The results this product produces are AMAZING! GET THIS STUFF. USE IT. BE AMAZED!
By A.S.
October 31, 2008
awesome shine
this product is easily one of my favs to use. it's so easy to use and does such a great job. I use it on my stainless steel exhaust tips. It makes the soot come off very easily and leaves a wonderful shine that looks amazing.