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Optimum Opti-Clay Towel – Fine Blue

Maintains a clean and smooth surface

Optimum Opti-Clay Towel is a flat-weave microfiber towel that’s coated with a high-tech polymer resin that is designed to remove above-surface contaminants, leaving your paint smooth and ready for waxing or polishing. Optimum Polymer Technologies, an industry leader in developing innovative car care products, spent years fine-tuning their version of the “clay towel” until they created a formula that offers the safety of a clay bar, with the performance of an advanced, synthetic alternative. The Opti-Clay Towel makes the laborious task of claying your vehicle far less time consuming, easier, and most importantly, more effective.

Optimum Opti-Clay Towel is designed to remove bonded contaminants from your paint, like paint over spray, rail dust, bugs, tar, industrial fall out, and anything else that floats in the air and lands on your paint. Optimum Opti-Clay Towel accomplishes the same tasks as a clay bar, except it does it faster while doing a better job overall. It can be argued that the Opti-Clay Towel makes traditional clay bars obsolete!

Optimum Opti-Clay Towel is available in two grades – Fine Blue and Heavy Grey. The Fine Blue Opti-Clay Towel is designed for vehicles with light to medium contaminants. The Heavy Grey Opti-Clay Towel is designed for older vehicles with stubborn contaminants, or newer vehicles with heavy paint overspray. Regardless of your application, Optimum has an Opti-Clay Towel that will make it easier to decontaminate your vehicle!

Gloss comes from smoothness, so it’s important that you always use an Opti-Clay Towel before you apply a wax or attempt to remove swirl marks. By removing bonded surface contaminants, you create a clean slate for your wax to bond to, increasing longevity, gloss, and smoothness.

  1. Do not work on hot panels in direct sunlight.
  2. Dilute Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine to the recommended clay lubricant ratio.
  3. Working one panel at a time, spray a liberal amount of lubricant onto the area and without using any pressure, rub the Opti-Clay Towel back and forth until it glides freely. It’s perfectly normal to feeling it grabbing at first.
  4. When the Opti-Clay Towel moves across the surface without any effort, remove excess lubricant with a soft microfiber towel and move on to next panel.
Do not store wet or damp.

Note: This is the light/fine grade version of the Opti-Clay Towel. If your vehicle is old or heavily contaminated, we would recommend using the heavy/aggressive grade version of Opti-Clay Towel. For best results, follow with Optimum Finish Polish to maximize gloss and clarity before applying your wax, sealant or coating.

Optimum Opti-Clay Towel – Fine Blue

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Chicago, IL
Defective Product Left A Mess
Just love the ONR product so I thought I'd try Optimum's clay towel. Bought the towel and their spray Car Wax and mixed up some ONR as per instructions. Did the break-in procedure on the clean windshield and encountered a lot of sticking of the towel with virtually no pressure and plenty of lubricant. Noticed several smudges on the glass but went on to lubricate a section of the hood and try the towel there. That was a mistake. The towel would grab and stick at the middle or end of almost each stroke even though I was also using plenty of the ONR as well as multiple spritzes of the spray wax.
The towel left this sticky residue on the glass as well as on the paint which required straight alcohol and toweling to remove. Basically the polymer rubber clay surface was leaving behind small crumbs of itself which smeared onto the surface.
Optimum has a problem with quality control on this product as the coverage of the microfiber surface was not complete nor uniform which probably allowed this crumbling of the clay surface to occur.
Autogeek was wonderful in their customer service when I reported this problem and offered to correct the issue in a number of ways for me. Kudos to Autogeek Customer Service.
ProsReasonable price point
ConsTowel smaller than expected Defective shedding of clay surface created a time-consuming mess to clean up Having to buy their car wax to use with this clay towel in addition to the ONR as lubricant
Below Expectation
- Left sticky residue on glass when I was breaking it in
- Left same sticky residue on my hood after it has been broken in
- First time use resulted to the clay face cracking
- I feel that it did not removed many contaminants
Manchester, NH
Does the same as clay bar only quicker
Very easy to use, not as bulky as the clay bar & is quicker to use
San Diego
Rapid Wear
The towel works well, however it's wearing through in several spots after doing two cars. Probably get one more car out of it.
Manito, IL
Great alternative
Used it on a black rental car, worked very well and no damage to paint,
Making it Look Better
ProsI really liked using it, if you have heavy contamination and or never use a clay on your auto, I would get both, the light and heavy towels, used Optimum Instant detailer with gloss enhancer as a lube
ConsA little small,