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> > > Optimum Compound II 32 oz.

Optimum Compound II 32 oz.

Optimum Compound II has been reformulated for better performance and cut. Optimum Compound II gives you smooth, sleek results faster!

The word compound makes some detailers a little nervous. The term is generally associated with gritty, abrasive polishes that leave hazy, swirled paint. While you can correct these problems by using a less intense polish, wouldn’t it be easier to use a gentler compound? It does exist. It’s called Optimum Compound II and it could save you a step or two as you detail.

Optimum Compound II is an aggressive compound that finishes like a polish. It does not leave the haze, dust, and swirl marks that result from many compounds. Instead, your vehicle’s paint will be shiny and smooth with no major swirl marks. And of course, Optimum Compound II removes deep swirls, scratches, and oxidation like a traditional compound. It can remove 1200 grit sand scratch marks while still performing like a polish. After removing defects, you may be able to go straight to a finishing polish rather than using multiple polishes to refine the surface. Optimum Compound II buffs like a polish and shines like a wax!

Optimum Compound II has a longer working time than many compounds to prevent dry buffing. Although it is full of lubricants, it contains no silicone oils or wax, so it is completely body shop safe.

Optimum says their compound can be used at any speed on your polisher and with a wool or foam pad. When using a wool buffing pad, the compound will remove 1200 sand scratches and lighter at 1000-1400 RPM. Faster buffing speed is not needed with this product. When using a medium or heavy cut foam pad, the compound will remove 1500 sand scratches and lighter at 1000-1400 RPM. The compound works more or less aggressively depending on the pad you choose. If necessary, follow up with Optimum Polish to refine the paint surface before applying Optimum Wax. All Optimum products meet VOC regulations.

If compounds have you confounded, try the one that performs like a polish. Optimum Compound II will remove severe paint defects without causing new ones!

32 oz.

Optimum Compound II 32 oz.

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I'm sold
The Optimum Compound II is my go to choice for heavy polishing as its design allows for a larger margin of error, easy correction and so long as you pay attention to what youre doing you wont tear up the paint or burn a corner. I used the Optimum with an orange pad on both a DeWalt 849 with the Lake Country 1-Pad System & a PC 7424 and the results were the same, an effortless gloss. The Optimum Compound II does really finish like a polish after running over the trunk for a few the aggressiveness of the Optimum fades away and lays down a beautiful gloss.
A bit redundant
I just finished off my bottle and while not bad, I have trouble justifying keeping it around. Even with a CCS yellow pad and my rotary cranked up it's not quite enough to level more severe defects, and at higher speeds it leaves a gunky mess. The real problem though is that Optimum's Polish II can tackle almost anything this compound can, and is superbly clean. Anything you can't get out with the Polish II you're better off wetsanding, then just using the Polish II with various pads which is more than capable of taking out the sanding scratches AND finishing mirror-fine with a white pad. Again, the Compound II isn't bad, but it just doesn't make sense when you consider how flexible and effective Optimum's Polish II is. Good product, but Optimum made their Polish too much better.
user friendly compound
love this compound, very low dust , long working time
powerful and flexible compound!
yet another Optimum product that gives the user a ton of flexibility. people mention that it is not aggressive enough but i disagree. it allows you to choose the proper pad to remove even aggressive sanding scratches, but seems to refine if you simply let up the pressure or step up one pad. dusting is practically non-existent. work time, as usual, is long which allows you to really get the most out of minimal product.

as an example, on very hard clears, i can remove 2000 grit sand marks with this product and a yellow pad on a DA with GREAT efficiency. it will yield a slightly hazed surface with this combination that can be refined quickly with a moderate to mild cut pad and Optimum polish, pad depending on the clear.
Great Bite, Long working time
OC is great for tackling moderate swirling, and finishes nicely. I particularly like this compound due to its long working time, giving the user greater control in removing defects. Its a great value for the money, as is the whole Optimum line.