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BLACKFIRE Iron Remover
BLACKFIRE Iron Remover
BLACKFIRE Iron Remover
You can’t have perfect paint without proper prep!
BLACKFIRE Iron Remover is an easy-to-use, chemical paint decontamination product designed to remove large amount of iron and industrial fallout from your painted surfaces and wheels. The color-changing formula indicates proper application as the product changes from clear to purple as paint contaminants are removed! Paint decontamination is needed on even the newest cars; you can’t achieve a proper shine and finish without it! BLACKFIRE Iron Remover means less hard work for you, and a quicker detail time overall!
Vehicles face an onslaught of contamination every day. Be is rain, dirt, dust, bird dropping, bug remains – you name it. If it’s in the air, it’s on your car! And those are just the contaminants that you can see! What about the industrial fallout created by metal particles in the air? Those are harder to see, but believe us, they’re there! When those particles are allowed to dwell on your paint, they can cause erosion and rusting – not to mention the impairment to your perfect finish!
BLACKFIRE Iron Remover Act. 1
BLACKFIRE Iron Remover Act. 2
BLACKFIRE Iron Remover is color-changing and turns from clear to purple/red when in contact and during the removal of embedded iron contaminants!
It’s important to remove all of these iron particles from your paint to avoid any future damage. The easiest way to do that? BLACKFIRE Iron Remover! This fast-acting, color-changing formula that works to dissolve and remove embedded ferrous iron contaminants in your paint for an advanced clean. BLACKFIRE Iron Remover chemically bonds with iron contaminants in your paint and will remove them from the surface safely and efficiently.
In a perfect world, BLACKFIRE Iron Remover would be the only prep you needed, but as it only removes iron particles from your wheels and paint, claying your vehicle after using BLACKFIRE Iron Remover is necessary. But don’t worry! BLACKFRIE Iron Remover also doubles as a heavy-duty wheel cleaner, so that step is completed as well!
BLACKFIRE Iron Remover Act. 3
BLACKFIRE Iron Remover Act. 4
BLACKFIRE Iron Remover, in addition to removing iron contaminants from paint, is also an extremely effective wheel cleaner.
BLACKFIRE Iron Remover Act. 5
BLACKFIRE Iron Remover Act. 6
BLACKFIRE Iron Remover quickly removes embedded brake dust from wheels - both decontaminating and cleaning them!
Check out the BLACKFIRE Iron Remover Video and Mike Phillips' Review Below!
BLACKFIRE Iron Remover YouTube Video
Mike Phillips Review of BLACKFIRE Iron Remover
BLACKFIRE Iron Remover <font color=red>Free Bonus!</font>
Our Price:  $45.99
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BLACKFIRE Iron Remover 128 oz. <font color=red>Free Bonus!</font>
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BLACKFIRE Paint Decon Combo
Our Price:  $101.29
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BLACKFIRE Paint Decon Deluxe Kit
Our Price:  $136.94
Sale price:  $95.00