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Nanoskin AutoScrub Medium Grade Wash Mitt

Paint decontamination with a wash mitt!

The Nanoskin Autoscrub Wash Mitt is a fast, easy way to remove above surface contaminants on automotive finishes. The Nanoskin Autoscrub Wash Mitt is a rugged microfiber mitt with one side finished in a high-tech rubber polymer coating that removes above surface contaminants like paint overspray, bugs, tar, rail dust and industrial fall out – as you wash your vehicle! The Nanoskin Autoscrub Wash Mitt is better known as the clay mitt because it effectively replaces the traditional clay bar as your go-to means for removing bonded contaminants. The Nanoskin Autoscrub Wash Mitt is perfect for professional detailers or those who simply seek an easier means of removing contaminants before polishing or waxing.

Paint decontamination is probably the single most important step in detailing a car. If the surface isn’t squeaky clean, your polishes won’t be as effective and your wax, sealant or coating won’t fully bond to the surface. Until innovators in the industry such as Nanoskin introduced rubber polymer technology for automotive paint decontamination, the only way to cleanse paint of above surface contaminants was with detailing clay.

While detailing clay gets the job done, it is often time consuming and can be costly if you accidently drop the bar on the ground, rendering it useless as you should discard it at that point. The Nanoskin Autoscrub Wash Mitt requires less time than detailing clay while doing a better job at removing contaminants so you can spend more time on the paint polishing process. If you drop the Nanoskin Autoscrub Wash Mitt on the ground, simply rinse it off with water.

You don’t have to be a professional detailer to utilize the many benefits of the Nanoskin Autoscrub Wash Mitt. If you’re an avid car care enthusiast that accepts nothing less than absolute perfection, add a Nanoskin Autoscrub Wash Mitt to your detailing collection so when it comes time for a full detail on your daily driver or show car, you can spend more time performing the fun aspects of detailing like hand-applying your favorite carnauba paste wax. The medium grade Nanoskin Autoscrub Wash Mitt is ideal for daily drivers or those with heavy contaminants.

Directions: Use only on clean and cool surfaces. Mix one ounce of Nanoskin Bubble Bath Wash & Shine Shampoo per gallon of water. Rinse surface with water to flush away loose dirt. Wash and rinse in sections using Autoscrub Wash Mitt using light pressure. Begin with the roof, and work the suds down to the hood, trunk and sides. Rinse with clean water and dry vehicle using a Waffle Weave Guzzler Drying Towel.

Note: This is the MEDIUM GRADE version of the Autoscrub Mitt. It is designed for vehicles with moderate to heavy contaminants. To achieve flawless paint when you’re finished using the Autoscrub Mitt, we recommend following up with a fine polish like Pinnacle Advanced Finishing Polish and a polishing pad on your dual action polisher.

Mitt measures 6" x 8.7"

Nanoskin AutoScrub Medium Grade Wash Mitt

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By Cruzer
June 23, 2016
ive never used clay but reading about it vs using this nanoskin i had to try this. with a paper bag i could feel tons of things on the paint before using. after all i could feel was few chips in the paint. 17 year old car that has probably never had any detail work done and this cleaned it all off no problem. this is full of benefits with no drawbacks in my noob opinion. sure its expensive, but you can use it over and over again. simple to use, just need some soap for lubrication and use it like you would a wash mitt. i did iron x, washed the car, then used the nanoskin and was done in an hour, trying to take my time with the nanoskin to make sure i didnt miss any spots
Prosfast!!! easy to use effective reusable
Consinitial cost maybe? but its so fast, easy, and reusable! im sure after you buy enough clay to do as many cars as this can do its at least equal
By Paul S
SE Wisconsin
May 30, 2016
Nice product
I am not a professional detailer, but I would have to say this is a good product. Definitely a time saver compared to a clay bar. Does it do the exact same quality as a clay bar? The short answer, no. But for me and my vehicles it does a wonderful job.
ProsEase of use. Reusable. Cost effective over time.
ConsHave to purchase super slick soap.
By Chase
July 6, 2015
Great tool to have
Much quicker than traditional clay bar. Great tool for Detailers.
ConsStill need to carry traditional clay. Had one vehicle with large amount of overspray that only clay bar could remove.
By Thomas
Auburn, AL
April 3, 2015
Great product. Works much better than clay bars
I've washed and waxed five vehicles in the last two days with this mitt. They all felt slick as glass before I even put on some wax. Much better than clay, and it's a LOT quicker.
By Alan H
Annapolis, MD
September 3, 2014
Nanoskin is awesome
This item makes washing the car so effortless. It looks like it always has fresh wax. It leaves the body with a great shine. Looking forward to a day of car care when I can use the fine buffer nanoskin next and then really shine it up.
By Nathan
Marion, OH
June 9, 2014
What's a claybar?
If you are still using a claybar, switch to the Nanoskin autoscrub right now. No matter what version you buy, you'll never use clay again. Start with the fine grade, as the least intrusive is the way to go. Step up to the medium if needed, but you'll need to do some polishing afterward. They are AMAZING!
By Auto Detailing Concepts
cocoa beach, fl
May 4, 2014
Busted thru even the thickest , harsh epoxy overspray paint fallout on 12 cars... Product is Amazing been using for over a year, old clay bar ? What is that !
ProsLong lasting , WILL NOT MARR PAINT
By josh
corpus christi, tx
April 14, 2014
Works as advertised
What can I say, this product works well. I used it on my mom's car which has never been sealed and had many bonded contaminates, and it did the job of clay, but much faster. I didn't notice it marring or scratching the pain, which was my primary concern. The only real issue is the lack of documentation. Is it machine washable? Dryer safe? Is it safe to give it a twisting squeezing wring out?
ConsThe inside is lined with foam that can store a lot of water, so it can take several days to dry.