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Mothers Wheel & Jamb Towel

Mothers Wheel & Jamb Towel

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Make this your exclusive wheel & door jamb drying towel!

Mothers Wheel & Jamb Towel is a high quality waffle weave microfiber towel that dries and cleans the dirtiest parts of your vehicle, such as the wheels, the grill and the door jambs.

Give this towel its own special place in the garage marked wheels only because, once it’s used on them, it should never touch the paint again. Even after you’ve washed the wheels, some lingering brake dust can stick to the towel and be transferred to other parts of your vehicle. By designating Mothers Wheel & Jamb Towel for the work-horse parts of your vehicle, you can prevent cross-contamination.

So, what makes this towel so good on tough-to-clean surfaces? It’s the waffle weave. While waffle weave microfiber is known for being absorbent, it’s also great for cleaning. The little ridges that form the “waffles” provide a gentle scrubbing action to whisk away brake dust, road grime and oily residue.

After you’ve washed your wheels, use Mothers Wheel & Jamb Towel to dry them. Once it gets wet, it becomes an excellent cleaning towel with just a little elbow grease. Use your damp towel to wipe down door jambs and trunk and hood jambs. The microfiber easily wipes away the moisture and greasy residues.

Mothers Wheel & Jamb Towel is made of genuine microfiber with a finished satin edge to protect coated wheels from scratches. The towel absorbs 8 times its weight in moisture and microfiber naturally attracts dirt and dust.

As with all microfiber, this towel does not shed lint or unravel with repeated use. It works great on metal! Wipe away fresh water spots on wheels and metal trim.

Care for your microfiber towels by washing them in your washing machine with Pinnacle Micro Rejuvenator . Skip the fabric softener and bleach. Pinnacle’s gentle detergent will clean and refresh the microfiber. Tumble dry on low or air dry.

Save your fine microfiber buffing towels for the paint; Mothers Wheel & Jamb Towel will take care of the tough areas.

16 x 20 inches.

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Mothers Wheel & Jamb Towel