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Mothers PowerBall Combo

Mothers PowerBall ComboCan’t pick a PowerBall? Have we got the kit for you!

Mothers PowerBall and PowerCone put a whole new spin on polishing! Both are made with dense, flexible foam and both work with your electric drill. They both bring out a dazzling shine on metal surfaces. Compared to hand polishing, there’s no comparison!

The only tough decision may be which PowerTool to choose. Problem solved. The Mothers PowerBall Combo includes the PowerBall and PowerCone, plus an assortment of products to give your metal wheels and trim a spectacular finish.

The Mothers PowerCone works with any standard electric drill.Having both of these PowerTools allows you to polish large metal fixtures, like bumpers, and intricate pieces, like motorcycle pipes, with equal ease. Reach into concave, cramped, and curved spaces to remove oxidation and dullness from any polishable metal surface.

The Mothers PowerBall Combo includes:

Mothers PowerBall
Mothers PowerBall is a foam ball that attaches to your electric drill. Instead of polishing small surfaces by hand, you can get them done faster and with better results with the PowerBall. This patent-pending detailing tool is made of professional grade closed-cell foam that is soft and highly absorbent. When you press the PowerBall to a surface, the sturdy foam maintains its shape so that there is a thick cushion between your vehicle and the drill. The individual foam tabs that compose the ball provide excellent polishing capabilities in combination with any polishing product. The PowerBall not only cuts your detailing time in half, it does a superior job.

Mothers PowerCone
Polish tough-to-reach metal surfaces with Mothers PowerCone. This cone-shaped foam polishing tool provides a narrow tip and a broader base and all sizes in between so you have the perfect tool for any concave space. Polish spoke wheels or turn Mothers PowerCone sideways to polish broad metal surfaces. The options are endless!

12 oz. Mothers California Gold Metal Polish
Mothers California Gold Metal Polish gently cleans, restores and protects any polishable, bare metal surface to its original high-gloss shine and brilliance using specially formulated polishes and emollients. Mothers Metal Polish is safe for uncoated metals including aluminum, billet, stainless steel, nickel, brass, silver and copper. Use by hand, or with any of the metal polishing tools from the Mothers PowerBall line.

Mothers PowerCone polishes metal wheels, grills, and bumpers! 2- 16 x 16 inch Microfiber Towels
These high quality microfiber towels are for drying, buffing away residue, polishing or shining. Use the towel to buff metal surfaces following polishing with Mothers PowerMetal Aluminum. The thick microfiber will grab all residues and leave the surface clean, streak-free, and shiny.

The entire Mothers PowerBall Combo Kit is priced at less than the value of two Mothers PowerCones. Its like getting the polish, towels, and gloves for free! That’s just one more great reason to take advantage of this excellent value.

Kit includes:
Mothers PowerBall
Mothers PowerCone
12 oz. Mothers California Gold Metal Polish
2 Microfiber Towels

These items have a total retail value of $81.95. Save $21.96!