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Mothers Marine Wash ‘N Wax

Cleans and shines boats with a safe, biodegradable formula!

Mothers Marine Wash ‘N Wax is an ultra sudsing boat shampoo with wax to boost shine as it cleans. The concentrated formula easily dissolves dirt and salt to leave all boat surfaces looking brilliant.

Washing a boat is a big job! Get the most out of your boat wash when you use Mothers Marine Wash ‘N Wax. The wax added to Wash ‘N Wax creates a slick, shiny finish that resists water spots. Most water will sheet off, allowing your boat to dry to a spot-free shine.

Washing your boat or RV instantly brightens and shines the gelcoat fiberglass. The shine-enhancing effect is even better when there is an existing coat of wax. Mothers Marine Wash ‘N Wax does not strip wax or sealants.

Mothers Marine Wash ‘N Wax is not only safe for your boat, it is safe for the environment. The formula is safe and bridgeable.

Mothers Marine Wash ‘N Wax is an excellent value. This 32 oz. bottle dilutes at a rate of 1 ounce per 1 gallon of water. One bottle gives you 32 gallons of ultra sudsing wash water!

For the best results, use a Natural Sea Sponge or Sheepskin Wash Mitt. Both tools allow loose dirt to move away from the gelcoat, rather than being rubbed into it.

While you’re washing your boat, enhance its shine too. Mothers Marine Wash ‘N Wax cleans and shines gelcoat fiberglass to leave it looking just waxed after every wash.

32 oz.

Mothers Marine Wash ‘N Wax

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Mothers Marine Wash ‘N Wax