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Mothers CMX Surface Prep

Mothers CMX Surface Prep

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Mother always told me to prep the surface!

Surface preps are an important part of the detailing process and with Mothers CMX Surface Prep it just got easier. With Mothers CMX Surface Prep you can rid your car from any lingering oils, grease or waxes that are keeping their grip on your surface and in turn, preparing your surface for a long-lasting coating bond. Mothers CMX Surface Prep is environmentally friendly by being biodegradable, having a neutral pH and being silicone free. All this and being easy-to-use makes Mothers CMX Surface Prep a key choice in your detailing process.

After applying and inspecting a coating, you may notice that there are still defects on what is supposed to be an incredibly smooth, glossy surface. This typically means that the surface wasnít prepped properly before use. The trouble with properly prepping your surface is that it can be an extra long process and one that isnít safe to use on every surface of your car, whether if product is splattered there accidentally or if it was purposeful. With Mothers CMX Surface Prep, you donít have to worry about any of that. Mothers CMX Surface Prep will rid your surface of any contaminants, making your care perfectly primed for a coating. This prep product is also safe to use on all surfaces of your car, so you donít have to worry about flyways or buying multiple products.

Ready to dig deep? Mothers CMX Surface Prep gets rid of the old waxes, stubborn oils, grease, fillers, grime and even leftover polishing residue that are sitting on your carís surface. These surface contaminants will hinder any new coating you want to put on. Mothers CMX Surface Pep basically gives your car a clean slate with its biodegradable oily grease cutting solvents. These solvents dig deep, dissolving oils and banishing any gunk that is clinging to the surface.

Mothers CMX Surface Prep is as safe as it is powerful. With a pH neutral cleaner, this product is closer to pure water than it is to harmful chemicals. Because it has a neutral pH formula Mothers CMX Surface Prep can be used pretty much anywhere on your car. We are talking paint, glass, trim, wheels and tires! You can safely and efficiently prep your car without fear that it will mar any surface. This not only saves you a panic attack and time, but also money. You get surface prep for all areas of your vehicle in one spray. This product is also silicone free and can be used safely in body shops.

This product is easy to use and makes a beneficial step to your detailing process, so you will be glad you took the extra, quick step. To use the Mothers CMX Surface prep, just simply spray and wipe off. The end result will leave you with a clean, residue-free surface that is also anti-static and dust resistant. All these factors allow for a surface that is ready to be coating.

24 oz.
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CMX surface prep
Must have if you use cmx ceramic coating, makes a big difference and last longer
Tampa, FL
Typical Mothers quality.
Used Mothers CMX Surface Prep on my paint after using Mothers Speed Clay 2.0. The combo left my paint extremely smooth, free of any residue and ready for Ceramic! Very happy with this product. Great way to prep before paint to get the most out of any sealant, wax or coating.
ProsEasy to use. Effective.