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Mothers PowerBall Polishing Tool

Mothers PowerBall Polishing Tool A versatile polishing tool for almost any surface.

Polishing by hand can be tedious and messy - not to mention how hard it is on your skin! Mechanical polishers made polishing your paint more efficient, and Mothers is going to do the same for polishing small surfaces like your plastic lenses and metal components.

Mothers PowerBall is a foam ball that attaches to your electric drill. Instead of polishing small surfaces by hand, you can get them done faster and with better results with the PowerBall. This patent-pending detailing tool is made of professional grade closed-cell foam that is soft and highly absorbent.

When you press the PowerBall to a surface, the sturdy foam maintains its shape so that there is a thick cushion between your vehicle and the drill. The individual foam tabs that compose the ball provide excellent polishing capabilities in combination with any polishing product. The PowerBall not only cuts your detailing time in half, it does a superior job.

The spherical shape of the PowerBall allows you to use all sides when polishing in case one area becomes soiled. Unlike flat pads, you get more surface area and can therefore complete the job faster. The thick foam can be pressed into tight spaces and the round shape hugs the curves and concavities of your vehicle.

Use the PowerBall for polishing wheels, touching up small areas of paint, clarifying headlight lenses and plastic windows, and polishing stainless steel. It can be washed and reused countless times before showing any signs of wear. When it does begin to wear, simply remove the bit and retaining washer and reverse the PowerBall. Instructions are written on the inside label in the reusable storage container.

PowerBall can be attached to any variable speed drill for expert polishing right where your vehicle needs it. Versatile, reusable, and durable, the PowerBall will make polishing by hand a thing of the past.

Other uses for Mothers PowerBall:
    Use the PowerBall with Mothers PowerPolish on your machine polisher to polish your paint. Attach the PowerBall to your drill and use one of Mother's excellent metal polishes on those tough-to-reach wheels. For best results, use a microfiber towel to buff the polished surface to a shine. To clean the Powerball use the McKee's 37 Polishing Pad Rejuvenator.

    In addition to metal surfaces, the PowerBall can be used to clean and restore clear plastic and glass. Use it with a premium plastic polish on headlight lens covers, boat windshields, uncoated motorcycle windscreens, clear vinyl convertible top windows, and clear plastic instrument panels. Use the PowerBall with McKee's 37 High Performance Glass Restorer to remove water spots, scratches, haze, and stubborn contamination from automotive or household glass. There’s no end to the uses of the PowerBall!

6 inches in diameter.