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Mothers FX Engineered Spray Wax

Brilliant shine in an instant!

Paint finishes have gotten more and more sophisticated over the years. From candy finishes to metallic fleck to iridescent colors, automotive paint is more than a protective coating on the metal – it’s an expression of the driver’s personality. If you want your finish to express your attention to detail and your flare for the dramatic, use Mothers FX Spray Wax.

Mothers FX Spray Wax was designed for today’s high-tech finishes.Engineered with cutting-edge paint enhancement technology, this easy-on spray wax produces an instant, high-gloss synthetic shine. Metallics shimmer, dark colors achieve new depth and light colors refract light like glass.

Use FX Spray Wax between wax applications to refresh the shine and remove dust, fingerprints, and smudges. Over existing wax, it adds a new dimension and amplifies the reflective quality. After washing, spray it on a wet or dry vehicle and then buff to a brilliant synthetic gloss. If you don’t have time to apply traditional wax, FX Spray Wax will give you a comparable finish in just minutes. Spray and wipe your way to gorgeous, glossy paint!

Just spray a wet or cool vehicle with FX Spray Wax. Spread the wax evenly over your paint with a clean towel. Immediately buff the area with another clean towel. We recommend a Cobra Microfiber Towel for the best results.

Show your vehicle’s best side with Mothers FX Engineered Spray Wax. It’s dynamic, synthetic shine is perfect for today’s sophisticated paint finishes.

24 fluid oz.

Mothers FX Engineered Spray Wax

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By manos
October 19, 2014
nice product, easy to use and ecxelent shine!!!
excelent!!! I aply it over california carnauba gold Five stars both products
By Prodigal Son
October 17, 2013
Great product!
I've skipped using some mothers spray waxes for a while now, I finally got myself another FX spray wax. Man... I forgot how good this spray wax is. Nice, crisp, clear, glass-like reflections, really brings out metallic flakes, and extends the wax protection significantly. Very convenient as well, can be used as a wax-as-you-dry product. Slickness and gloss improves minutes after application. Ease of use can still be improved though, but it isn't really that bad. That's why it only gets 4/5 stars, but it is quite inexpensive. For the bright. sealant like finish, get FX spray wax. For a more depth and more durability, Reflections is the way to go. Overall, a great spray wax
By richard.62ret@gmail .com
June 15, 2012
not impressed
This is a detailer ,there is nothing quick about it. I sprayed it on rudded it off and it shines but when you catch it at certain angles and light you see where the buffing did not get the polymer off and it looks like crap. Then the quick detailer becomes a chore to get a consistant finish. Which takes alot of work and hard rubbing. In my book your still number one for car finishes but you missed the mark this one. Give me something wax in it I can see.
By mkt
December 13, 2011
NOt bad, but still room for improvement
not as easy to use as the ultimate quik wax, but easily matches it in terms of shine/finish. durability is good, smells nice, and costs less than the ultimate quik wax.
By Josh W
August 6, 2011
Great Shine!
This Mothers product works great. I go over my cars with it every week or two, it seems to work great at extending the wax life. It also really makes the paint pop and shine on our Blue Equinox. I normally dust the car, then quick detail, then use this, sometimes I skip the quick detail if it is really clean. It is slightly streaky on a hot hood, but other than that it is an awesome product!
By Dan S.
March 18, 2006
I love this stuff!
Mothers FX Spray Wax is a booster sprayable sealant that alone adds about 2-3 weeks of protection. It gives a very bright look and a VERY slick surface. FX can be used on very light dust, but it is best used after a wash or a QD with Poorboy's Spray and Wipe.