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3 Inch MIRKA Microstar Sanding Discs

3 Inch MIRKA Microstar Sanding DiscsDesigned for dry sanding

MIRKA Microstar is designed for mattening and paint rectification of top- and clear coat applications. Microstar has a special stearate layer and a smooth film backing. This product has a high quality finish and lasts longer as it doesn’t clog as easily as traditional products. Microstar produces a fine scratch pattern that is easy to polish out. For a perfect result, it is recommended to use Microstar with a 5 mm interface pad. Microstar is developed for dry sanding only.

There’s an advantage to dry sanding: less mess! Wet sanding, while very popular in the detailing industry, is very messy and requires more patience. While wet sanding is arguably the most popular way to remove orange peel and oxidation, dry sanding creates less of a mess, saving you on clean up time once the job is finished.

There’s another advantage to dry sanding, and that’s the ability to better monitor your progress. With wet sanding you have to wipe away the mess and wait for the panel to dry. That’s not so with dry sanding! Simply turn off your DA sander and boom – your results are apparent right away.

Use MIRKA Microstar Sanding Discs to remove stubborn scratches that are too deep to remove with a compound or polish. By leveling the material around the scratch, you create a flat surface that when polished to a high gloss, reduces the appearance of the scratch if not eliminating it completely.

MIRKA Microstar Sanding Discs can be used to machine sand headlights, remove oxidation from gel coat, orange peel from clear coat and lacquer finishes, and much more!
MIRKA Microstar 3 Inch 1500 Grit Sanding Discs, 50 per box
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