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MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper

Kick some ice this winter with the MINI IceDozer!

You've never seen an ice scraper like the MINI IceDozer. This heavy duty ice scraper tears through ice with articulating IceBreaker teeth and underside bottom scrapers, all made of unbreakable materials. The MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper is engineered to break through hard ice easily. No ice or frost will be left in its path!

If you're accustomed to snow and ice every winter, do yourself a big favor and get the MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper. This high tech tool is designed to rip through every type of ice and frost, yet it's safe on auto glass. The unique ice scraper first tenderizes the ice and then sweeps it away.

You can see all the teeth in the picture. These teeth work like dozens of little scrapers. They tenderize the ice in multiple spots so it's easier to remove, and then they push it away. The wedge-shaped nose is able to get under the ice and move it more easily than a standard ice scraper blade. The ergonomic Power Grip maximizes your push to move stubborn ice easily. The Power Squeegee Brush on the side cleanly removes ice remnants and frost so your windshield is totally clean and frost-free.

On the side of the MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper is a straight edge called the FrostWedge. This side is for ice scraping on smaller surfaces, like the rearview mirrors.
MINI IceDozer
On the bottom of the MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper, you see a notch with pointed teeth on both sides. These larger tenderizing teeth are designed to crack thick ice, the kind that covers your windshield in one solid piece. These Tenderizer teeth break it up into manageable pieces that the MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper can remove. Between the big Tenderizer teeth is the Ice Notch for windshield wiper blades. Run this notch along each wiper blade to clear off snow, ice, and frost in one quick motion.

The Mini IceDozer Ice Scraper has teeth to break up thick ice The Mini IceDozer Ice Scraper has a blade notch to clean frost off the wiper blades.
The MINI IceDozer has multiple teeth to break up hard ice and push it away. The MINI IceDozer has an Ice Notch to clear ice off the windshield wipers.

The MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper is practically indestructible! Innovation Factory, the maker of the MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper, Ice Dozer Plus, and SnowMover, is so confident in the MINI's construction, they offer a Lifetime Warranty.

Because the MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper is built to last out of 100% recyclable materials, you'll never have to buy another one and you'll never have to throw one away. That's a commitment to quality and to the environment.

In addition to sustaining the environment, the MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper is made in the U.S.A., which reduces transportation costs, fuel usage and emissions, and it employs American workers.

The MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper has a flat blade for scraping away ice, frost, and snow.
The flat blade on the side of the MINI IceDozer clears off flat surfaces easily.

The makers of the MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper are convinced that this is the best ice scraper on the market and the only one you will ever need. Put it to the test. Try it on frost and thick ice and watch as the MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper clears it away. No other ice scraper works like the MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper.

8.2 x 6.9 x 2.2 inches
Made in U.S.A.

Lifetime Warranty

MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper

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Broke on first use
We finally got some ice in the Wash DC area. I tried this scraper on a couple of windows (about 1mm of ice) and it simply did not work. And then two teeth broke off. Not to mention while using the scraper, it sounded like I was killing a seal. Not a pleasant sound -- akin to fingernails on a chalkboard.
It's a pocket sized Bulldozer!
This is an awesome little scraper. I keep my larger snow removal tools in my garage, but sometimes when I am at work we get hit with serious ice. This is a phenomenal little ice scraper with the power to cut through the thickest of ice.

It is an ergonomic design which makes scraping the glass much more comfortable than with traditional scrapers. I feel like I have more control over where I'm scraping and I risk less damage to seals and paint.

It is also a multi tool. The reason I keep this in my car is because no other ice scraper includes a brush to clear off the scraped frost, a special notch to clean off the ice on my wipers, and a rubber squeege. Whenever I'm out scraping my windows and someone sees me, they always comment on this little scraper. I've let dozens of people borrow it to do their windows and every single one of them has asked where they can get one. It is a great tool you won't regret buying!
Great little scraper
When I first opened the box and held this scraper I thought I wasted my money. It didn't look like it would do anything but I was wrong. It cut through the ice on my windshield like it was nothing.