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Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax

Meguiar's longest-lasting wax!

Take durability and shine to the max with Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax! This synthetic polymer wax offers the ultimate shine and paint protection in an easy-to-apply liquid formula. Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax brings out the best in any paint finish.

Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax features Meguiar's ThinFilm technology, which makes this car wax incredibly easy to apply. The wax can be applied in direct sunlight on a warm surface - it won't affect the performance of Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax. If a little wax gets on the trim, don't worry. Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax does not leave white stains on trim. It's error-proof!

Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax lasts longer than a carnauba wax and even longer than many synthetic waxes. It's formulated to offer the longest-lasting protection and water-beading. Meguiar's proprietary Hydrophobic Polymer Technology reduces surface tension so water beads and rolls off!

Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax is suitable for any paint color. It enhances color, depth, and reflections. For the best results, start with clean, smooth paint. Use Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Kit to remove any dirt. Then apply Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax using a soft foam applicator. Buff with a microfiber towel.

Get the ultimate shine and protection available from Meguiars with Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax!

Applicator and microfiber towel included.

16 oz.

Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax

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By Ron C
manahawkin nj
October 20, 2017
This product really makes my wifes mkx with the tuxedo black paint really shine you almost need sunglasses at times, ultimate polymer wax is in my garage. And may I say I don;t use a buffer all by hand It;s that easy I will continue to buy Ultimate wax and spray bottle ultimate wax as my go too
ProsWhen washing with gold class shampoo and coditioner then rinsing down the vehicle with out the gun tip the flooding really does sheet the water off making dry time real quick even on glass reducing water spots to a minimum Thanks maquires can,t beat it for the price and that,s what I like performance and value plus happy wife happy life!!!!!!!!!!!!
ConsReally such a cheap pad with such a good product the micro fiber towel is really though I guess that makes up for the pad!!
By Jeff
Southern California
August 9, 2016
Clear reflections and excellent protection!
For a car wax this product is one of the finest waxes in the Meguiar's line up and one of the best waxes made. Very easy to apply with a DA and wipe off effortlessly by hand.
ProsMeguiars is arguably the best detailing brand and product on the market, bar none!
By Ray
Aurora, Illinois
February 17, 2016
Excellent Paint Sealant
VERY easy to apply, and easy to remove. Insane water beading, And after proper paint prep work, a Beautiful, Glossy, and Slick finishing Sealant. I get 3 solid months with proper and consistent use of Ultimate wash and wax for car washing, and followed with a post wash wipe down with Ultimate Quick Wax.
By Scott
February 8, 2016
Easy to put on and remove
I've used other glazes and polishes and this one is average. My vehicle being outside all the time may contribute to short longevity of this product.
ProsDoesn't require lots of muscle to remove.
ConsDoesn't last too long for a vehicle that stays outside for long periods of time exposed to elements. In light of that I wish it lasted longer than it does for me. Could use a more professional touch or result.
By Ben T
South Florida
September 26, 2015
Great value
I paid $10 at walmart, they had it on the wrong shelf and I insisted they honor that price. If I had to spend the $20 retail, I would probably spring for Griots, PInnacle, Mothers, or Wolfgang. Not a bad wax at all, but I'd recommend using a rotary and ultra fine foam pad versus applying by hand. Not the most brilliant shine but definitely better than the other run of the mill waxes. For those who are reviewing this and say it smudges and smears, I seriously doubt you are cleaning your vehicle correctly, or have been detailing for as long as you claim. Before you wax any car with a different wax than what was previously applied, it is highly beneficial to strip the previous wax. If the paint has a sandpaper/rough texture after washing is is highly advantageous to at a bare minimum clean the paint with clay, and possibly even compound and/or polish. To get that extra shine with this product, use a glaze beforehand, and apply two coats of wax before using a detail spray. I actually use Meguiar's gold class spray wax after I apply this and have observed superior water beading properties and very durable protection.
Pros-Great product if you know how to properly tend to paint. -Relatively inexpensive. -It's a Meguiar's product.
Cons-Not for the faint of heart. As with any non cleaner wax, if you don't properly clean your paint and get the surface free of contaminants, you're going to have a bad time. Just remember, it's not the waxes fault, it's your's.
By andrew
sequim, washington
August 2, 2015
I use this on mine and customers cars all the time and I just love it, it gives it that extra shine on the vehicle, and all my customers are just impressed.
By josh
corpus christi, tx
June 10, 2015
Outdated, but good for it's time
Back in 2007, I was a fan of Meg's NXT 2 tech wax, and when this product came out, the differences weren't night and day, but there were noticeable differences in the staining of rubber and plastic. NTX wasn't really bad, but this product was even better. Durability was good for it's time, but today we have both coatings and sealers that can outlast this. Megs needs to get in the coating game already.
ProsDecent filling (blemish makeup) Easy to use Easy to find in various brick and mortar stores.
ConsPoor etch protections (bug splats, bird bombs, and even water drops quickly become permanent) very staticy
By Norm Dare
Des Moines, Iowa
May 20, 2015
Great product
Easy on and easy off. Leaves a deep lasting shine.
By Phillip
Nashville, TN
April 30, 2015
Good, but...
The wax from the bottle seemed to want to separate from the bottle. I am sure it is made to go on thin, but I felt like I could not get a good coverage using my DA polisher. Got a better coverage by hand. I used Meguiars clay bar, heavy cut compound, 2 coats of sealant, and the Ultimate Liquid wax over top. Car looks good, just a little concerned as to how long the wax will protect the sealant. Lot of work and hoping it lasts for a while.
Proseasy to use
Consliquid seemed to want to separate, didn't look quite as deep as I had hoped
By Zubair
Johannesburg,South Africa
January 1, 2015
Meguiars Ultimate
Meguiars Ultimate for sure as its Meguiars longest lasting and best looking lsp, 3 months at best,however newer sealants such as the famous trio, WolfGang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant 3.0, Menzerna Power Lock and BlackFire Wet Diamond outshine and outlast it.
ProsValue for money
ConsThe Ultimate Meguiars yes, The Ultimate Sealant no.
By Paul
December 7, 2014
I know exactly the difference between this and another wax product
I have two cars and have used Meguiar UL Wax on one for several years while the other i used expensive 100% carnauba wax paste. The difference is this last much longer than carnauba like 5-6 months while carnauba is more like 1.5 months. It gives a mirror like glaze surface that is very satisfying but if you are a purist i would say it act more as an artificial clearcoat than a wax, it adds a shiny and glossy layer rather than bring the paint through. I think carnauba is more neutral and much more razor sharp and thin layer. This is less neutral but more durable. Also I know exactly what some people are doing wrong as I experienced it myself. You *must* by Meguiar's Dual Action drill extension ( $45), you cannot apply this manually no matter what applicator you use. Unlike carnauba, it never dries fully, only what a machine can you get the proper amount (which is very very little). If you apply manually, you will have swirls all over because the product will saturate your towels even if you use 20 towels. I highly recommend the DA tool, then it's a breeze to apply with stellar results. I am a comeback buyer on this product.
Pros- Easy to use with a D.A. - Excellent results - VERY durable.
Cons-must use D.A. tool to apply. Do not apply manually ! -not as neutral as carnauba wax -more of a new plastic shine than the stainless steel you get with carnauba
By John
October 10, 2014
Excellent Wax for a Flawless Shine!
Here is what you are all doing wrong. Now I used to be in car shows and one thing I learned is that there are stages and steps when it comes to waxing your vehicle. However, Meguiar wants to modernize the traditional way of waxing and make it much more user friendly for everyone. I read most of the comments and found that a lot of you are waxing your entire vehicle before even buffing it off. That is the first mistake you have made. I work panel by panel think of it like body work on vehicle. Start on one section such as the Fenders as I do and when you have polished it or wax it buff it off immediately with a microfiber cloth or a buffer. You will instantly see results right away. I guarantee it! We all maybe used to the old traditional way of waxing the entire vehicle then buffing but the wax starts to dry then it becomes harder to buff off. So to all of you use a little wax on the foam bad and apply in circular motions then buff off immediately after then start working the next section. I have never had a problem and I use both Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax and Mother California Style Carnuba Wax. I love them both. However, the difference between the two is the Mother's Carnuba leaves a hard shell and the Meguiar's leaves more of a thin coat of wax. Just my own personal opinion but I use it them on my Lexus IS300 5 speed with LSD and now on my Santa Fe Sport 2.0T AWD.
October 23, 2012
By Bob Garten
October 16, 2012
Best Wax
I've used a lot of different waxes over the years & this is the easiest - longest lasting - best shine product I have found. Can even be applied in the sun with great results!!
August 16, 2012
Ultimate Liquid Wax
Tried this Product when it first came out and I hated it. It was extremely hard to remove and left streaks everywhere. Through the stuff out and went back to good old Nxt generation 2.0. FAST forward purchased a 2012 burgundy car and decided to pick up a Meguiars Dual Action Buffer along with some Ultimate Liquid Wax. After watching numerous YouTube videos I found out what I was doing wrong the first time I applied the liquid wax. I was applying it too thick. With the DA I learned to apply it thin. A little of this stuff goes along way. After I'm done applying wax to the whole vehicle I immediately remove the wax. This is not a traditional wax. It dries clear. If it looks like a traditional wax when it dries, you put way too much on and will have a difficult time removing. Using 2 coats of Wax, I can get 8-10 applications easily and that is with product waste folks. I like the fact that I can get this stuff on about everything and not worry about unnecessary clean up. Saving time from tapping plastic and rubber. Until Another product comes out that I can apply easily this will be my go to Wax. No more traditional waxes for me its a new age .
By Eric
May 16, 2012
Love It!!!
I love synthetic sealants. This one is one of the best that I have used for the price. It really does put on a great shine once the proper paint prep is completed. I even use it on the glass and water just beads and rolls right off. I apply it with a porter cable 7424 and a little goes a long way. I have already detailed 3 vehicles with it and it will be my go to sealant. I used to use adams machine super sealant, but I like this better. Just my opinion.
By Brandon Q
May 14, 2012
defintely not worth all the hype
I use the wax just as directed, apply thin coat, wait to haze the remove, but its like this wax never completely hardens, you can wait up to 30 minutes after application even on a warm day, but when you "attempt" to wipe the wax off it just smears and leaves the paint all oily and greasy... although it does last a very long time, it leaves the finish hazy and cloudy....I know its not a sealer as the ultimate wax is, but I get far better results out of the gold class carnuba, and that's what I'm sticking with
By shakabruddah808
April 26, 2012
This is a good wax, however....
Over the years, I have tried many different brands and types of waxes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. On my previous car, the wax I used was Meguiar's Gold Class Liquid Wax. Easy to apply, but somewhat of a bear to remove if applied too thickly. But the shine! The durability! The depth! There were only two drawbacks: tons of powdery residue and heavy staining of rubber and plastic moldings. But the good outweighed the bad, from my point of view. I now take you 10 years later. New car, new attitude, and a burning need to know more about DIY auto detailing than I've ever known before. I realized that I needed something along the lines of Gold Class, but without the drawbacks. I searched the web, read the forums and reviews and decided to give Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax a try. Since it's synthetic, durability is greatly extended. And since it dries clear, will not leave powdery residue. And because it contains no abrasives ( Gold Class is actually a polish/wax hybrid), will not stain plastic/rubber trim. After thoroughly washing and drying my new car (White 2012 Honda Fit) I set about applying Ultimate Liquid Wax. Instructions were easy enough, so even a relative newbie like myself could follow them: apply a VERY thin coat, let dry to a haze, then buff off. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, partly true. And this is where that "However" moment pops up. Application was simple enough, but removal was somewhat of a bear. I gave it close to an hour to cure and then proceeded to buff off. Because my car is white, it was a bit difficult to see, but there was a definite haziness that no amount of buffing could remove. I was quickly running out of time (I had to be at work in about two hours) I decided to re-wash my car to remove the haze and re-apply the wax at another time, preferably on my day off. Though the wax was somewhat difficult to remove, I did notice a VERY definite shine that Gold Class just could not equal. Water beading and durability were also excellent. Three weeks and several rainstorms later, the water was still beading, though some of the glossiness was lost. After about a month, I finally decided that it was time to wash my car and to try a different approach when applying ULW for the second time. I was very careful to apply a thin layer, wait a full two hours for it to cure, and then buff. Funny thing, but the haziness was still there! I shot off an email to Meg's Customer Service. I received a reply the next day about several possible remedies: Increase the cure time to 8-12 hours; if haziness still persists, apply a second coat; and if that approach did not work, it was suggested I sprinkle some water and then buff. The last step was the one that I chose and the haziness was gone. Though it was a simple enough fix, I felt that it added another step (it took me an additional 15-20 minutes) I was not satisfied, and requested a full refund. In a nutshell, here's my final assessment regarding Meg's Ultimate Liquid Wax. Pros: 1) Incredible shine, greater durability than Gold Class, and superior water beading properties. 2) Great customer service. 3) No powdery residue 4) No staining of plastic parts. In fact it gave these parts a nice satiny sheen and great protection to boot! Cons: 1) Long curing time. 2) Difficult to remove. 3) Relatively high cost when compared to other waxes. Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax runs in the neighborhood of $19, and Optimum's Spray Wax is about $15. ULW cost me $24 (plus tax) at the local Wal-Mart. Please note these are just my opinions and observations regarding this product. Meguiar's is literally a household name in auto detailing and they have come out with many great products over the years, and I will continue to pay close attention to any new products they introduce. It's just my opinion that Ultimate Liquid Wax is not the wax for me.
By Goldenlight
April 20, 2012
Just Just Figured it Out :-)
This wax is a completely different beast. It does not dry like traditional waxes. It dries clear. Its even safe to apply in direct sunlight. Make sure you apply a very very thin coat by hand or invest in a Dual Action polisher to apply. Heck after investing in a DA. I feel like I barely used any product :-) For the money this product can't be beat. I recommend this product to anyone who drives daily or leaves there car out 24/7
By Ron - Mount Airy, MD
February 4, 2012
Just ried this product. Applied by hand in a micro-thin coat it dries and wipes off wihtout trouble. Out in the rain today, I compared the surfaces with Ultimate on them to those with Carnuba - Water literally slips off the Ultimate surfaces; with Carnuba, it beads and stays on the vehicle. I'll report back in 6 months on durability. - Ron
By bLaCkJaCk
December 23, 2011
Ultimate liquid wax
This Synthetic polymer wax is the best wax i ever used, the thin film tec work very well in the liquid version application: after clayed my car and used ultimate polish. 1. it applied very thin almost disappears on the paint after few second of the application. (applied to the whole car). 2. wipe off like there is no wax on the paint (this means the wax already pond to the finish) just wipe and flip your towel for the final wipe even if you cant see it, after i wiped it off it appears some batchy appearance in some area (this means this crosslink polymers has to cure). after application: 1. after 2 hours the paint looked darker and slicker 2. after 12 hours the paint looked extremely glossy and extremely wet the image reflects a clear like a mirror. durability: 1. It rained for 3 days, the wax beads the water very well the rain keep sliding on my car and beads very well on the roof and the hood. 2. washed it with Ultimate wash&wax after a week and its still beads well plus cleaned very easy i think dirt cant stick to it, no water spots no roughness or what so ever after the rain storm.
By Tribble
October 28, 2011
This product is amazing! I use this on everything when I hand wax my car including the windows and rims. Really brings out the shine and gloss! Well worth the money! You just can't go wrong...
By Jim
October 11, 2011
Ultimate vs NXT
I've polished cars for 50 years. Last month I used the NXT and my black minivan shines like a hearse. Not hard work and great results. Today I used Ultimate on the really nice pearlessent white mid-sedan. Goes on easy but a gorilla would get sore arms wiping and buffing to get rid of the swirls and smudges. Just now found the towel hidden in the polish box. Too bad. The clothes used with NXT sure don't work well with Ultimate.
By Chris
September 24, 2011
It goes on and comes off easily. I have a black truck its shine is very good but had to follow up with damp terry cloth to remove uneven appearance
By Mike
August 7, 2011
Update on durability. I applied this product to my 02 Nissan pathfinder after proper clay and multi-stage polish. Its been about 2 months and just drove from cali to utah through three rain storms. Water just slipped off the car while driving no water spots or road grime. Also drove off road in utah threw some bushes and no scratches were left on the paint, and the mud came off with just a hose. things just don't seam to stick to this product. I think durability is excellent with this product considering that is was not intended for off road protection and still looks like it was just waxed.
By Josh W
August 6, 2011
Great Wax
I've had this wax on for about a month and a half now. It seems to provide great durability and great shine. I use ultime waterless wash + and a California car duster every few days to keep the cars looking good. Still has a great glossy shine. Seems to look better than #21 but it's hard to tell.
By Jasonp31
August 2, 2011
Good product
As with all waxes, prep and application makes a ton of difference. Durability is good in my book, because I consider six months to be good protection as I detail my cars thoroughly twice a year. Make sure you clay and polish beforehand, it makes all the difference with the end product.
By Corgidog59
July 28, 2011
Respectable Durability
I have used this product on my car several times since May. I think it holds up well. But, I do use FK425 2X a week between washes and waxes. So that may help Ultimate Wax last longer. Once I run out of this wax, I will give Collinite 845 a try.
By John
July 24, 2011
No durability whatsoever
As is tragically always the case with every Meguiars product I have ever used the durability is essentially non-existent, this is Meguiars eternal Achilles Heel. Perhaps one day Meguiars will dare to make a product that can compete with many other brands which do demonstrate durability alone, for starters.
By Matt
July 1, 2011
I had to do a lot of rubbing to get this wax off my truck. Other than that it is a good wax