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Meguiar’s Ultimate Leather Detailer

Use for luxurious leather!

Leather is a luxury material that needs to be kept in good condition, especially when it comes to your car’s interior. With Meguiar’s Ultimate Leather Detailer you get a 3-in-1 process that cleans, conditions and protects your leather in one step. Plus, Meguiar’s Ultimate Leather Detailer is easy to use, saves you time and money.

We’ve all have sat on something leather or owned something leather and we know that leather tends to wear, crack and fade, defects you don’t want to happen to your car’s leather interior. You wouldn’t enjoy sitting on a cracked leather couch or wear a faded leather jacket. Your car’s leather should get the same treatment, especially since a majority of us spend a lot of time in our car, we want the car to look good and feel comfortable on the inside. But leather detailing can seem like a daunting task. After all, leather is one of the more expensive materials on the market, it has to be hard to detail, right? Wrong, not at least with Meguair’s Ultimate Leather Detailer.

Meguiar’s Ultimate Leather Detailer starts by quickly and safely cleaning your leather. This high-powered cleaning product removes dirt and grime from the surface, leaving the leather cleaned and ready for the next step of the 3-step process. Next, Meguiar’s Ultimate Leather Detailer uses special aloe conditioning agents to condition and moisturize the leather for supple look and feel. The conditioner will help keep the leather from cracking and losing its unique feel. The end result is a rich, satin gloss with a greasy look or feel.

Using Meguiar’s Ultimate Leather Detailer not only makes your leather look and feel great, but it also protects your leather from future contaminants, UV rays and other wear and tear. UV rays are no match for this detailer as the durable polymers and UV blockers protect and maintain the leather. You also get protection from water, with Meguiar’s hydrophobic polymer technology that allows for top-action water beading.

Meguiar’s Ultimate Leather Detailer makes leather maintenance and protection easy with this 3-in-1 product. This product does it all with just one spray. That’s it, spray then wipe and see high glossy results. This product saves you time from having to work multiple steps and money from having to spend your green on various products and tools.


  • Shake well
  • Mist a body panel and then wipe off.
  • Repeat over entire vehicle.
  • For best results use a high-quality microfiber towel.

  • 16 oz.

    Meguiar’s Ultimate Leather Detailer

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    Meguiar’s Ultimate Leather Detailer