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Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Kit - G1016

Creates a smooth-as-glass surface!

The Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Kit is a complete detailing clay kit from one of the oldest names in car care. Everything you need to clay your vehicle is right there in the box, even a high quality microfiber towel. Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Kit rids your vehicle of contamination so the best possible paint can shine through.

Clay works by removing contaminants that are embedded in the paint finish. They create tiny bumps that interfere with the bonding of the wax and create an uneven reflection. These contaminants include rail dust, industrial fallout, overspray, and brake dust. You might not be able to see them but you can certainly feel them if you lightly rub your fingers over the paint surface. Give it a try. Feel the grit? It’s time to clay.

Meguiars clay is nonabrasive and safe on paint, metal and glass. As you glide it across the surface, whatever is stuck to the paint will stick to the clay. The included Meguiars Quik Detailer makes an excellent clay lubricant. It prevents the dirt on the clay from scratching the vehicle as you continue rubbing. Keep an eye on the condition of the clay; if it is particularly dirty, reshape the clay and use a clean portion. After you’ve clayed each section, wipe off the residue with the Supreme Shine Towel.

Clay does remove wax so be sure to follow up with the your favorite carnauba wax.

Here’s what you get in the Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Kit:

Two 80 gram Meguiars Clay Bars
Each clay bar is 80 grams. This is a nonabrasive clay that works on any paint finish, especially clear coats. Each bar is individually wrapped and packaged in a reusable plastic case. When you store your clay, mist it with Quik Detailer to keep it fresh.

16 oz. Meguiars Quik Detailer
Meguiars Quik Detailer is full of lubricants that provide a slick barrier between the clay and the paint surface. The clay glides easily across the wet surface without scratching. Even delicate clear coat finishes are safe as long as the paint is well-lubricated. Plus, Quik Detailer can be used to remove any clay residue and it leaves the paint smooth and glossy.

16 x 24 Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel
The Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel is made with a deep, dual-sided nap that wipes away wax while rendering a smooth, mirror-like shine. The fabric is pre-washed prior to being hemmed to give it maximum absorbency right out of the package. The thirsty fibers can absorb three times more water as a terry cloth towel and microfiber is softer, too!

Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Kit is a simple, all-in-one package for the clay novice or a detailing pro! Detailed instructions are included on the box.

An all-over claying should be performed at least twice a year on a daily driver. Even if you can’t see the contamination, it’s there. Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Kit gives you the tools you need to deep clean and protect your vehicle.

The Smooth Surface Clay Kit includes:
2 Meguiars Clay Bars
16 oz. Quik Detailer
16 x 24 inch Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel

Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Kit - G1016

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Item ID: G-1016
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39% Recommend this product (7 of 18 responses)
By Exjohn
April 7, 2016
Great clay, OK clay lubricant
Title says it all. I would consider the clay to be a "light grade" bar with a lean twards medium. I have used better clay bar lubricant but it still works ok u but you need to use a lot
By lorenzo
los angeles, california
February 16, 2015
great product
my new best friend. works great.
Prosworks excellent.
Consneed at least one more clay bar for the price.
By Tobi
Austin, Arkansas
September 28, 2014
Easy money
Clay kit worked good. I removed a ton of contaminates from my pickup. It had 30k miles when I bought it and it was clear the previous owner didn't care much about paint. It took about an hour and a half to get things back to smooth and ready to buff and seal. Clay did a great job of pulling out all of the hidden grime and helped to keep swirls out of my clear during the following polish and seal. Oh and the price is great.
By Allen
New York, NY
July 31, 2014
It works with proven results
I have used this product several times and it removes contaminants on a car parked on the street all the time. Upon completion the paint finish was baby butt smooth.
ProsThe product itself.
ConsThe towel enclosed not a great quality and left loose micro fibers all over the roof which slowed me down.
By Paul
New York
June 11, 2014
Meguiars clay works wonders.
With all due respect to the poster of the "1-star" rating in this review section, I have POURED through paint care sites, and assure you that no clay manufacturer claims their clay will remove etched-in water spots! Now for my review: There are many companies out there that offer high-priced products. I am sure they work as advertised. But, for the minions, the high cost is not practical. Enter Meguiars. I have never been disappointed with any of their products. Have I found one or two to leave a little something to be desired? Sure. But I have a truck, not a Ferrari. That being said, their clay kit works wonders. After using mine, the paint felt like satin!
ProsGreat clay kit!
By Ruben
Los Angeles, CA
June 11, 2014
Good stuff
I had never clayed a car before and didn't think it was necessary if you gave it a good wash....I was very wrong. It left my cars paint as smooth as glass and I was positive there was no kind of debris on it after. I'll purchase this item again in the future.
ProsGood bang for your buck Provides everything you need to get the job don
By Crystal
April 29, 2014
Does what it says
This was my first time using clay so I didn't want to spend a bunch, but my truck really needed it. Product does what it says for a reasonable price. My truck is smooth as glass and all the rust colored spots from brake dust are gone.
ProsPrice Comes in two separate pieces of clay Comes with a nice microfiber cloth
July 14, 2013
Use this! It's GREAT!!!
If you haven't tried this product yet, DO IT!!! I love older model cars. I recently purchased a 1998 chevy silverado truck. I waxed it a few times but the paint just didn't seem to turn out as smooth as I think it could be so I bought this kit. Man, this stuff is great! The truck surface feels like glass! Awesome product!!!
By tw33k2514
November 18, 2011
Great clay kit
Very nice kit, the clay is very mild so it will not mar most paint. It is also very cost effective!
By Chris
November 10, 2011
Ultra Smooth Surface
I had never used a clay bar before, but I decided that my car needed it after I did the "plastic bag test" to feel how rough my paint actually was. After using this kit I immediately noticed how silky smooth the paint felt and could not have been happier with the results. I will be purchasing this again because it has everything needed to clay bar a car at an unbeatable price.
By Billy vonSteuben
February 13, 2011
A must have
Used this for the first time ever. Never used any clay kits but this one is a winner for the first time user. It comes with everything you need and it is ready to go. Will buy again.
By Maxime
January 22, 2011
everything you need
cheap, available and works, what to ask more? got everything you need in this box and its good quality products
By DDJack
August 25, 2010
Meguiars Clay kit
everything you need, easy to use and gives great results.
By Major
April 17, 2009
I have a 2006 Infiniti G35 and had some rough spots on the hood and other areas. I used the clay bar and the finish is as smooth as a babies behind. What a difference now. I highly recommend this product
By Josh Gregg
November 26, 2008
Works just as it should
For an over the counter clay kit, it worked wonders on my paint. I bought an 11 year old car that had been neglected. I spent several hours going over the whole car and used up all the clay in the kit. My paint looks like a mirror. No water spots.
By Kim Mason
September 22, 2008
Doesn't work as promise
I tried this stuff on a NEW 2009 Toyota Matrix XRS. I'm very particular about what I use to clean my car. I trust the Meguiar's name, but this product let me down. I live in an area where there's really bad hard water. So I thought to use the clay (since its recommended for water spots by Car and Driver) with the cleaner wax as directed in the shade on a cool car, and it didnt' do CRAP!! Im going to return it and just use the tech wax. I ended up using plain White Vingear to get rid of my water spots. That acutally worked!!
July 11, 2008
Works great
Definately worth it if u need the microfiber cloth and wax. The clay is good and not too harsh.
By Ben
July 5, 2008
I am Impressed
Just took delivery of a new 2008 Chryslet 300C Heritage Edition, Cool Vanilla paint and after the Claying and Cleaner Wax process, the car is finally starting to really stand out. The process was easy and the results are exactly what I was hoping for. Thanks Meguiars!