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Meguiars Pad Washer Free Bonus!

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Clean and dry pads in minutes!

By popular demand, Meguiars has developed a Pad Washer to quickly clean their foam and wool polishing pads while they are still on the polisher! Using the rotation of the polisher, the Meguiars Pad Washer releases stubborn product residues from pads. You don't even have to get your hands wet! The process is simple and the results speak for themselves - clean, nearly dry pads in a matter of minutes.

Meguiars Pad Washer works with all polishers. The opening of the pad washer is adjustable to accommodate any pad size and polisher. Clean pads on your Meguiars G110, Porter Cable 7424XP, FLEX XC 3401 VRG, and all rotary machines.

Use Meguiars Pad Washer with all dual action polishers and rotary buffers.Meguiars Pad Washer consists of a 5 gallon bucket, which you will fill with water and a pad cleaner (like Detailer's Pro Series Pad Rejuvenator), equipped with a grid insert. The grid insert inside the bucket does the work for you. Insert the pad into the pad washer, turn on your polisher and let the grid insert clean all your buffing pads. The grid provides a surface to agitate the pads and release residues.

The grid insert is supported by springs so you simply have to press the pad against it until the pad is touching the water. No manual adjustment is needed.

An adjustable splash guard keeps all the cleaning solution inside the bucket. When you're ready to dry the pad, just lift it out of the pad washer and spin the pad for several seconds. Your pads will be nearly dry!

Meguiars Pad Washer works with foam and wool pads of any size. It's a tremendous timesaver for professional detailers and do-it-yourselfers.

A watertight lid is included. Mobile detailers can seal the bucket full of pad cleaning solution to travel to the next job. The contents of the pad washer can also be removed to use it as a wash bucket.

Regular cleaning of pads makes them last longer and maintain their texture, so they perform as intended on your vehicle. Pad cleaning is a necessary step after detailing. Make it as simple as possible with the Meguiars Pad Washer.

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Meguiars Pad Washer Free Bonus!

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Meguiars Pad Washer Free Bonus!