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Meguiars Quik Air Re-Fresher New Car Scent

Meguiars Quik Air Re-Fresher New Car ScentOut with the old and in with the new car scent!

Meguairs Quik Air Re-Fresher is a convenient odor eliminator and air refresher bundled into one easy-to-use can! Meguiars Quik Air Re-Fresher offers the same permanent odor eliminating technology as the Meguiars Whole Car Re-Freshers, but with a new metered sprayer that allows for maximum control. Whether you need to freshen up your whole interior or just one spot in particular Meguiars Quik Air Re-Fresher is the way to go!

Meguiars Quik Air Re-Fresher can treat over 20 cars with just one can! Remove stale old scents, caused anything from spilled food and drinks, old gym socks, or pets, and leave behind a fresh and clean scent!

Meguiars Quik Air-Refresher do more than just mask the scent. Deodorizing properties actually break down the source at the molecular level and eliminate – meaning it won’t be back in two days when the scent wears off!

Available in three distinct and sophisticated scents, Meguiars Quik Air Re-Fresher can deodorize your interior and leave behind your favorite scent with no extra work from you! Simply spray and enjoy!

New Car Scent

4 oz. Aerosol Can

Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of aerosol products by air.
This item is shipped by UPS Ground only.


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