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Meguiars Favorite Trio Kit - Your Choice!

Meguiars Favorite Trio Kit - <font color=red>Your Choice!</font>Mix and match four of the most popular Meguiars car care products and save big!

Meguiars Favorite Four Kit allows you to mix and match four of the most popular Meguiars car care products! Choose from Ultimate Compound, and Scratch X 2.0, Ultimate Polish. Pick one of each, or four of the same - it's your choice! This money-saving combo is also a great option for those looking to try different Meguiars car care products before committing to larger bottles. It's a win-win no matter how you look at it!

Choose from the following:

Meguiars Ultimate Compound 4 oz. 4 oz. Meguiars Ultimate Compound
Safely restore color and clarity to abused and neglected finishes with Meguiars Ultimate Compound. Meguiar's exclusive micro-abrasive technology cuts as fast as a traditional compound, but without scratching. Meguiars Ultimate Compound leaves a smooth, swirl-free finish often in one step. No other compound cuts as fast or finishes as smoothly as Meguiars Ultimate Compound!
Meguiars Ultimate Polish 6 oz. 6 oz. Meguiars Ultimate Polish
Restore optimum gloss and reflection with Meguiars Ultimate Polish! It eliminates compounding haze and finishes flawlessly using the same micro abrasive technology found in Meguiars Ultimate Compound. Meguiars Ultimate Polish removes light imperfections and leaves paint wax-ready.
Meguiars SCRATCH X 2.0 4 oz. 4 oz. Meguiars SCRATCH X 2.0
Meguiars SCRATCH X 2.0 is the must-have scratch remover for isolated paint blemishes! Only Meguiars SCRATCH X works by hand on all types of paint and all types of scratches. Micro abrasives remove scratches, rather than hiding them. Meguiars SCRATCH X 2.0 is a permanent solution to isolated paint scratches!

A total retail value of $23.96. You save $10.97!


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