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Meguiar's Hybrid Paint Coating

Meguiar's Hybrid Paint Coating

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A modern meets traditional paint coating

Meguiar's Hybrid Paint Coating brings one year of paint protection with its hybrid polysiloxane technology. Meguiar's Hybrid Paint Coating is a kit that contains one bottle of Meguiar's Surface Prep, 1 bottle of Meguiar's Hybrid Paint Coating Aerosol, one premium applicator pad and two microfiber towels. Meguiar's Hybrid Paint Coating provides intense chemically resistance and duarable paint protection, that’s' easy-to-apply.

Providing a year or more of durable paint protection, Meguiar's Hybrid Paint Coating keeps your vehicle protected longer than other waxes and sealants Meguiar's Hybrid Paint Coating uses professional coating technology that anyone can apply, not just professional detailers. Featuring TrueCure cross-linking technology, this formula bonds to itself and to the paint provide protection against contaminants, chemical resistance and long-term durability with a quick and easy application.

Meguiar's Hybrid Paint Coating is designed not only for protection, but also for a slick and hydrophobic surface. This hydrophobic surface will allow for water beading, so that water rolls off the surface, rather than sticking around and leaving water spotted contaminants. After using Meguiar's Hybrid Paint Coating, washing and drying will be easier in the future. Plus, it helps keep your paint looking clean and sleek.

After prepping the vehicle as normal, spray Meguiar's Surface Prep onto a 3' by 3' section and allow to dwell for one minute, then wipe with a microfiber towel. Do this around the entire car. Next, move onto the Meguiar's Hybrid Paint Coating Aerosol. Spray this evenly onto one of the applicator pads for three seconds. Apply the coated pad onto the surface of the vehicle and spread in a cross-hatch pattern, with overlapping passes. Once you do this to an entire panel, wipe off excess with a microfiber towel. Do this around the entire vehicle.

-Always work in the shade on a cool, clean, dry surface. Not recommended for glass/windows.
-Before applying the coating, wash and dry the vehicle.
-For optimal performance/durability, decontaminate the paint and complete paint correction remove swirls and defects.
-After preparing the vehicle, mist M122 Surface Prep onto a 3' x 3' section at a time.
-Allow to dwell for 1 minute then wipe clean with a clean microfiber towel.
-Repeat this process over the entire vehicle to prepare the paint surface for coating.
-Spray Hybrid Paint Coating directly onto the applicator pad for 3 seconds, evenly coating the pad's surface.
-Place pad face down on the paint and spread in a crosshatch or "X" pattern with 50% overlapping passes to ensure complete, even coverage in a 2' x 2' section.
-Repeat the process to cover one full panel at a time.
-After applying to the entire panel, wipe off excess using one of the included microfiber towels folded in 1/8ths, using small circular motions, remove the excess product from the panel, flipping toa clean side of the towel for the final wipe. In temperatures below 73 degrees, allow the product to sit for one minute before removal.
-Repeat this process to coat the entire vehicle.

6 oz.

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Meguiar's Hybrid Paint Coating