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Sandpaper & Tape.

Sandpaper and sanding dics are designed to remove scratches from auto paint and leave a smooth, professional finish.

Autogeek offers a variety of different sandpapers and sanding discs that help remove deep scratches and orange peel and leave a smooth, even finish that buffs out easily. Tiny abrasives manufactured into the papers level the paint without the risk of deep sanding scratches

Sanding discs help to remove scratches with the help of an orbital polisher. Sanding discs are available in 3 inches or 6 inches and feature a strong backing material for a long-lasting experience. These sandpapers and sanding discs are the professional's choice for scratch removal, color-sanding, damp-sanding, and wet-sanding.

Using tape during defect removal and sanding helps you keep you in the area you'd like to work and to help protect areas of the vehicle that are not being treated. They're also perfect for great 50/50 shots! Every professional detailer and enthusiast alike needs a good masking tape in their detailing collection!