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Meguiars 1 Step Headlight Restoration Plus Coming Soon!

Meguiars 1 Step Headlight Restoration Plus <font color=red>Coming Soon!</font>Headlight restoration made simple!

The Meguiars 1 Step Headlight Restoration Plus Kit is an easy-to-use headlight restoration system that only requires a standard household drill and a little bit of your time. The kit builds upon the basic idea of polishing headlights to perfect clarity and takes it a step further by including sanding pads for severely dull and oxidized headlights. This handy kit includes everything you need to make your headlights look as good as new in a matter of minutes.

Cloudy, yellow and dull headlights are an eyesore that looks out of place on an otherwise well maintained vehicle. Not only do dull and yellow headlights take away from the overall appearance of the vehicle, they’re also a safety hazard. Over time the sun’s intense UV rays cause headlights to dull and cloud, dramatically reducing the visible output from the headlight bulbs themselves. The Meguiars 1 Step Headlight Restoration Plus Kit restores optical clarity to your headlight lenses, improving the appearance and increasing the safety!

The Meguiars 1 Step Headlight Restoration Plus Kit is ideal for lightly and heavily oxidized headlight lenses. If your vehicle’s headlights aren’t too cloudy or discolored, simply use the included wool pad and Meguiars PlastX, an intense plastic polish, to amp up the clarity and restore a factory-new appearance. If your vehicle’s headlight lenses are severely oxidized you will need to use the included sanding discs before polishing with Meguiars PlastX. Sanding the headlight lenses is the most effective means of removing years of built up oxidation. Following the sanding process with Meguiars PlastX will polish the headlight lenses to perfect clarity.

Depending on the vehicle new headlight lenses can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars! Instead of replacing the headlight lenses, restore them using the Meguiars 1 Step Headlight Restoration Plus Kit.