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Meguiars Car Odor Eliminator 16 oz.

Permanently eliminates odors and leaves a contemporary mandarin/cedarwood scent!

This is not your ordinary air freshener or a strong overlap fragrance designed to “cover up” offensive odors. Meguiar’s Car Odor Eliminator combines a special blend of advanced ingredients that do far more than merely mask the problem — they obliterate it — literally eliminating the odor at its source!

All fragrances, good or bad, are derived from the chemical break down of organic matter. (This is how flower oils and essences are used to create pleasant perfumes and air fresheners.) When you walk into a room or get into a car and notice a foul reek hanging in the air—it is caused by an organic source: Spilled food decomposing; pet hair oils kicking up a biting musk; human sweat and body oils festering in gym clothes or on upholstery. Ugggh! Whatever the origin, it’s organic.

Now, you could spray some perfumed air freshener and hope it goes away. Disinfectants sometimes offer a short-term fix, but if that dreadful smell is in a small area, exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations and varying degrees of humidity (like in your car), it will return. UNLESS you use Meguiar’s Car Odor Eliminator!

Meguiar’s uses the best of modern day encapsulation technology to develop this extraordinary odor eradicator that they aptly call “Odor Eliminator.” It works by attacking the chemical structure of the organic material, destroying the cause of the unpleasant smell. Your car is left fresh-smelling and clean, not steeped in perfumes! The mandarin/cedarwood scent is pleasant, not overpowering.

If you’re faced with tough odors lingering in your car; spilled milk souring, smoke lingering, or pet odors—don’t suffer through it, do something about it! If it’s offensive, eliminate it! The science behind Meguiar’s Car Odor Eliminator is proven to instantly stamp out the world’s worst smells... permanently!

16 oz.

Meguiars Car Odor Eliminator 16 oz.

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By Ozzie Soderstrom
Jefferson SC
June 29, 2016
use to use lemon juice and soapy water
Before I used it I removed the old cabin filter. Dirty, stinky and clogged. I sprayed the new filter w/Meg. Odor Eliminator and reinstalled it. What a difference as soon as I started the car. I did a little extra. I sprayed a little into the a/c ducks. Best thing ever made so I also did my truck. Replacing the cabin filters actually makes the A/C run much cooler and smell so fresh.
ProsAll pros, no cons
ConsFor the people who had no success with the product, saying it doesn't work, try installing a new cabin filter. You'll be shocked. I just wish I could find something for the headlight lens. Nothing seems to work. Believe me, I've tried everything.
By Mike
Lagrange, IN
July 12, 2015
Love it
I bought a bottle of this after my dog puked every where in my truck. Not knowing exactly where the mess crept into, I could only clean what I saw. After I thought I got everything, I sprayed a different odor eliminator and had no luck. The next day the stench was back! I bought a bottle of this, sprayed it, and no smells. Not even a week later. Now, this is the only odor eliminator I use. Works GREAT with smoke too!
By Mike
July 10, 2015
Love it
I bought a bottle of this expecting what I got from every other "odor eliminator"... The useless, spray it, smells good, and then disappears a day later. Not really the case here... My dog threw up all over my truck, and it smelled HORRID. Sprayed this down before and after cleaning.. BAM! No scent of the puke at all. GREAT PRODUCT. I've tried 4 other products before this one, and they were all great for the first day, and then the smell was back!
By Ed
Rhode Island
June 12, 2014
Great product
Does everything it claims, even mold, and pet odors in the house.
By Alex L.
June 19, 2013
It Just Plain Works
I bought a well-used 1991 Jeep that was owned by a smoker and not cleaned very frequently. The interior had a strong cigarette smell. I didn't expect to get rid of it without a thorough shampooing, but I had to do something just to be able to stand driving it in the meantime. I bought this because it was cheap and I've always had great luck with Meg's products but I really thought at best it'd just cover up the smell temporarily. I applied it to the carpet liberally, maybe 2 or 3 heavy applications over the course of a week, using up about 2/3 of the bottle. After the last application the cigarette smell was completely gone! I t's been two years and it hasn't come back either. As a big plus this product smells nice. It doesn't have a chemical or perfume-y odor. The fragrance is subtle though and only lats a day or two- proving that it doesn't just cover up bad smells, it gets rid of them! Awesome product, highly recommended.
By Cliff Wendel
January 23, 2012
Big Rip Off
Had some lingering smoke in a vehicle I purchased. I've had VERY good results with other Meguire products so I gave this stuff a try. It just doesn't work. I went over the vehicle 4 different times and the headliner 6 times and the smoke remained. I finally went to a janitorial supply store and purchased a product called Odorcide. It worked like a charm. Save your money and purchase a product that actually works, Meguires DOES NOT...
By Phil Nelson
December 6, 2010
Did Not Work
I purchased a car that had been smoked in. I tried this product twice with zero improvement. Almost every inch of the interior was treated but the smoke odor remained. I finally used two odor bombs and the duct cleaning spray to remove the smoke oror. Save your money, don't buy this product.
By Steve
August 11, 2010
Don't waste $
Absolutely worthless! Not only did it not eliminate the odor, it didn't even cover anything up after using the whole bottle. I shoulda learned my lesson when I bought Meguirs plastic polish not to buy another Meguires product, but I didn't. I went and bought renuzit spray at Target for $1.99 and it worked perfectly. What a waste!
By Shane
March 28, 2010
Inexpensive but effective
This is a great product. The new version smells much better than the old version. It is not at all unpleasant. Eliminates odors with ease. A must have product in your arsenal!
By A
March 2, 2010
Unfortunate scent
This stuff really does not smell good. It is a weird sort of sugary citrus smell, and not at all pleasant. The Interior QD and other products smell so great. I'm disappointed that this Odor Eliminator is not one of them. Not recommended.
By Tai
November 22, 2009
Very good stuff
Spilled some nasty food juice from a Korean dish on our way to a get together in the back seat. Originally tried Febreze car spray but it didn't do the job. I think that only masks the odor and is more of an overall elliminator. Got Meguiars and after 3-4 applications, it seemed to have eliminated the source of the odor. Amazing.
By ren
July 11, 2008
like a lover
this stuff is the best! the real deal! i've had this 10-oz. bottle for almost 10 years & it still smells the same. works effectively too eventhough it is almost a decade old. it is like a lover! i highly recommend this product.
By west-side
April 10, 2008
bad dog odor
I tried some home remedies nothing . SAMPOOED THE SEAT N CARPET WITH ODOR SOUP . helped but still had this dog smell .TRIED THIS PRODUCT 3DAY AGO and SO FAR IT'S WORKING ..
By Meagan
December 11, 2007
This stuff is great!
I left the sun roof open by accident and it rained in my mom's 2000 honda accord. The smell of mold was awful. I bought a bottle of this and you can no longer tell that the seats we completely soaked. It also did a pretty good job of clearing out the smell of cig. smoke.
By Kitty
November 11, 2007
True Odor Elimination
This is the ONLY product I've found that truly eliminates the odors instead of masking it for a while. It removes smoke, moldy smells, basically everything. I cannot give enough praise about this hard to find on the shelves product.
By davidb
July 26, 2006
it works!
I left milk on the back floorboard for 4 days. As you can imagine, the smell was terrible. After using two carpet cleaners, full detailing, and deodorizers, there was still a sour smell. After a few applications of Meguirs, the odor was eliminated.
By judy
July 17, 2006
meguiar's car odor eliminator
The best product I ever used on smelly cars, old sofas, and old carpets. Eliminates odors completely- not just an air freshener.