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Meguiars Mirror Glaze #26 Hi-Tech Liquid Car Wax

Mirror-perfect protection every time!

The debate has raged on for years. How do you achieve that coveted concours finish? You know, the glossy, steeped-in-oil shimmer over top of deep, rich liquefied color—the kind you can’t tear your eyes away from? Leave it to Meguiar’s to assess the challenge and get to work finding the ultimate solution.

Introducing #26 Hi-Tech Liquid Wax! Meguiar’s conquered the matter of the elusive perfect shine when they made the mold for this advanced performance product. True blue concours-ready looking finish! But that’s not all!

This professional formula is a “detailer’s pet.” If you detail automobiles for a living, you look for certain attributes in a product. Of course, how good a product makes the vehicle look is important because it’s the customer’s first impression of your work, followed by the categories of: ease and swiftness of application; value; and the protection it provides.

Optical impact category—perfect 10. Long-lasting protection—perfect 10. Ease and swiftness of application—perfect 10. Value—perfect 10. Total satisfaction? You guessed it—perfect 10!

This unique professional-grade formulation blends premium yellow Carnauba wax with silicones, polymers and other specialty waxes--and only the best of each of these ingredients. Surface enhancement at its finest combined with superior bonding and protective abilities--#26 Hi-Tech Liquid Wax is the expert's choice!

16 OZ.

I want to thank AutoGeek for great products at low prices. I recently got my shipment of Meguiar’s Gold Class Shampoo & Conditioner, Meguiar’s #7 Show Car Glaze, and Meguiar’s #26 Hi-Tech Paste Wax . I washed and dried, then put down a coat of the #7 glaze and a coat of #26 wax. I have used a lot of products and have never got an awesome shine like this!!!! I really appreciate your recommendation of these products. My '02 Escape looks like Glass! Thanks a million AutoGeek!!! I'll be buying from you again in the very near future...and so will my friends and family.

Thanks again, R. K. Wisor

Meguiars Mirror Glaze #26 Hi-Tech Liquid Car Wax

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128 oz. Meguiars Mirror Glaze #26 Hi-Tech Liquid Carnauba Wax
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By Echo-Delta
California, U.S.A.
October 2, 2017
It�€™s an Amzing Product
Been using this and other Meguiars products for years. JUST to keep myself calibrated, I occasionally use other products that MIGHT be as good but I have certainly never found anything better. Just clay barred my new Civic Si and hit it with #7 then finished it up with #27 Hi Tech Yellow Wax. My car is garaged when I�€™m home but my car sits at work and is a daily driver. I don�€™t mind putting in the time to to keep a fresh coat of wax on my vehicle. Makes it easy to wipe down in the morning with a Duster and an occasional wipe down with Meguires Detailing Spray. I can go weeks without a car wash. When I do wash my car (myself) water and surface grime easily flow off the surface. Bug splatter and other grime easily wash away. Hi Tech Yellow is so easy to use. Follow the directions for an easy application and removal.
ProsEasy to use, layers well.
ConsNONE! don�€™t get caught up in �€œmiracle�€ product hype and you will have no complaints with this product.
By Fred
Sun Prairie, Wi.
December 26, 2014
Perfect 10
I have a very small budget, so instead of my dream car, which is a big block Corvette, I go to car shows in my 1977 Buick Electra, which was purchased as a daily runner 21 years ago. I paid just over two grand for the land barge back then. Recently I took the Electra in to my favorite garage for some work, and my mechanic asked if I had recently had the car repainted. The only thing I had done was to give the Buick a wax job using the high tech yellow wax. It has the same paint as it did when I bought it in 1993! This car has won about three dozen awards, including awards at three Buick National events. So this wax gets my vote as some of the best stuff out there at any price. compared to some of the stuff out there this wax is dirt cheep! You can pay more, but you'll never find better stuff. I use other Maguier's products too, and they are all great.
ProsThe best You'll ever find at a great price!
By Bob
Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia, Canada
October 22, 2014
Meguiars Mirror Glaze #26 Hi-Tech Liquid Car Wax
Fantastic product. It does a beautiful job on chrome and body. Doesn't leave any white edges and it's easy to apply. I always receive great comments on how great my vehicles look. Most people think I just got a brand new paint job on my 10 year old vehicle, but my response to them is that I just use Meguiars #26 Hi-Tech Liquid Wax. I have used many other products in the past but none compare with Meguiars. Many stores told me of products that were close to or same quality as this one but all other products are not even close to the quality I get with Meguiars Hi-Tech Yellow Wax #26.
By Dave
Sparrowbush, NY
October 1, 2014
Use on factory finish Ford Taurus. Overall good product with minimum work.
I purchased this to replace the same product given to me from my auto body shop owner. Couldn't find it locally so ordered it from Auto Geek. I use it on factory finish for our 2011 Ford Taurus and Toyota Tundra. Easy on, easy off, good shine, fair longevity, no muss no fuss. I use Griots products on our classic BMW Z3 2.8. Then again, the Z is 16 years old, looks and runs as new!
By Steve
Boston Ma.
August 18, 2014
I just got finished using the Meguiars Mirror Glaze #26 on my 2014 Velocity Yellow Corvette. That car shines like a baby's ###. I have used it before and it seems like it lasts forever. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone looking for a great shine that really lasts.
ProsEasy to apply. Easy to remove. Great shine. Last forever. Price is very reasonable.
By dcjredline
May 17, 2014
Cant go wrong with this
Just used it today on a 2014 Ruby Red Silverado and OMG did it make the metal flake stand out. The shine and slickness were outstanding! Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great wax. Will have to see how the longevity is.
ProsEase of application (I do recommend a foam applicator over a MF one) Easy to remove, barely needed any pressure to remove it I was very surprised cause I have heard it can be tough sometimes
ConsIf I had to find something I didnt like I couldnt but one thing I have come accustomed to that this wax didnt deliver on was SMELL. It didnt smell BAD (really didnt smell much at all) but it doesnt smell good like alot of waxes do today. I wouldnt want to see Meguiars change that cause its such a great product Id be afraid theyd ruin it.
By Richard Malaszowski
New Smyrna Beach, FL
April 23, 2014
Awesome stuff.
It made the finish of my motorcycle mirror-like. Simply amazing!
south bend, IN.
March 6, 2014
glaze #26
I use it on my 66 chevelle SS gives me the best deep show room shine. goes on easy and comes off easy.
Prosgreat price no smearing and a good smell.
ConsDo not get on any rubber trim !!!!!!!!
By Jim
November 26, 2012
go to summer wax
I have used dozens of Waxes over the years but #26 is my go to wax all summer long. Easy on and easy off, little if any resudue. I just reapply it every month from spring throu fall. best liquid carnuba wax on the market. leaves a warm clean luster every time!
By Steve
August 30, 2012
Best quality for the money!
I have used a ton of different paste and liquid waxes and #26 is the easiest and deepest shine I have gotten when combined with #7 glaze. I usually use a synthetic for a base, then #7, and then follow with #26 and the results are astonishing and long lasting as well.
By Robert
November 30, 2011
Great wax, I've used it to layer coats to get a super deep gloss! Great as finisher to other products and as the final top coat, and you can't beat cost/quality of Meguiars.
By bennyz
September 20, 2008
blue streak
what a great wax goes on easy and removes easy i used the #7 show glaze prior to waxing .with the portercabel buffer its effortless.stand back and let the shine wow you
By bennyz
September 17, 2008
blue streak
what a great shine on my blue explorer.easy to apply and easy to remove get a portercabel for best results
June 27, 2008
Good basic carnauba
Great staple for any garage. Goes on easy, buffs off easy, last pretty long. I use this on most of the cars i detail, very good basic wax
By Kristoffer Strand
May 16, 2008
02 VW Bora
First I used MG83, and then I used the #26. The result on my black car was fantastic! I'm going to buy Meguiars from you guys again! Greetings from Noway
By Jim
February 25, 2008
I have used this for 2 decades. Nothing else even comes close...
By budman3
April 23, 2007
Megs #26
A great liquid wax which produces a nice, dark reflections. Easy to use and smells great. May stain trim though.
By Pete
October 12, 2006
Awsome wax
When used with Meguiars #6 and #7 this product will produce the best possible shine and last just as long as waxes that cost 3x more
By A. C. Bonner
July 30, 2006
WOW-I didn't have to work that hard
I have used a number of car waxes and polishes since 1976- I am disappointed that I didn't discover Meguiar's #7 and #26 sooner. Both go on with ease - and no extra rubbing and blowing off powdery substances. Wow Wow Wow!
By Mike
July 8, 2006
Highly Impressed
I just used #26 for the first time tonight. When I first started applying this with my PC 7424, it didn't seem like it was hazing up like other waxes do. I went over the hood twice just to make sure I was covered. This was actually a good thing. When i went to remove the product, it was by far the easiest wax I have ever removed. And because there wasn't a lot of build-up, it didn't flake or dust at all. #26 left my car looking fantastic! I will definitely keep this in my detailing arsenal when I need an easy & dependable wax.
By Chris F
June 17, 2006
One of the Best Out There
Great wax, liquid shine, nice protection, one of the best I ever used. Great price too.