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McKee's 37 10 Minute Paint Sealant

Wipe on, walk away paint sealant!

McKee's 37 10 Minute Paint Sealant is an SiO2 enhanced, wipe-on, walk-away product that leaves a long lasting high gloss finish after just one application. Safe for use on all exterior surfaces, including paint, wheels, chrome, and even glass, McKee's 37 10 Minute Paint Sealant's hyper-concentrated formula is easy to use and will provide up to 6 months of protection! If you're short on time but don't want to sacrifice your car's finish, McKee's 37 10 Minute Paint Sealant is just what you need!

What's the most important aspect of detailing? Protection, protection, protection! In fact, that's how the whole concept was born! Back in the beginning, waxing your vehicle not only kept your paint shiny, it also protected your car from harmful UV rays and only took a couple hours out of your day. But the detailing world has evolved and with it comes a new generation of protection – sealants, coatings, etc. – none of which take a short amount of time to apply.
McKee's 37 10 Minute Paint Sealant can be used on any hard exterior surfaces - including paint, glass, wheels, and chrome!

But not anymore! McKee's 37 10 Minute Paint Sealant is the next (and quickest!) way to protect all exterior surfaces on your vehicle. As the name implies, after a quick 10 minute application, your paint, glass, wheels, and chrome will be protected up to 6 months! McKee's 37 10 Minute Paint Sealant is extremely easy to – literally, wipe on, and walk away – and creates an enviable high gloss finish.

If you find yourself with a spare 15 minutes on a Saturday morning, or on your lunch break at work, you now have the time to apply McKee's 37 10 Minute Paint Sealant!

Directions for use:
Working ONE panel at a time (Hood = 2 Panels), spray ONE mist of sealant directly onto the surface. Evenly distribute the sealant using a microfiber applicator pad. Maintain the gloss and protection using McKee's 37 Sio2 Auto Wash and Trademark Extender Spray Wax. Excess sealant is easily removed using a clean microfiber towel.

8 oz.

McKee's 37 10 Minute Paint Sealant

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Homer Glen, IL
Good but not great
Compared to Opt-Seal this product doesn't flash as well, tried multiple methods and I find that I have to go back and wipe off excess. Provides a very high gloss finish and lasts about 10 weeks. Works great on exterior plastics,glass and provides extra pop on wheels.
Livingston County, Michigan
Easy to use and very good protection!
I am always looking for easy to use, high value products for daily driver vehicles. I've started to use McKee's 10 Minute Sealant for my daughter's car and my spouse's minivan.

The product is indeed easy to apply, which also has the side benefit of making it easier to apply on a more frequent basis (I apply it every ten to twelve weeks).

These vehicles sit outdoors and the protection level seems to be durable after ten to twelve weeks. I haven't really pushed it much further, because it is so easy to put a layer on, after a car wash.

If I want a higher gloss level, I would use a topper product like P&S Bead Maker for an extra bump in shine.
ProsAlthough the price is high compared to a product that you can buy at a big box store, I need so little per vehicle that the value is excellent.
Easy to apply, decent longevity
I haven't used any other spray and wipes to compare this product too, but I have used some QD's and extender sprays that require about the same level of effort. What I've found is that the spray sealant does give some lasting protection. I'd say about a month on a daily driver is fair. My recommendation would be to use this every month on a newer vehicle or one that has had a good polish and previous sealant applied.

I'm not sure how much I would trust it as a dedicated LSP unless you're really pinched for time. It just doesn't have the pop and longevity as a machine applied product. But it is very smooth and slick to the touch.
Western Kentucky
Fast application
I have only used the 10 minute paint sealant on my wife’s black explore but after 1 month on her daily driver that never sees a garage it seems to be works well. Vehicle cleans back up well using the sio2 car wash. It goes on really fast and would be excellent on a brand new vehicle.
ProsFast and easy.
ConsShowed I need to do a full correction for minor scratch?s.
San Antonio, Texas
very pleased, easy to apply and fantastic shine
Proseasy to apply