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Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating with UV50 - New & Improved Formula!

Protection that's stronger and is sure to last longer!

Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating with UV50 is an alternative to tradition boat waxes that will provide a higher level of protection over a longer duration than any wax on the market! Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating with UV50 is formulated using quartz-based particles that will provide exceptional protection against things like UV rays, salt degradation, and other common contaminants that plague your boat! Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating's duration is measured in YEARS, not months!

We can all agree that being out on the water is one of the best pastimes! However, the water itself can be quite damaging to your boat over time, especially if you are frequently boating in salt water. Water is filled with all sorts of substances that will gradually eat away at and oxidize your boat's gel coat over time. While the best way to prevent this damage is to routinely clean the surface, that can be quite a demanding task when it comes to the underside of your hull because that requires you to take your boat out of the water. On top of that, even if you do a full clean of your hull every time, these substances can be quite difficult to remove. However, both of these issues can be solved by applying a durable layer of protection like the Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating!

Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating with UV50 acts as a mediating barrier between the harsh contaminants of the water and your susceptible gel coat. The quartz-based formula of Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating creates a rock-hard shield that will prevent contamination from passing through as adhering to your gel coat surfaces! This means that instead of having the chance to oxidize and dull your clear-coat these contaminants are kept at bay.

One of the main reasons that Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating with UV50 is able to prevent these contaminants from bonding with your gel coatis its hydrophobicity. This means that Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating repels water away from it rather than letting it collect on the surface or penetrate through to the surface of your gelcoat! Water will slip right off your gel coat after you have applied Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating! Which means that Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating will make cleaning your boat off even easier than ever before! In fact, you may even be able to clean your hull simply with a pressure spray!

Probably the most notable benefit to Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating with UV50 is its duration though! Most boat protection products will last maybe a few months before being eaten away by the salt and other substances that are in the water. However, Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating's quartz-based formula is not nearly as easily broken down by such things. Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating will remain strong and gloss for up to TWO YEARS!

Directions for Use:
Polish surface to remove oxidation and staining.
Use Marine 31 Gel Coat Prep Spray to remove any excess polish or compound.
Wipe surface with a damp cloth to remove any remaining residue.
Ensure surface is cool to the touch.
Apply coating with a foam applicator pad in a back and forth and side to side motion.
Gently level any excess product and move on to the next section.

8 oz.

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Marine 31 Captain's Boat Coating with UV50 - New & Improved Formula!

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If you like beading, you’ll like this
So I am a bit ocd abou keeping my watercraft water spot free. I have been using this product since 2015. Last year I polished and coated my watercraft again. This morning if I noticed itís still beading up. The wax I use to use would have warn off by now!
Chicago, Illinois
Marine 31 has done it again
It's a simple as 1 2 3 . Marine 31 has made it simple and affordable to coat your water crafts. First compound and or polish with captains compound and polish. Wipe down with marine 31 gel coat prep spray then apply UV50.
ProsVery easy to wipe off,super glossy Affordable Super hydrophobic What more can you ask for
Treasure Coast, FL
Bring your shades, the gloss will blind you
Been an Autogeek fan since I got in the biz. Attended Mike's boat detailing class in 2018 and it really opened my eyes to the number of products out there. Highly recommend you attend if you haven't already, most graduates call him Professor - cause he will definitely take you to school!

I always enjoy visiting Autogeek because it gives me a chance to chat with knowledgeable people like my bro Brian (and my other bro Andre) about the industry and new/improved products. Brian knows I am all about coatings so he brought to my attention Captain's Boat Coating with UV50. I had a full detail coming up on a 15 y/o Albemarle 41' so we went with it as the LSP (see Mike, I really was paying attention).

With the boat on the hard for other repairs, we performed our "polish to highest potential" service on the white hull sides. At that point we proceeded to install the coating following Brian and Andre's instructions. We used the Lake Country applicators and green microfiber towels favored by Mike. Conditions were hot, humid, bright sunshine. Installing this coating resembles installing most ceramic coatings. A few drops on the applicator will cover a 2'x2' or larger area (depending on ambient conditions). Wipe horizontal with slight overlap, cross hatch, wipe horizontal once more and watch for the flash. My #1 was next to me with the microfiber to level as necessary. We are well versed in applying coatings and this one was simple, straightforward and fast. We coated both sides of a 41" hull, from scaffolding, in about 2.5 hours. The coating glosses up immediately. The captain was watching from ground level and couldn't believe it. He said he could readily see coated versus uncoated from 15' away. Once she was back at the dock we also coated all smooth gelcoat including the wheelhouse interior. I estimate we used one half of the bottle.

Takeways: ease of use, great price point, great coverage, excellent gloss. TBD: how long will it last? Another great product from Autogeek/Marine 31.
ALLEGAN, Michigan
Marine 31 Sealant with UV50 outperforms any wax I've ever used. The product is extremely easy to apply when following application instructions. I buffed out a 15 yr. old 340 Sundancer and applied the Marine 31 Sealant. After 6 months in the sun, it still glistens like a new boat. Water beads on it like crazy, making it very easy to damp brush to remove grim from acid rain.
Eagan, MN
So far so good
I purchased the Captin's Coating a month or so ago, and wanted to wait to apply the coating until I had my watercraft home from the in-laws. After the July 4th weekend, I spent about 4 hours polishing the gelcoat to get rid of the waterspots and any fine scratches. It took me about an hour to apply the coating. It was my first time applying a coating so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. I used the applicator pad to apply the coating, waited 2 minutes for it to setup, then wiped any leftovers off or took out the high spots. I let it cure for 12 hours and the beading is amazing. Great product so far.
ProsGreat Beading Easy to apply a little goes a long way