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Mike Phillips’ How To Detail Boats With Marine 31

Mike Phillips’ How To Detail Boats With Marine 31Become a master boat detailer in no time!

Follow Mike Phillips as he walks through every step of detailing the gel coat or painted finish of a boat. “How To Detail Boats with Marine 31” covers everything from the safest method of cleaning non-skid surfaces, to the best practices while polishing aluminum pontoons. Featuring the eco-friendly and harbor-safe Marine 31 product line, as well as the familiar favorites Flex and Porter Cable Polishers, in addition to so many more, “How to Detail Boats with Marine 31” is the most comprehensive boat detailing how-to you’ll ever find. After an afternoon spent reading, you’ll be ready to tackle even the most challenging gel coat finish.

If you already own a boat, have any intention of owning a boat, or if you simply want to detail boats, “How To Detail Boats with Marine 31” is an absolute must. Master detailer and boating enthusiast, Mike Phillips will take you on a step-by-step process for every facet of boat detailing. Whether you have a brand new, just un-wrapped boat, or a hand me down from your great uncle, every condition of paint is addressed along with the best strategy for correction.

Mike Phillips' How To Detail Boats With Marine 31 features:
  • Properly cleaning a non-skid surface
  • The best to cleaning, polishing, and protecting clear plastics
  • Finding out which type of paint you have and the best approach for correction
  • Polishing huge aluminum pontoons - with great results!
...and so much more!

Not wanting to leave any stone unturned, Mike goes over the best processes for correcting gel coat using everything from your hands to that old rotary buffer you’ve had for years. Hundreds of pictures, showing every step, keeps you focused and lets you know you’re detailing correctly and efficiently.

“How To Detail Boats with Marine 31” is filled with tips and tricks designed to make detailing a boat easier than you ever thought possible. Mike uses the eco-friendly and harbor safe line of Marine 31 products to bring out a boat’s true shine. It also features your favorite line of sanding discs, polishers, and polishing pads.

Mike takes his mantra of working smarter, not harder, and applies it to every step. Never again be intimidated by the thought of cleaning up a boat and bringing back its full potential.

For more information, additional tips and tricks, or specific questions relating to your own boat detailing project, you can visit the online forum Marine31online.com and speak with Mike Phillips himself!

113 pages