Makita Buffers & Polishers.

Makita Buffers & Polishers.

Makita started making electric motors over 85 years ago. Naturally this led to applying those motors to tools to make hard work a lot easier. Makita now manufactures over 350 power tools and their line continues to grow with new innovations springing up all the time.

What sets Makita apart in the world of power tools is their commitment to making the most durable tools on the market. They put every motor they make through a 19 point inspection and then test each tool before it leaves the factory. All the motors are made with heat-treated gears and shafts to ensure a long life.

From their first power tool in 1958 to their newest tools, Makita makes great products. We love them most for their electric polishers. Professional detailers and hardcore hobbyists swear by their Makitas because they work hard and last a long, long time. The powerful motors and solid construction are second to none in durability and performance. Makita set the standard for orbital polishers and remains at the top of their game.

These are two of our favorite orbital polishers. Keep in mind that an orbital polisher is designed with the skilled or professional user in mind. An orbital is for serious compounding, and, if used incorrectly, it can damage your paint. But in the right hands, one of these Makita polishers will smooth out ugly scratches and swirls and restore a flawless, lustrous finish to your vehicle.

When you decide to take that first step into orbital polishing, these are two of the best polishers you can buy.