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Life Hammer Stay Glow Auto Escape Tool

The glow in the dark Life Hammer is easy to find and easy to use in an emergency!

The Life Hammer Stay Glow Auto Escape Tool is a life saver when you’re in an auto accident! The Life Hammer Stay Glow works just like the Original Life Hammer – it shatters car windows and slices through safety belts – but it has the added feature of glowing in the dark. It’s easy to see why the Life Hammer Stay Glow is a necessity for any driver!

Auto accidents happen every day and they can sometimes result in trapped passengers. Seatbelts and airbags protect you during a collision, but what happens after the accident? Seat belts and electric windows may not function if a vehicle has been damaged or submerged in water. In this frightening situation, The Life Hammer Stay Glow Auto Escape Tool can save your life and the lives of your passengers.

The Life Hammer will shatter side windows and cut through safety belts. This product is the safety device chosen by Law Enforcement, the Autogeek family, and hopefully yourself.

Works on Both Ends. The Life Hammer has a double sided head with hardened steel points that shatter vehicle windows quickly in an emergency. You won’t have to turn the hammer around and lose valuable time if you need to knock out multiple windows.

Includes Hardware for Mounting. A bracket is included to hold The Life Hammer in place and to mount it within the vehicle console so it’s easily accessible.

Razor Sharp Blade Cuts Easily. This high-quality blade will slice through a seat belt in seconds to free trapped passengers.

Glows in the Dark. The entire Life Hammer Stay Glow glows in the dark, making it easy to find at night or in low light situations.

Built to Last. The Life Hammer is made of only the finest materials including a stainless steel blade and chrome hammer heads. The Life Hammer is ready to use when you need it.

I caution you to beware of knock offs. This is pertinent to your safety. Although they may be less expensive, the quality of cheaper devices is not parallel to the parts used in The Life Hammer. When it comes to your life, or the lives of friends and family, it’s imperative you have a genuine Life Hammer.

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Life Hammer Stay Glow Auto Escape Tool

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