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Res-Q-Me Keychain Escape Tool - ORANGE

Res-Q-Me Keychain Escape Tool - ORANGE

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Your key chain can hold the key to survival when you travel with The Res Q Me Keychain Escape Tool !

The Res-Q-Me Keychain Escape Tool is a small pocket-size version of the Life Hammer Auto Escape Tool. Just like the Life Hammer, the Res-Q-Me shatters car windows and cut seatbelts in seconds.

I always like to be prepared, most of us do. When I was in school, I studied so I would be prepared for tests. When I took driver’s ed, I studied to be prepared for driving. Now, I am prepared for the biggest driving test of my life, knowing that I have done everything possible to ensure I could survive a car accident. This is a test that doesn’t come with a guide or a manual, as circumstances are different in every accident. Usually, safety belts and air bags reduce impact on passengers in crashes, but sometimes they hinder the situation, causing entrapment.

Innovation, the designers behind The Life Hammer, have made a key chain sized safety device that can travel everywhere you go. Be prepared with The Res Q Me Keychain Escape Tool.

Res Q Me is portable and functional in a variety or situations, not exclusively accidents. This highly effective escape tool can be kept on your key chain and easily separated from its detachable hook without removing keys from the ignition. Below are reasons why the Res Q Me Keychain Escape Tool can save your life:

The Res-Q-Me can be stored anywhere in your car or on your keys. Seat Belt Cutter. It is not uncommon for a safety belt to malfunction in an accident. Infants also can be entrapped within their car seats, and when time is crucial you need to make sure everyone is safe from harm. This tool is able to cut through seat belt material in seconds, simply hook the tool over the belt and pull. The sharp steel blade is protected for your safety as well.

The Res-Q-Me can be disconnected from the keys without removing the keys from the ignition.Break Windows. The Res Q Me features an ingenious spring loaded system for shattering tempered glass. Simply push the flat surface against a window until the concealed spring loaded spike releases to break the glass. Only 12 pounds (5kg) of force is needed for use. With this device on your key chain, you become a safety provider to others as well, including parents and pet owners. It is not uncommon anymore to come in contact with a person who has locked their child and/or pet inside their vehicles and are in need of emergency help. This device is also crucial if you are the first person to the scene of an accident and need to help open a jammed door or break a window to help another.
rescue me keychain

Guarded Blade. The guard protects you from injuring yourself or another person. You can safely detach the Res Q Me from your key chain without removing keys from the ignition.

Compact Size. This tool is 3” long, and can easily be stored in other areas of your car as well as your key chain. Visors and seatbelts are two common places to keep a Res Q Me.

Feel peace of mind knowing you have chosen a safety tool that is approved and recommended by EMT, Police and Fire units worldwide, and The American Fleet Association.

Please note that this product does not work on windshield or laminated glass. Often, side window glass is laminated so please check for that before attempting to use the Res Q Me . Sometimes we receive questions concerning our products, so I’ve included a couple below as well as answers I was able to provide:

Q: How big of an area will the Res Q Me be able to cover with a single use on a tempered window?

A: Used on the bottom area of the window, the Res Q Me will break enough glass for you to be able to wrap your hand around the door and unlatch the door from the outside. Use it multiple times on one window to break enough area glass to exit the vehicle.

Q: I read somewhere that the Res Q Me works great for cutting car seat restraints. True?

A: Yes, it’s a life saving device for the smallest of passengers. Car seat restraints are hard enough to release, particularly while under stress, so it is imperative to have the Res Q Me handy if you are a parent with a small child.

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Escape Tool
Great little gift for them to keep in their vehicle. Never know when something will happen! The StatGear would probably be less likely to fail without the spring inside, but wanted the ease of use for my Mom especially to have this one. Bright color so harder to lose and they work. Seatbelt cutter and the spring-loaded punch to break window if necessary.
Gardner, Ma.
EVERYONE who has a vehicle, or rides in one should have this on their key ring or their person ! Period !
ProsBest thing to have in an Emergency
ConsNone !