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Lexol Spray Leather Conditioner

Re-hydrate dry leather with this pH-balanced conditioner!

Remember that leather was a living membrane at one time. The tanning process prevents decomposition by infusing preservative chemicals into the oil glands, and then fatliquoring the hide to replace natural oils that were lost. While fatliquoring keeps the leather soft for quite some time, it is not permanent. To keep that condition, leather has to be nourished regularly with a quality conditioner.

Lexol Leather Conditioner preserves the strength, beauty and flexibility of old and new leather. It also brings new life and resiliency to old or neglected leather that has become cracked or hardened. Lexol Leather Conditioner is an emulsion much like those used in leather tanning. Its oils have been modified for even distribution and penetration without leaving a greasy or tacky surface.

Lexol Leather Conditioner should be used in moderate amounts for maximum absorption and even distribution. No vigorous rubbing or buffing is needed. Once Leather Conditioner dries, it's easy to wipe off any excess with a soft cloth.

Lexol Spray Leather Conditioner is nonflammable, odorless, non-toxic and non-sensitizing to the skin. It is not a cleaning agent. Its sole purpose is to re-hydrate leather much like fatliquoring. Use Lexol Spray Leather Cleaner prior to the conditioner to purge the leather of impurities. With regular care, your leather will stay as soft and supple as it was when first tanned.

500 ml (16.9 oz.) Spray

Protect leather seats with Lexol Leather COnditioner. Use Lexol Leather Cleaner before using Lexol Leather Conditioner.
Lexol Leather Conditioner softens and moisturizes auto leather.

Take advantage of our special pricing on the purchase of 2 bottles!

Lexol Spray Leather Conditioner

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11 Reviews
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27% (3)
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18% (2)
27% Recommend this product (3 of 11 responses)
By Brad
June 12, 2017
Liquid Crap
Used this on my leather seats, what a joke. Waste of money.
ConsWaste of time & money. Liquid junk.
By Handygrandy
West Hills, CA
November 27, 2016
Best leather conditioner on the market! Highly recommend!
By Big Red Buick
New York
May 20, 2016
good product but room for improvement
After using leather cleaner I went on to condition the leather seats using this product. Conditioner does apply easily and really brings out depth and color on the red leather seats. Only downside is the luster is short lived.
ProsEasy to use,brings out richness of leather
Consrichness of leather is short lived after application
By pati brinkley
wesson, Ms.
February 22, 2016
good product
I can't really say a lot about this product having only used it once. It did seem to somewhat soften my jacket a little with just the one use and didn't make an oily, sticky mess. Like the product.
By Anthony
November 11, 2011
Not a great product at all
I seriously dislike this product. It leaves a greasy and sticky surface when it is done and it smells TERRIBLE!!! There are at least five other leather conditioners on this site you should look at before buying this one. Look at it this way... If your skin was dried out and cracking, would you want a spritz of lotion or a bottle of lotion? Your seats are no different. If your seats need to be conditioned then I would suggest getting a lotion or a gel conditioner and leave the sprays on the shelf. At least with most of the others on this site your car will smell better after you use it. Lexol seriously smells disgusting. I'd be very upset if my car came back from a detail shop smelling like that.
By Jeff M.
October 17, 2011
Still the best
If it's leather,it needs Lexol's coditioner. A little goes a long way, and have used it on things like a very old bicycle seat that had not seen any care for most of it's 75+ yrs.It took a few applcations but it was amazing to see the change! Also use it on new leather car seats,so they are protected properly from day one.Think of it as food for leather..I'm never without having some at hand in the garage. Top notch product and is what other leather care products are compared to,with Lexol being the benchmark.
July 11, 2008
A decent dressing
Works well to condition the leather after lexol cleaner. Leaves leather feeling supple and new but doesnt smell very good.
By Jim, Cleveland OH
July 20, 2007
It brings old leather back to life. It keeps new leather looking and (most importaint) feeling new.
By william kubin
January 1, 2007
best leather treatment
best leather conditioner for shoes snd all leather products I ever used.
By Dan S.
March 18, 2006
Not for me
I still don't get why so many people like the stuff. It smells disgusting, and it leaves a tacky, sticky surface on coated leathers (chances are your leather is coated). Go with a vinyl dressing on coated leathers, or if you really have to have that leather smell get some Wolfgang Leather Conditioner or Pinnacle Cleaner/Conditioner (the spray).
By Holland_patrick
March 18, 2006
Worked ok and bought the older leather back but left greasey for a while.