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Professional Glass Polishing System

Used by the pros to restore glass to perfection!

The Professional Glass Polishing System by Lake Country polishes, smoothes, and restores perfect clarity to imperfect automotive glass. This two step system removes hairline scratches, films, and wiper tracks and then seals the glass to maintain optical clarity. Safer, smoother glass is just two steps away!

Glass imperfections are easy to get but hard to remove. As you’re driving down the highway, you can hear sand and bugs hitting the windshield, particularly in industrial areas where it seems construction is always ongoing. Lake Country’s Professional Glass Polishing System removes the fine scratches, the tiny abrasions, and the etchings – and you don’t even have to pay a professional.

The Professional Glass Polishing System works with your Porter Cable 7424XP or other dual action polisher, or a circular polisher to eliminate automotive glass imperfections in just a few minutes. Performed as directed, you will not get optical distortion or waves; just clear, smooth glass.

The kit includes one 3 7/8” rotary backing plate, one DA adapter, 4 oz. Glass Polish, 2 oz. Glass Sealant, one gel applicator, and two abraded leveling discs. First polish out imperfections using the Glass Polish and a leveling disc. Then apply a coat of Glass Sealant with the gel applicator. One, two, done. Your windshield will appear perfectly clear, just like new.

4 oz. Glass Polish
Fine abrasives in a lubricating lotion allow the Glass Polish to smooth out bumpy, scratched, hazy glass using one of the included leveling discs. The polish works like a polish for car paint, but it’s specially milled abrasives are safe and suitable for glass.

3.5 oz. Rain-X Glass Sealant
Polymers seal the glass and protect it from future contamination and light abrasion. Glass Sealant restores the treated glass’ “slip” so water runs off easily and the driver’s vision is not impaired during rain storms. Your windshield will stay cleaner and clearer, longer.

3 7/8 inch rotary backing plate
This backing plate screws directly onto a rotary polisher, like the DeWalt. Hook and loop backing sticks to the included leveling discs. For use on a dual action polisher, like the Porter Cable 7424XP or FLEX XC 3401 VRG, use the included DA adapter.

DA Adapter
Use this adapter to use the included backing plate on your DA machine. Use the wrench included with your polisher to tighten the adapter and backing plate in place. This will ensure smooth operation.

2 Leveling Discs
Each of these discs is designed to gently polish imperfections out of glass without causing any new ones. Each disc sticks to the included backing plate and uses the speed of the polisher to remove most glass flaws using the Glass Polish.

Gel Applicator
The Gel Applicator is the included 4 inch gray pad with dual white hook and loop sides. This applicator pad sticks to your backing plate and spreads a thin, even coat of Glass Sealant using your polisher.

Please Note: The Professional Glass Polishing System is for machine use. Applying these products by hand or with a drill will not produce satisfactory results.

  1. Clean the glass with a good glass cleaner, like DP Krystal Vision.
  2. Mount the backing plate to your polisher and stick a white leveling disc to the plate. Apply a dime sized amount of polish to working area. Spread the polish over an area of about 6 x 8 inches with the machine turned off to prevent splatter.
  3. Polish for no longer than 2 minutes at a speed between 800-1000 RPM on a rotary machine, or 3000-4500 OPM on a dual action polisher. No additional pressure is needed.
  4. Use a damp cloth to check your work.
  5. After polishing, apply a dime sized amount of Rain-X to applicator and work down and across until about a 2 x 2 ft. area has been sealed. Wipe surface with a soft Cobra Microfiber Towel. If haze occurs, dampen the towel and then buff dry.
  6. Wash leveling discs and applicator with soap and water and let them air dry.
Please note: This kit is not intended to remove chips and nicks in the glass.

With just your polisher and a few minutes, you can remove imperfections and restore your automotive glass to like-new condition. The Professional Glass Polishing System gives you the tools and the products to polish glass back to optical clarity and smoothness.

Kit includes:
3 7/8” rotary backing plate
1 DA adapter
4 oz. Glass Polish
3.5 oz. Rain-X Glass Sealant
1 gel applicator
2 abraded leveling discs

Professional Glass Polishing System

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Really Works!!!
This item work if it's done right.

Glass: 1970 Dodge Challenger Rear Window

On step '3' of their instructions, "make sure you mist water while you're polishing", that will prevent from glass over heating and it mixes with polishing compound to polish glass better.

It polishes out scratches and smoky glass. Although, I did get few big scratches out after 3-4 applications.

***NOTE: This takes a lot of time, 4-5 hours, if you do it slowly and want to get every scratch out.
Works well, but needs elbow grease
This kit definitely takes care of minor etchings and wiper streaks on windshields. Some additions to LC's instructions: have a spray bottle of water handy, apply the product to the glass first and spread over your work area instead of applying to your buffer, use one spritz of water on the work area to begin with, and use your buffer flat to the glass instead of a 45 degree angle. This polish will break down the same as regular polishes, and often required 2 applications before all the etchings were gone.

All-in-all, a good product, but takes a lot more time than I anticipated.