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LANGKA Complete Wet Sand 2000 Kit

This easy-to-use wet sand kit will remove clear coat scratches in minutes!

Light scratches are a fact of life for the owners of clear coated vehicles. Clear coats are on over 90% of vehicles manufactured since 1990. They protect the color coat from oxidation and UV degradation while adding a new dimension of depth and gloss to the paint finish. Unfortunately, scratches are very visible on clear coats. But now you can remove them at a minimal cost with the LANGKA WetSand2000 Kit!

The LANGKA WetSand2000 Kit is a three-step process that removes light clear coat scratches and leaves your paint perfectly smooth and clear. Rather than pay a body shop to remove those scratches, you can do it yourself for the small price of this easy-to-use kit and your results will be professional quality! Restore your clear coat to like-new perfection with the LANGKA WetSand2000 Kit!

This kit includes Step A, Step B, and two 4 ˝” x 5 ˝” pieces of fine sandpaper, plus complete instructions on how to use the products.

To use, soak a piece of sandpaper in clean water for 10 minutes. It is necessary for the paper to remain very wet throughout the sanding process. Fold the paper and use the flat surface by the fold to sand. Lightly rub the sandpaper over the scratch. Check often to see if you are getting results. If the scratch is not improving, discontinue sanding. The scratch is likely too deep to be removed without professional help.

Step A is a scratch removing serum that removes the fine scratches that occur as a result of wet sanding. These scratches are normal but they need to be removed before sealing the repaired scratch. This product may also be used to remove light scratches that do not require wet sanding. Apply Step A to a clean, soft cloth and buff rapidly until the scratches disappear.

Step B is formulated to restore the shine to the treated area. After wet sanding and Step A, apply Step B to another clean, soft cloth. Buff the area as long as necessary to restore the shine.

The LANGKA WetSand2000 Kit is intended for clear coated vehicles only. If you are not sure, test the kit on an inconspicuous area.

This kit will work on light surface scratches that do not catch your fingernail. If your nail does catch, the scratch is most likely too deep to be repaired at home. If you are not sure if you are dealing with a scratch or a surface mark, use Step A on the mark first to see if it improves. If not, follow the kit’s complete instructions.

The LANGKA WetSand2000 Kit will restore your clear coat to its like-new appearance in just minutes, without the use of special tools or polishers. Now there’s no need to take your vehicle to the body shop for just a little scratch. Remove it quickly, easily, and inexpensively with the LANGKA WetSand2000 Kit.

LANGKA Complete Wet Sand 2000 Kit

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LANGKA Complete Wet Sand 2000 Kit