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Koala Wash Mitt

Pamper your vehicle with Merino wool!

The Koala Wash Mitt is the first step in ensuring swirl-free paint. This 100% Merino wool wash mitt is designed to pamper your vehicle�s delicate finish with its soft, thick, absorbent pile that holds a generous amount of soapy water. The Koala Wash Mitt features a mesh pocket on the back for your hand. This durable pocket holds your hand securely so you don�t drop the mitt.

Thanks to its thick pile and generous length, Merino wool is one of the most sought after types of wool. The thick, long pile enables the Koala Wash Mitt to gently remove and trap dirt particles, keeping your paint swirl and scratch free after every wash. Washing your car with the Koala Wash Mitt is like treating yourself to a day at the spa!

There is one thing every gloss-crazed car care enthusiast should know about clear coat finishes: they�re scratch sensitive. If you don�t properly wash and dry your vehicle, the swirls that you worked so hard to remove will be back before you know it. If you have a brand new car, or you�ve worked hard polishing your paint to perfection, keep it looking great with the Koala Wash Mitt.

The Koala Wash Mitt is constructed of the softest Merino wool available!Minimizing friction not only helps keep your car swirl and scratch free, but it also extends the durability of your wax, sealant, or coating! The Koala Wash Mitt glides across your paint as if it were floating on air.

Keeping your vehicle swirl and scratch free is easier than you think. We recommend using the Koala Wash Mitt with a 5 Gallon Bucket equipped with a Grit Guard Insert. You also want to make sure you�re using a high quality soap, like Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo. Don�t overlook the drying step! A soft, absorbent drying towel like the Guzzler ensures you don�t inflict swirls or scratches as you dry the vehicle.

Koala Wash Mitt

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New Orleans
Best I've used
I had been using sheep skin mitts for years, but I have always been frustrated by their lack of durability. They seem to dry out and crack rather quickly which leads to loss of chunks of wool. I have used this mitt for the last few years and find it much softer, longer lasting and overall easier to use. This mitt seems much less likely to cause swirls and scratches than your typical sheepskin mitt. Highly recommended.
ProsVery soft, very little friction when washing, long lasting compared to sheepskin
Wilm. DE
Excellent wash mitt for your weekend/summer /show car . I've had zero issues with mine leaving any fibers behind .
Prossuper soft , glides over the surface
ConsYou do have to brush it out gently after each use
St. Louis, Missouri
The CarPro wool mitt is thicker and costs less, and this one sheds bad
I bought this to compare the the CarPro Wool Wash Mitt, also composed of Merino wool. The mitts look almost identical, aside from this one's tan fur, but they are not. This mitt is much thinner, and it sheds really badly. Some initial shedding is expected, but I have used it several times, trying to give it a fair shake and let the shedding stop, and it has not gotten any better. Sometimes it's just a hair here or there, and other times entire clumps of hair will come off of this thing. Considering it's already a little thin, this is not good. And like the previous review said, the hand slot is kind of weird. I don't know how to explain it; it just doesn't feel right, like it's too tight on one side. Maybe this thing was made for lefties...

I'll give it a 3 because in it's own right this mitt is still very soft, and probably better for your paint than a lot of mitts out there. And maybe eventually it'll stop shedding. But, if you're looking for a nice wool mitt, the CarPro Wool mitt is sold right here at AG, and for $2 less than the Costanza -I'm sorry, I mean the Koala.
ConsThin Sheds Hand slot fitment
Colorado Springs
wonderful product, well made and perfect for protecting the paint on "my baby".
Well constructed, soft and easy to maintain with proper care. The only small fault is the insert part of the glove. Sometimes hard to get your hand properly siuated in the mitt.. Not a big problem and overall a wonderful product.