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Klasse ALL-IN-ONE Polish 10 oz.

Klasse ALL-IN-ONE Polish Wipe it on then wipe it off for a brilliant shine that lasts for six months or longer!

Perfection is something we all strive for when it comes to car care. Back in the day I used to find myself going over the surface of my car with a magnifying glass, looking for those microscopic scratch marks or paint imperfections. That was until I discovered a German gem called Klasse All In One Polish. Talk about perfection in a bottle. Once I started using this product, there was no need to break out the magnifying glass and scour for imperfections. This polish made them vanish from sight!

First introduced in 1979, Klasse All In One Polish changed everything about the way people polished cars. Klasse All In One Polish will remove oxidation, minor swirls, old wax, and other surface blemishes; leaving a beautiful and deep acrylic shine. Unlike some formulas, Klasse will not penetrate or change paint. Here are the reasons why this polish is in a “class” of its own:

Klasse all in oneAcrylic is the Solution. Acrylic is different than wax, silicones, and polymers. This polish will bond to your car’s surface just like the previously mentioned treatments, but it will not cause any change to your paint, and you don’t have to worry about drying time. Klasse All In One dries as fast as you apply it, and there is no risk of hazing or streaking. All-In-One contains no abrasives or silicones, and does not stain plastic, vinyl or rubber trim. It can be used on any non-porous surface, and in addition to car care it is also approved for marine and aviation use.

Same Formula since 1979. As we have seen over the years, changing the formula of a successful product can cause havoc. Klasse has never changed the formula, not even one of the fourteen ingredients, since the inception of this product over twenty five years ago. When you use this product, you will understand how it satisfies the needs of car enthusiasts world wide.

Change the Surface, Keep the Paint. After the easy application, you will instantly see a brighter tone to your cars surface. You will see that shine for six months or longer, as you only need to use this polish, on average, twice a year. The clarity and depth is of the same quality as carnauba wax, but has longer lasting results. The uniform gloss is prismatic and stunning, and will put your car in a “class” of its own.

Repels Water. Klasse All in One Polish will bead water which limits spot damage. You’ll be smiling knowing you won’t need to worry about rain showers for six months.

All-In-One is not a wax, silicone or polymer but an acrylic formula. All-In-One bonds to the surface like wax but doesn’t penetrate or change the paint in any way. It matches the depth and clarity of a high quality carnauba wax but lasts much longer. One or two applications a year will keep your car looking great!

Easy Application. Simply wipe on and wipe off, car care doesn’t get any easier. Use a microfiber detailing towel to make the job even easier. One folded towel is also perfect for applying a thin film of All-In-One. Use a second towel to wipe area and remove residue. There is no need to wait for the polish to dry or haze. We recommend using this polish in sections on your vehicle or boat, applying and wiping off as you make your way around all surface areas. Turning and refolding the applicator towel frequently will ensure maximum results.

This polish works best when coupled with another great Klasse product. For spectacular results follow with Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze. Your finish will benefit from this high velocity sealant, as you will increase the shine, durability, and longevity.

Our Klasse Kits are popular for a good reason; you will save time and money with an array of Klasse products. We recommend using this family of products together to maximize your results.

We like to make sure you use you Klasse All In One Polish correctly, so I’ve created a list of helpful tips. Some I’ve discovered over the years, others have been recommendations from customers and friends. I’d like to share them with you! MAX’S TIPS: BE SPARING! Consider this a concentrated solution, as you only need a small amount, usually 1-2 ounces, to polish your vehicle. This means that you shouldn’t have to buy another bottle of All In One Polish for five years!

SEVERE OXIDATION on chrome and aluminum require special car care. Substitute a steel wool applicator in place of a cloth. This polish is non-abrasive so you will not have to concern yourself with doing damage. Using steel wool will give the process an extra “bite”.

NEVER USE DISH DETERGENT for washing your car. Use a capful of this polish instead. Although you will not have a foamy cleaning solution, dirt will be lifted from your vehicle’s surface.

USE FOR POLISHING JEWELRY. Don’t stop there, as this product works well for polishing fine silver, brass, and other metals in and around the home.

DO NOT USE ON HOT SURFACES. Never polish on a hot surface. This product performs best in a temperature range between 60º and 85º degrees.

REMOVE CLOUDINESS that often occurs on faded plexiglass, soft acrylic and hard acrylic windows. Wipe on then wipe off just as you would for the surface of your vehicle.


Manufactured in Germany.

Klasse ALL-IN-ONE Polish 10 oz.

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86 Reviews
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66% Recommend this product (57 of 86 responses)
By Jerry Madison
March 1, 2018
All in one
Goes on and off easy. Looks good.
ProsEasy application
By Richard
Las Vegas
January 3, 2018
I get more compliments from bystanders with KLASSE
Over the last 40 years I have used top shelf polish to polish my vehicles. Using Klasse ALL-IN-ONE Polish and Klasse High Gloss Sealant Glaze together has out performed everything. I get more compliments from bystanders when I use these two Klasse components together.
By Oliver
September 9, 2017
I bought my entire car care kit from autogeek. I detailed my car when I just bought it in 2014. Its the second time I've had to do it, just today. Paint on car looks awesome and reworked today looks even better!! Recipe for success: 1. Wash with non-waxed car soap. 2. Dry 3. Remove any residue from surface with Pinnacle Painteork Cleansing lotion 4. Seal with Klasse Sealant 5. Buff with Klasse All-in-One
ProsAwesome look of car Lasts amazingly long
ConsTakes a full day just to do the paintwork. My arm is dead
By Al
June 28, 2017
Too good?
I am using the All-iI-One along with the Klasse High Gloss, followed by a good wax, on a new paint job. The only problem is that the glossier the finish gets, the more any defects in the paint show up. Then I end up going over the whole routine again...wet sand areas, buff, polish, seal, wax. The end result is beautiful though, and well worth the effort...lots of complements on my custom '64 C20 Fleetside.
ProsBeautiful shine. Easy to apply.
ConsNone really.
By Linda and Michael
Irvine, CA
November 4, 2016
This really works!
My husband and I own a 1999 white Toyota Celica GT. We love our car! Unfortunately, with no garage and living in Southern California, the paint on the car had faded badly. We have ever increasing 'swirl marks' throughout the finish and in spite of yearly clay detailing the finish on the car remained dull and uninspiring. We discovered Klasses online doing research for how we could renew the finish on the car. We did the clay process ourselves and followed it with Klasses ALL-IN-ONE polish and WOW - we have mirror bright finish on the car that is beyond belief. This product REALLY WORKS. It was fairly effortless as well. I'm going to do my 2015 Subaru Forester next. We wish we had taken matters into our hands sooner. I also use Maguire's products however I have to say - Klasse is better. We highly recommend this product. We followed the directions and had great results. We plan do this twice a year for both our cars. I'm a believer!
ProsEasy to use. Terrific results. A little product goes a long way. Use the materials they recommend (microfiber).
ConsAbsolutely no cons