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Kenotek Polish & Wax

Kenotek Polish & WaxCorrect, shine, and protect your paint in one easy step!

Kenotek Polish & Wax is an easy to use one-step product that will correct minor paint damage, provide a deep gloss, and protect your paint! Kenotek Polish & Wax contains effective micro-abrasives, special polymers, and traditional carnauba wax to ensure correction, perfection, and protection. Kenotek Polish & Wax can be applied by hand or using your favorite rotary polisher, forced-rotation polisher, or DA polisher.

Not every car requires a complete three-step paint correction process, and not everyone has time for that. If your vehicle only has minor scratches and swirls, there is no reason to break out a dedicated compound, polish, and finishing polish. The only thing that will do is waste your products and take even more of the scarce clear coat off of your car’s paint. If you are a professional detailer, not every customer is willing to pay for the time and effort it would take you do a full three-step paint correction process, they just want their car to shine and they don’t how you do it. It is in these situations that it is vital that you have a reliable one-step product that can give you excellent results without taking the time that a three-step process takes. Kenotek Polish & Wax is the perfect one-step product for situations just like these!

Even though Kenotek Polish & Wax is a one-step product, you will still receive the same incredible finish you would get out of a dedicated three-step paint correction system! Kenotek Polish & Wax was formulated using a unique combination of ultra-fine micro-abrasives, durable polymers, and traditional carnauba wax to achieve a mirror like finish that is extremely well protected. The abrasives in Kenotek Polish & Wax work to correct scratches, swirls, and other minor imperfection in your paint. The carnauba wax in Kenotek Polish & Wax give your paint that deep, warm gloss that is often associated with carnauba and provides some protection as well. The polymers in Kenotek Polish & Wax create a powerful protective shield to protect your paint even further.

Kenotek Polish & Wax can be applied by hand when you need to get into the small, niche areas on your paint’s surface. Kenotek Polish & Wax can also be applied by any rotary polisher, DA polisher, or forced-rotation polisher.

Apply a sufficient amount of Kenotek Polish & Wax to the foam pad or hand applicator to ensure proper correction potential and lubrication. Work Kenotek Polish & Wax into the paint working in 2’ x 2’ sections and wiping the product off with a clean, dry microfiber towel. Repeat over the entire paint surface.



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